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Top 10 Adventure Photographers

By Editorial Staff

Instagram arguably evolved into one of the most artistic social media platforms. Instagram mesmerizes people. Influencers on Instagram know how to inspire and it’s the perfect platform for someone to show their adventure as it reveals.

At NeoReach, we want to provide a simple, yet an informational list of top 10 influencers and what they do right. These influencers use social media platforms to advertise their photography. Their dedicated followers land these influencers on our Top 10 Adventure Photography Influencer list for this summer.

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Number #10

Making the cut, Max Rive holds over 1 million followers. Younger and more of a married crowd follow and engage with his feed at a high rate of 4.89%. They love his far away shots, portraying the scenery as something surreal.

He constantly uploads his pictures to a picture blog named 500px. On this platform, he has gotten over 18 million picture views, as well as a little over 30,000 followers carrying over to Facebook. Rive produces such quality, clean, and crisp shots which is why he deserves a spot on this list.

Number #9

Emilie Ristevski has over one million Instagram followers. Similar to Furst (#7), her artistic, pink tinted photos come alive. She also maintains another 10,000 followers between her Twitter and Facebook profiles. She traveled to Australia, Wales, Newfoundland, and Hawaii and rose to Instafame through her masterful photography.

Neoreach identified that she has a larger pull with females at 75% than males. Emilie and all the others in the list rock at engagement rates; where she has 4.2% engagement rate! This means out of her 1 million followers, 4.2% of them are constantly liking and commenting on her pictures.

Number #8

Hannes Becker changes the way Instagram views the natural world. His high engagement rate (4.49%) shows he puts in the effort as a top influencer. Hannes daily posts highlight off-the-map spots and the hidden treasures in the world like the others. However, he takes risks to obtain his shots.

Consistently, he attracts a younger audience, mainly ages 17-24. As an adventurer influencers, Instagram users have an easy time searching for influencers despite not being a traveler. Influencers have a storytelling advantage on Instagram with the multimedia format, hashtag and tagging abilities, and followers having access to an easy share button.

Number #7

When it comes to adventure influencers, many show nature without human interference because it’s what people demand. Furst does this artistically.  He dominates Instagram with 1.2 million followers and a high engagement rate of 4.4%.

His blue-tinted feed contains many rocky terrains and animal photos. Like the others, Furst travels to many different countries and the majority of his followers are between the ages of 17-24 and even among the genders.

Number #6

Cole’s Instagram like the others uses traveling as a way to inspire and how to live life to the fullest. Also, like the other followers, he uses other social media platforms as well.

Out of all of Cole’s followers, the majority of his followers are from the United Kingdom or the United States. Neoreach identified more females follow him ( at 79% ), and out of all his followers, 95% of them have no kids.

Number #5


Jimmy Chin maintains over 2+ million followers. Chin works under National Geographic and aligns with their mission to venture to places with very few humans in the world. His posts show rugged regions he and his team climb up. He’s one of the only influencers on this top 10 list to promote his work via Snapchat. He draws in more male viewers. Predominantly his followers live in the United States. One of his highest performing posts happened in late August for the Solar Eclipse.

Number #4

Alex Strohl like the others loves the natural world. He displays Earth as a mellow, full of nature and life. He captures the most desolate places on the planet because he sees there is more to life than the bubble of city life. It’s inspiring proven by the 1.9 million followers.

His viewers are split between females and males, while a little over half of them are married. Yet he draws in a younger audience. Strohl uses Instagram to share daily journaling and brings an intimacy other platforms cannot.  

Number #3

Lauren Bullen is Jack Morris’ girlfriend and Gypsea Lust on Instagram. Fans love her as seen by her 5.05% engagement rate! She focuses on the natural world, local culture, and animals. She presents airy colored photos of her world travels, giving her IG blog a dreamy aesthetics. Compared to Morris, Gypsea Lust viewers are female, totaling 82% and overall young (17-24 years old).

Number #2

Jack Morris [collaborates on social media star Lauren Bullen], shares light washed photos of his adventures to 2.7 million followers. He travels to small places like Bora Bora, Greece, and the Polynesian Island. Morris is number #2 because he has a 4.43% engagement rate. This beats the average 3% rate.

His girlfriend accompanies him, amplifying the narrative Jack Morris shares on Instagram. Unlike Burkard, 60% of his followers are females, 94% of them also having no kids (perfect for traveling)!

Number #1

Coming in at #1 on our list, Chris Burkard holds the title for the largest Instagram reach in this topic at 2.8 million followers and 3.3 million people in his clout. His astonishing landscape and ocean photos show the natural beauty of the world and melt anyone into a whimsical state.

His posts draw a majority of married males and ages as young 17 to 34 years old make up 90% of his viewers. He captions pictures with his philosophy or interactive questions so influential that it peaks to 19 million views so far. He has 141,000 followers.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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