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Top 10 Cats On Instagram

By Editorial Staff

The internet can be a wonderful place if you know the purr-fect places to look. We scoured the web to bring you the best most influential felines on the internet and social media today. We created, compiled, and rated this list not only based on factors like total social media reach, but also considered cross-platform engagement rates, earned press, and dedicated fan followings using the search and demographic Analysis tools on the NeoReach.

The top takeaways we found from our audience analysis of the top cats on social media were:

  • Felines are female friendly: 76% of the audience who follow our feline friends on social media were female
  • Cats appeal to a spectrum of ages: With most followers of our cat stars on social media between the ages of 17-29
  • Cats are Loved Globally: Cats from around the world made our list, with audiences from across the US, UK, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • These Cat lovers drink a ton of Starbucks: 74% of the audience who follows our feline friend’s online number one brand affinity was Starbucks, followed by National Geographic, and Nike.

Top 10 Cats on Instagram

#1 Cat: Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat has been a smash hit and taken the world by storm since 2012 when she first made her climb to success. With a combined reach over 12.1 million followers across all social media channels, Grumpy doesn’t have anything to be grumpy about, more than doubling the reach of our number two cat to make the list. 

 Facebook is her primary source of attention with a whopping 8.7m likes, however, she also has accounts on Instagram (2.2m), Twitter (900,000+) and Youtube (240,000+).Grumpy rules Instagram with an impressive 2.2 million followers in daily cat love, with the US being her biggest audience followed by the UK and then Canada.   Yes her face may seem like she’s grumpy but the owners promise that she runs around, climbs trees and has fun like any other cat!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube


#2 Cat: Nala Cat

Nala was separated from her family at a young age and sadly we don’t know where they are, but Nala’s new owners ensured she was brought up in a loving home.  They set up Nala’s Instagram initially to share her story with her friends and family back at home and never expected the fame that came with it…so now they use their social channels to help raise awareness for healthy animal upbringings.

Nala has an impressive 5.9m followers across social media with Facebook (2.5m) and Instagram (3.4m) being her main platforms.  As predicted the US is her biggest following however surprisingly Indonesia is her second biggest audience followed by the UK.  Finally, aside from selling merchandise and making guest appearances around the US Nala also helps raise awareness for pets in need of adoption at

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

#3 Cat: Waffles Cat

Waffles was called ugly and for that reason, he never found a home till he was grown up. He was the last cat left as everyone else in his litter managed to find owners.  It wasn’t until one day when a couple walked in, who were actually dog lovers, and Waffles managed to change their preference and found his new home.

 Waffles has a loyal fan base on Facebook with over 2.5 million likes, and a half million followers on Instagram with a combined social media following of around the 3 million mark.  Like all the other cat followers Waffles has about a 75% following that are female in demographic and is primarily followed by individuals in the US.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

#4 Cat: Lil Bub

Bub has been helping raise money for the ASPCA and has managed to make over $300,000 since 2012!  Based in the US, Bub’s actually does all the design, manufacturing and deliveries herself of all the merchandise found on Bub’s store.

Based in the US, Bub’s main audience is also from her homeland and has so far managed to gain 4.8m followers, with the majority coming from Facebook (2.5m). Consistently, 74% of which is from the female demographic and the average age range is 17-24 years old.  As you can see from the picture Bub’s comes across as cheeky, cute and loveable.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube



#5 Cat: Cole & Marmalade

Cole and Marmalade are both adopted but they aren’t related.  Chris (their owner) adopted Cole first back in 2012 who is a Turkish Angora and then Marm (cool nickname) one year later who’s managed to recently survive a cancer scare.  These two get on like a house on fire!

 Their website is designed to learn how to look after cats where you can find out how to bathe them, feed them and introduce them to other cats.  With their approach they have found themselves as the 5th biggest social influence with a whopping 2.3m followers, again largely coming from Facebook and the female US demographic.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

#6 Cat: Fumeancat

Based in Thailand, Fumeancats is a brand dedicated to cats generally rather than having one celebrity cat.  They support cats as being creatures that deserve respect and dedicate pages to showing how cats also have feelings…not just us humans.

With 2.2 million followers they are currently dominating the Taiwan marketplace primarily, then Malaysia and then the US with major fan followings on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube


#7 Cat: PudgeTheCat

Pudge is a girl with a mustache! That’s right you read that correctly. With looks comes fame it seems and Pudge has a following of over 1 million, over 2 million Youtube views and spread out evenly across all social media platforms. Pudge has worked with brands of all sizes from major motion pictures like “Nine Lives” to having her pictures shared by A-list celebrities like Miley Cyrus.

Pudge has picked up a large amount of traction on Youtube with over 12 million views (not followers) and by impressing 78% of the female demographic.  Pudge has a cheeky personality with a variety of different fun and silly pictures entertaining those of the younger female generation.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube



#8 Cat: Hamilton The Hipster Cat

Hamilton is a fun loving cat with a unique white fur mustache that’s since made him an internet sensation. Hamilton and his owners are represented by  “The Nose Print” which is a company designed to help you embrace every moment with your pet – which is nice.  More specifically, it’s a site where you can simply share stories and get tips and tricks for all things furry, four-legged and fun.

Hamilton and his Mustache currently reside in the US, where he has over 880,000 followers with 95% of them coming from Instagram.  Hamilton is a North American influencer with an audience coming primarily from the US, UK and Canada.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube



#9 Cat: SamHasEyebrows

Sam is another abandoned cat and randomly appeared down the street one day.  Nobody knew who Sam was and regardless of what everyone tried Sam wouldn’t even drink the water that was offered.  Worried for Sam’s safety she was taken to a rescue home and it was suggested then that she was abandoned.  After a few weeks in her new home, she soon settled in and then came the birth of her Instagram account.

Now she has rapidly grown a following of 230,000 on Instagram and 500,000 on Facebook.  United States, United Kingdom, and Indonesia are once again where the most avid cat followers come from, with 79% of that being female.  Sam has a playful personality and a fun account, as you can see in the pictures below.  Some of her more noticeable pictures are of her relaxing, stretching or hiding around the house.

Facebook& Instagram



#10 Cat: Okskar The Blind Cat

A brand dedicated to providing pet lovers with a chance to buy quality products made by independent, creative, eco-friendly awesome companies.  However, their social media channels are dedicated to these two cool cats.  Their images very much give off a ‘cute’ brand look as they use images with babies, relaxing and being ever so cheeky.

Okskar has over 650,000 followers across all of social media with Facebook and Instagram being their most utilized channels.  Oskar’s followers are spread acoress the US, UK, and Canada , with the leading demographics being young women aged 17-29.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

We’ve presented our top cat accounts on Social media, but we’ve collected 10 more in a nicely formatted spreadsheet. Send us an email to to receive it! If you would like to get a demo of the NeoReach influencer search & analytics capabilities, sign up here.

Also, check out our updated list of the top cats of Instagram here!

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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