10 Top Micro Influencers on Instagram Who Should Be on Your Radar

By Editorial Staff

Many of us can name a list of influencers off the top of our heads that have hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of followers. Today, we are sharing popular micro influencers who are changing the game and creating great content. Micro influencers are digital creators with a following between 10k- 100k. And although most of them don’t stay in this category for long, they are great follows and great resources for campaigns. As we explained in a recent article on what is a micro influencer, micro influencers might be perfect for your next partnership because they are less expensive, usually have high engagement rates, and tend to focus on a specific niche that might just fit your audience. Check out some of the top micro influencers on Instagram:

1. McKenzie Renae

  • Handle: @mckenzie_renae
  • Follower Count: 52.5K

Mackenzie is a self love advocate based in Atlanta, Georgia teaching you how to love yourself through fashion, makeup, and general self care. Whether it’s fitness and body image or understanding your worth, each post includes practical and motivational advice to bolster you on your journey to acceptance.

2. Kait Miller

  • Handle: @kaitgmiller
  • Follower Count: 38.1k

Kait Miller is a fashion blogger and mental health advocate from Dallas, TX. Kait is very open about her battles with mental health and uses her platform to share meaningful posts and resources for anyone who may need them. Beyond that, she also shares about her life from home décor, to beauty, to relationship advice and everything in between.

3. Pierre Laurent

  • Handle: @pierre.laurent
  • Follower Count: 88.5k

Pierre is a creator who shares a variety of content from travel to men’s fashion. His page is a great resource for professional outfit inspiration to more unique and creative trends. Pierre usually shares street style photos, but his travel photos showcase the beauty of nature and might have you dreaming you were somewhere on a beach.

4. Allison Kelley

  • Handle: @butwhatshouldiwear
  • Follower Count: 75.7k

Allison Kelley is the definition of creative. Her feed, completed with her own Lightroom presets called the Wander Presets, is so aesthetically pleasing. She takes detailed shots of her outfits, her home, her adorable foster puppies, and travels. On her stories, she shares fashion finds and chats about life. She recently started vlogging with her boyfriend each weekend on YouTube letting her audience get to know her even more.

5. Jules Jacobsen

  • Handle: @jules.jacobsen
  • Follower Count: 76.2k

Jules Jacobson is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. Her page is extremely interactive with fun polls and storytimes. Jules has a wide range of talents and even hosts her own podcast with Influencer Viviane Audi called Love That For You Podcast. Jules and her Fiancée Patrick O’Connor were supposed to get married this year, but COVID-19 had other plans. Jules is very open and vulnerable with her followers about her own life and is a great follow for anyone looking for meaningful advice. 

6. Jenny Ly

  • Handle: @thedailyjenny
  • Follower Count: 53.6k

Jenny Ly is a mommy blogger sharing family content from LA. In her stories, she shares highlights of her baby at each stage of life making her a great follow for any parents or soon-to-be parents! Jenny’s account also makes us super hungry because she also shares gorgeous shots of meals and their reviews.

7. Grace Mattei

  • Handle: @thegracemattei
  • Follower Count: 59.2k

Grace Mattei is a talented creative with a passion for color and photography. Her photos are carefully crafted for exciting and detailed shots. Grace shares photography and editing tips in addition to fashion and skincare. Her page is an inspiration to many other content creators who share their photos with the hashtag #makelikemattei. 

8. Chelsea Owens

  • Handle: @chelsea_owens
  • Follower Count: 62.4k

Chelsea Owens is a Florida-based blogger and photographer. Her account is full of beautiful shots with lots of plants and greenery. She shares shots of Florida beaches and fashion finds. Her boho-vintage vibe and editing makes each photo unique and inspiring.

9. Elef Vogiatzis

  • Handle: @elefv
  • Follower Count: 76.8k

Elef posts a variety of men’s fashion shots on his page. He shares every kind of style from business professional to loungewear. He has partnered with many notable clothing brands to share their new lines and latest styles and is a great resource for men looking to spice up their wardrobes.

10. Anna Grace Newell

  • Handle: @annagracenewell
  • Follower Count: 78.7k

Anna Grace Newell is spunky and fun. Living in Nashville, TN, this fashion blogger does not play around with the glitter and pops of color in her outfits. Her and her adorable puppy share stories every day about their life. Her high energy and funny stories make her very relatable to her followers and allows them to get to know the real her. Anna also posts about fashion, beauty, home, and the best places to visit in Nashville.

Here’s a list of other top micro influencers to check out:

NameHandleFollower Count
Blake Healey@blakehealey56.7k
Savannah O'Neal@savrosee49.9k
Regan Walker@reganwalker9646k
Ivana Jorgensen@ivajorg45.4k
Joe Hall@josefmichael_37.8k
Ana William@anawilliamj32k
Chelsey Curtis@chelseyjadecurtis31.4k

Inspired by these accounts and interested in becoming an influencer yourself? Check out another one of our blogs to learn how.

This article was written by Hannah Masten

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