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Top 10 Food and Drink Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Food and drink influencers are taking social media by storm, from their impressive reach to topping the charts for IMV by an industry. By following food bloggers, celebrity chefs, and drink influencers, users of social media everywhere can have a go-to chef at their fingertips.

Looking for inspiration in the kitchen? Want to learn more about the latest trends in the food and drink industry? In this blog we will outline our top picks in food and drink influencers across Instagram, YouTube, and even Twitter. From celebrity chefs to up and coming vegan food bloggers, these influencers offer recipes and inspiration like no other. But… Why should I care about food and drink influencers? Here are a few shocking quick stats about the food and drink industry.

Food & Drink Industry Stats

  • The food and drink industry top the charts for IMV by industry, accounting for roughly $11.7M.

IMV by Industry YouTube influencer marketing spend

  • The food and drink industry took a plunge due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Views dropped from 25M to just above 10M between the months of January and February 2020. By mid-March, viewership was a little over a whopping 5M!

Influencer marketing on YouTube views by industry of sponsored videos

  • Bang Energy was the top food and drink spender on YouTube, coming in at $7.7M it accounted for 72% of the combined top 5 influencer marketing budgets for the industry. 
  • Food and drink influencers have double the reach of gaming influencers and 9x greater reach than tech influencers.

All data was pulled and analyzed by NeoReach and can be found in the NeoReach Social Intelligence Insights report for Q1 featured on Influencer Marketing Hub.

1. Rosanna Pansino

Known for her baking tutorials and cooking tips, Rosanna has become one of YouTube and Instagram’s trending chefs! Her mouth-watering creations in the kitchen are both creative and easy to follow, from Pikachu cakes to gluten-free/vegan dinners. She has a recipe on her channel for everyone, which is probably why she has become so increasingly popular in recent years. Her vegan recipes are especially tasty and easy to follow!

2. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver gained his fame and following from his family’s famous restaurant kitchen, however, he achieved the status of celebrity chef when his BBC show became a success back in 1999. Although his show aired years ago, Jamie Oliver still remains a very relevant and prominent food and drink influencer in the social media community. He is very active on Instagram and Twitter, and often exposes the dark side of food-supply chains in an effort to educate his followers and bring awareness to the dangers of the sometimes unhealthy food industry. Jamie Oliver is an advocate for health, and a good dish!

3. Laura in the Kitchen

“Laura in the Kitchen” is everyone’s go-to food influencer for all of your Italian food needs. Her YouTube channel boasts an impressive 3.6M subscribers, allowing her to share her talent and passion for cooking with YouTube users worldwide. Laura started her channel in 2010 and has grown exponentially over the years as she shares her favorite recipes and cooking tips with her subscribers. Her charming personality and talent make her among the best food and drink influencers on the internet. 

4. Yumna Jawad

Yumna, aka “feelgoodfoodie”, is a food blogger and highly followed Instagram chef. She is best known for her comfort food recipes, she turns meals that would typically be high-calorie cheat meals into the healthy dishes for those who want to improve their diets. She started posting recipes and photos of her dishes on Instagram years ago, and when she grew a following she created the popular blog she runs today. A fun fact about Yumna is that she incorporates middle eastern ingredients into her dishes to reflect her heritage!  

5. Jose, aka: “Naturally Jo”

Jose is a teenage food influencer best known for his one a kind food art creations. He has amassed over 1.7 million followers between his YouTube channel and Instagram page. He prides himself in being 100% vegan, and his food creations reflect his animal-free diet. On his Instagram you will find anything from ice cream cones full of colorful fruit to a Van Gogh-inspired Starry Night toast creation, as pictured here on his Instagram page. If you are searching for a food influencer with creativity and imagination, look no further!

Interested in more food art? Check out our top food art list! 

6. David Chang

David Chang is popular for his “ugly, yet delicious” dishes. He focuses on creating and sharing dishes from all around the world, despite their appearance. David Chang prioritizes taste over appearance, advocating for the geopolitics of food. Although his dishes are unconventional, he boasts an impressive 1+ million followers on Instagram! In addition to his Instagram account, he is very active on Twitter and recently started a podcast of his own.

7. Jenne Caliborne

Jenne is a vegan cooking goddess with an insanely large following on YouTube and Instagram. This chef and vlogger shows us how plant-based food can be both healthy and taste great. She stands out from the rest due to her ability to substitute meat for vegan-friendly ingredients in creative ways. In addition to being a crazy good vegan cook, she is quite the photographer. Her Instagram feed is full of cool photos. If you are looking for a well-rounded, vegan chef, look no further!

8. Dennis Prescott

Dennis is a former musician with a passion for food. His highly followed Instagram account does not go ignored, as he posts his food creations and has been sponsored by some of the hottest brands in the food industry. Dennis admitted that he got into the food industry by watching Jamie Oliver years ago. After perfecting Jamie Oliver’s recipes, he started venturing out and creating his own creations. For more American Cuisine, check out our top 10 list!

9. Asaf Rauch

If you’re a coffee lover, this account is for you. Asaf Rauch  creates the coffee drinks of your dreams, and if that doesn’t convince you to follow, maybe his latte art will! His latte art includes images that have never been seen before, such as his ability to put dogs, swans, hearts and flowers on his lattes. His videos will educate you on how to perfect your pour and create fun latte art like his master pieces.

10. Natalie Migliarini

  • Reach: 90k
  • Instagram: @beautifulbooze

Looking for some boozey inspiration? Give @beautifulbooze a follow! Her feed is full of drink inspiration that will transform your next cocktail party. Her feed is full of colorful and tasty cocktails. From mules to margs, Natalie has you covered! Check out one of her recent creations, a watermelon mojito. Her blog houses all of her 200+ original cocktail recipes, and even some travel tips.

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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