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Scotty Sire Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Meet Scotty Sire

Scotty Sire is a 28-year-old social media sensation that has taken both YouTube and mainstream media by storm. From Vines to business ventures, Sire has turned his life and interests into a full-blown career. Sire has reached over 400 Million views on his YouTube channel and has since showcased his pursuits through chart-topping pop/hip-hop music and multiple businesses.  Read on to see the full breakdown of the Scotty Sire net worth.

Social Media

Social Media Following:

PlatformHandleFollower Count
YouTubeScotty Sire3,010,000

The main aspect of the Scotty Sire net worth is, obviously, social media. Scotty Sire, like many creators, got his start on Vine. Making six-second videos with his friends quickly turned him into a viral sensation on social media. Since Vine, Sire took his relatable personality to YouTube, where he posts vlog-style content for his many fans to enjoy. Sire is also a member of the popular YouTube friend group, the Vlog Squad. The Vlog Squad is a group of friends, with content across all major social media platforms, that post constant vlog content on their everyday lives.


surprised my roommate with a new car… wrapped in his shirtless selfies hahaha @jayboice

♬ original sound – ScottySire

Unlike typical lifestyle influencers, the Vlog Squad is notable for their crazy adventures through Los Angeles and they basically live a normal life, just 50 times cooler!

The Vlog Squad Members:

  1. David Dobrik
  2. Jason Nash
  3. Zane Hijazi
  4. Heath Hussar
  5. Scotty Sire
  6. Toddy Smith
  7. Jeff Wittek
  8. Carly Incontro
  9. Erin Gilfoy
  10. Nick Antonyan (Jonah)
  11. Corinna Kopf

On all his social media platforms, Scotty Sire is unapologetically himself. Like most creators, their fans are drawn to their personality, and Sire is no exception. Whether it be candid one-liners or honest conversations about mental health, he is able to both entertain and relate to his audience. With each social media platform, we get to see a different side of Sire. On Instagram, we get to see Sire in his everyday life through quirky and comedic posts.

His YouTube videos not only take a deeper dive into his life but they also are filled with the shenanigans that made them famous. Some of his content, for example, include “Wearing Acrylic Nails for a Day” and “Wearing a Cone with my Cat.” Sire also tends to stray away from your typical TikTok content. On TikTok, he takes us back to the Vine days with content that is packed with funny bits that showcase his sense of humor.  

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Top Scotty Sire Songs:

  • Take Me Away
  • Don’t Be Sad
  • Mister Glassman
  • F.O.M.O.
  • Lonely

Aside from his social media presence, a big part of the Scotty Sire net worth comes from his widely recognized successful music career. Sire released his debut album Ruin Your Party back in 2018 and since has ranked on iTunes top charts and toured across the world. His hip-hop/pop-style music is not only catchy and fun for all audiences but it is also packed with deeper meanings that showcase his authenticity in a new light.

Sire’s music has become an outlet for mental health awareness. Through his music, he gets very personal about his life and his emotions by talking about real feelings and experiences in his life thus far. His songs bring up topics of social anxiety and depression but go a step further in showing how he has overcome through his music. His fans have gotten to not only grow up alongside Sire but also come along for the ride of his life. Although he is a mega social and music star, he is also just a young adult going through life which is what fans connect most with. 

Other Business Opportunities

Like most influencers, getting paid to post is just part of the job. But making a career out of content creation was just the beginning for Sire. Recently, he launched his own CBD company called iCBD. As a founding partner alongside Toddy Smith and Jay Boice (social media influencers), Sire has used his first-hand experience with CBD to launch a product that is organic, contains simple ingredients, and that is overall premium quality for this market.

iCBD sells CBD products in the form of oils, topicals, and lip balms, all of which have received smashing testimonials found on their webpage. iCBD is also the first influencer owned and operated CBD company, showing that there is dedication behind the product and that they are not only media trendsetters, but business trendsetters as well. Having a background in social media influencing, he has the marketing portion of his business down which allows his brand to boom. 

Scotty Sire Net Worth

Scotty Sire is a household name in the world of social media influencers. His success started back in 2014, and in these past 6 years, his fame has continued to climb. Aside from money-making opportunities, what makes Scotty Sire so successful is his ability to resonate with an audience. Whether it be through vlogging or writing songs, he treads on authenticity and is able to create a bond with fans that is like no other.

According to Stat Smash, Scotty Sire’s net worth is around $552,000. While calculating Scotty Sire’s net worth, these are his key sources of income to look out for:

  • iCBD
  • Music Sales
  • YouTube Ads
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Merchandise

On YouTube alone, he is able to make a large portion of his income through AdSense alone. Considering he has already posted 522 videos on YouTube, it is fair to assume he is seasoned in profiting off this site. Adsense aside, he also makes YouTube income from sponsored content and partnerships. Sire has been a longstanding influencer who participates in promotions for TikTok, SBD Play, SimpliSafe, The Yarn App, and more. His channel has brought in the majority of his fanbase and it has led to sales in merchandise and non-social media-related ventures. 

Overall, Scotty Sire is not only an influencer in content creation but in business as well. He is one of the pioneers for turning social media into a multitude of business ventures and will only continue to grow in his success.

This article was written by Daniela Rodriguez

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