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Top Music Festivals on Social Media

By Editorial Staff


Here’s our list of the top 10 Music Festivals across social media for the beginning of 2017. We addressed the W-questions: who goes to these music festivals? What are these music festivals doing right? Why can these influencers easily spread their brands like wildfire on social media?

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At NeoReach, we found the top 10 Music Festival influencers across social media based on the measurements in cumulative reach and engagement data each of these influencers exhibits.

Number #10

Paradiso Festival is located at the beautiful Gorge, Washington. The scenery and acoustics are what makes this festival special. Festival guests overlook the Columbia River and the Columbia Gorge Canyon a breathtaking view. The stage is in front of these natural wonders of the canyon.

Unsurprisingly 54% of Paradiso Festival’s influence is in US state Washington. Along with the music and scenery people can choose to either join the dance crowd to listen to musical artists such as Tiesto, Zedds Dead, and Yellow Claw. Or they can take the more relaxing route and sit down on a hill and listen.

Number #9

The top 10 Festivals on social media

This rock festival stands as one of the best music festivals in Europe and received rewards. Sziget Festival started and takes place on a small island in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. This festival’s main genre is rock but other styles of music are performed here as well.

People from over 70 countries accumulate on this famously fun island for a cultural experience and some fantastic live music. The largest demographic who attends Sziget Festival comes from the United Kingdom, totaling 31%.

What’s different is that Sziget Festival takes places over a span of 7 weeks – an almost 2-month long party.

Number #8

The top 10 Festivals on social media

Djakarta Warehouse Project is one of the biggest raves in Asia taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia, featuring musicians like Carl Cox, Dillon Francis, and Zedd. Unlike other festivals, DWP’s audience takes place in Indonesia with 83% of their audience located there. Mainly younger people demand festivals, and DWP’s audience is between the ages 20-24(at 50%).

This year Djakarta Warehouse Project broke the world record for the largest mannequin challenge ever performed with 40,000 people participating in this hilarious challenge.

Number #7

The top 10 Festivals on social media

Life in Color guarantees the world’s largest paint party where everyone throws ice cold paint. While dancing to your favorite DJ/EDM music, colors of the rainbow splash and turn you into a LIC work of art. The most recent LIC festivals took place in Orlando, Florida and featured Zeds Dead as their headliner. The mix paint and music put this one as a leader in social media, possessing 1.6 million followers total. 

This festival is available to ages 16 and up, allowing a younger audience to grow up into the music festival scene. Many teenagers take this opportunity (ages 17-19), totaling 35%. LIC’s fanbase is located the United States.

What could be more fun than dancing with people just like you while getting cooled off by icey paint?

Number #6

The top 10 Festivals on social media

Bonnaroo festival is the largest music festival in North America and one of the artsiest. This is the perfect festival to visit with friends, senior citizens, or music novice, and stands out as a festival with age diversity as well as sonic diversity.

Headliners this past year featured The Weeknd, Flume, Chance the Rapper, Major Lazor, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bonnaroo’s Music and Arts Festival’s followers make up as mainly Americans (90%) and single (totaling 74%).  

Number #5

The top 10 Festivals on social media

Electric Forest is exactly what it sounds like and takes place in Rothbury, Michigan. Extravagant light fixtures are placed throughout the forest illuminating the area. People – almost even among genders 51% female vs. 49% male – come here to get an out of this world experience.

Due to this incredible experience, Electric Forest has a massive following with over 800,000 fans across social media and with a global audience. Musicians like Flume, RL Grime, Bassnectar, and Odesza were the main headliners.

Number #4


Coachella is a huge music festival that takes place in Indio, California over the course of 2 weekends. Coachella’s tone is completely different than other music festivals. It attracts a hippie and boho crowd. Almost all genres of music can be seen at Coachella — Kendrick Lamar, Martin Garrix, Radiohead, and Empire of the Sun.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez have been spotted at the music festival over the years. Coachella has 4.7 million followers on social media creating a very large fanbase for this special music festival. More than half of Coachella’s 4.7 million fanbases are young adults between the ages 17-24, totaling 65%.

Fun fact: Coachella advocates going green.

Number #3

EDC-music-marketing-festivalsElectric Daisy Carnival is as fun as it sounds. EDC is most well known for taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida but I can be visited in places like Mexico and the UK.  

EDC-goers are people between the ages of 20-24 at 51%. A massive 74% of EDC’s reach is located in the United States. Sadly EDC in Las Vegas already passed this year but their lineup was with hit DJ’s: Kygo, Zedd, Major Lazer, and Above & Beyond.

Number #2


Ultra Miami takes place once a year in Florida and lives up to the expectations of its name.

4.7% of ultras reach is seen in the place no other, Miami. 41% of Ultras total reach is seen in the United States.

Ultra Miami looks wild, and attendees tend to be single (84%). Ultra Miami is best known for its baffling stage productions that are unique to each headliner and day. Major headliners from this past year’s festival are recognized by people globally with appearances from Major Lazer, Above & Beyond, and Zedd.

Number #1



Tomorrowland takes place in Boom, Belgium and makes music lovers’ dream come true among a diverse audience who all love Electronic Dance Music (EDM). This year’s past lineup presented 100 world-class musicians such as Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta.

Tomorrowland gets people to fly out from all around the world. In the United States, 21% of their audience flies out! The other leading countries for ticket sales and social demographics include Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain. They’re number one for growing their customer base outside of their own country. Surprisingly, young adults ranging in people from ages 17-24 (at 82%) digest content the most on social media.


This article was written by Editorial Staff

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