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How To Create An Instagram Aesthetic

By Editorial Staff

By Kyleigh Eaton

Looking to give your Instagram feed the ultimate makeover? Look no further! We have compiled the top techniques used by the best Instagram influencers to create a unique Instagram aesthetic. Instagram is arguably the best photo and video-sharing social media platform and has become essential for bloggers, business owners, travelers, and recreational users! As Instagram progresses, posting cute photos is no longer enough. An aesthetic feed is a necessity if you want to receive more followers and engagements. Here some strategies to help you create an “aesthetically pleasing” feed:

Choose an Aesthetic:

Pick a theme or aesthetic that suits you as well as your content! Do you want your aesthetic to be bright and airy? Dark and moody? Do you want your aesthetic to revolve around a color? Or specific content? It is easier to answer these questions once you consider the type of photos you’ll be posting. You first must know the content you will be posting, and where you will be shooting. It may be harder to have a light and airy aesthetic in a dark and gloomy city! Take Heather Goodman, for example. She is an Instagram influencer with an aesthetically pleasing feed. Her page consists of a beachy aesthetic filled with hues of blue. With over 200,000 followers, she has become a hit on Instagram! Can’t seem to find inspiration? Pinterest is a great social media platform that can give you inspiration and ideas when picking an aesthetic.

Here you can see Heather Goodman's Instagram aestheticHow To:

Filters and editing apps on your mobile device are what allows different photos to look similar in terms of aesthetic. Lightroom and VSCO are the two leading editing apps. They are quick and easy to use on your desktop or mobile device. A current trend in photo editing is the use of mobile presets on Lightroom. Recently, photographers and social media influencers have been selling their presets, or “filters”, to their followers in order for them to achieve similar aesthetics. Ultimately, influencers are selling their aesthetics. Lightroom presets present the opportunity for you to mimic your favorite influencer’s feed! For instance, Aspyn Ovard, a popular vlogger and social media influencer, is now selling a variety of presets to fit the needs of those trying to achieve a light and airy aesthetic. Through picking similar filters for each and every photo you post, your Instagram feed will be all the more cohesive in style and aesthetic!

These are Aspyn Ovard's filters that you can use to create your own Instagram aestheticConsistency in Editing and Posting:

When striving for a cohesive aesthetic, you must keep consistency in mind. In order for all the photos on your Instagram feed to be cohesive and reinforce the aesthetic you are looking to achieve, you must edit consistently. In other words, stick to similar filters and editing effects. If you add the grain effect to all of your photos, continue that pattern in every photo you post! On the contrary, if you typically post photos including specific content, such as photos about dogs, it may not be wise to one day post a photo about cats! Check out Liza Koshy’s consistent Instagram aesthetic below. 

Influencer Liza Koshy is a perfect example of a consistent Instagram aestheticCreate Balance:

Think about how your photos will look on your feed. You will want your feed to look aesthetically pleasing, rather than cluttered and busy. Considering your Instagram as a grid will allow you to plan and post in a way that encourages a cohesive aesthetic. For instance, for every nine photos you post, you may want to use some color sparingly and others in an abundance. In addition, paying attention to content is important. Do you want to post nine pictures of your latest vacation to London in a row? Or would you rather use your pictures in London sparingly to create balance? Instagram influencer, Debi Flügge, is a good example of a balanced aesthetic. The pictures on her feed are posted strategically in order to create a cohesive look.  

Debi Flügge posts her pictures strategically in order to create a balance for her Instagram aestheticInstagram Stories:

Your feed is not longer the only factor in creating an aesthetic! Instagram now has stories and story highlights that can both play a large role in your Instagram’s overall theme. Through using apps like Canva and Unfold, you can create content that aligns with your aesthetic. Your Instagram highlights are like miniature photo albums on your Instagram page and allow you to choose colors, graphics, images, and text that reinforce your aesthetic. For instance, Kristin Johns utilizes Instagram stories to convey her light and airy aesthetic!

These are some of Kristin Johns' Instagram stories that display her aestheticPlanning:

Planning out content in advance can make your Instagram aesthetic thrive! Using visual planners like Snug allows you to determine when and where to place and post photos. Planning posts can not only help your overall aesthetic, but encourages you to post regularly. Posting regularly will increase engagements on your photos and profile, it’s a win-win! The popular influencer, Jaci Marie Smith, is a pro at planning her posts! Her feed is not only balanced and aesthetically pleasing, but she also delivers content regularly.

Jaci Marie Smith's Instagram aestheticStill interested? Learn more about influencer marketing here!

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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