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How High Fashion Brands Are Marketing on TikTok

By Editorial Staff

As TikTok continues to climb the ladder of top social media platforms, brands are looking for new ways to stay current and market themselves on this app. Marketing on TikTok is still very new territory for a lot of brands, however, the world of high fashion has always been ahead of the curve on trends and social media marketing is no exception. Brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Vogue have found ways to create promotional yet engaging content for their followers. Here’s how high fashion brands are marketing on TikTok:

Charli D’amelio for Prada


#prada @prada

♬ What the Hell – Avril Lavigne

Charli D’amelio, also known as the queen of TikTok, has quickly found fame this past year through her viral dance videos on TikTok. Through her newfound influencer status, D’amelio has worked with many brands on different projects. Earlier this year, she was sent to Milan Fashion Week with Prada and was invited to the Prada show. She also got to create content with Derek Blasberg, head of fashion and beauty at YouTube. Prada was able to market on TikTok by having D’amelio post videos at the show and backstage with the models. Although Prada doesn’t have an active account on TikTok, their partnership with D’amelio was the ideal marketing strategy to promote their collection during fashion week. The content of this partnership wasn’t limited to just TikTok. Although Charli D’amelio is most known for being a TikToker, her large following on all platforms allowed for branding on Instagram and YouTube as well.

Social Media Following:

PlatformHandleFollower Count
TikTok@charlidamelio32.6 million
Instagram@charlidamelio8.7 million
YouTubecharli damelio1.57 million

Gucci Advertising


The new #GucciTennis1977 sneakers drop on #TikTok

♬ original sound – Gucci

Gucci is also creating content to market on TikTok. Their two main types of content are advertising campaign videos and behind-the-scenes takeovers during fashion week. Their early posts started to promote the launch of their new Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers. The campaign used the hashtag #AccidentalInfluencer and included professionally filmed videos of models doing TikTok-style dance moves. This TikTok marketing strategy combined the platform content with high fashion editorial content. Another series of videos on Gucci’s TikTok account took place at the “Gucci The Ritual” 2020 Fashion Week runway. Gucci posted takeover behind-the-scenes content of the show by singer, Celeste. Videos showed her getting ready for the show, on the way to the show, and backstage at the show. Throughout the entire TikTok series, Celeste rocked Gucci clothes and products from the new Gucci beauty collection. Both these marketing methods are the perfect content that is true to the Gucci brand while also creating a new experience for consumers. 

Top Celebrities Who’ve Collaborated With Gucci:

  1. Harry Styles
  2. Lana Del Rey
  3. Jared Leto
  4. Billie Eilish
  5. Elle Fanning
  6. Spike Lee

Vogue Italia Behind-The-Scenes


Gigi e Bella nel backstage della sfilata di Moschino: Let Them Eat Cake! #mfw

♬ Hong Kong Garden – Rebel Army

Vogue Italia has used TikTok to market high fashion through every lense. Their content on TikTok ranges from backstage at fashion shows, high fashion runways during fashion week, and editorial magazine content. Their coverage on all things high fashion gives fans and consumers an exclusive experience to a series of brands. Runways by Moschino, Versace, Balenciaga, and more have been featured on their TikTok account giving great exposure to the brands. The takeovers by major celebrities on Vogue Italia’s TikTok account also allows for a unique marketing opportunity for the magazine. In one takeover, by Kris Jenner, she gave behind-the-scenes insight on the Tom Ford fashion show in Los Angeles where she gave exclusive content on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Kylie Jenner at the show while she talked about how her daughter, Kendall Jenner was one of the models in the show. Although this is an Italy-based magazine, its content is international and therefore is able to reach a large audience. 

Celebrities Featured on Vogue Italia’s TikTok:

  • Bella and Gigi Hadid
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Kris Jenner
  • Joan Smalls
  • Maisie Williams 
  • Billy Porter
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Charlotte Lawrence
  • Kat Graham
  • Tommy Dorfman


Due to the growth of social media influencers, their transition into mainstream media has grown tremendously throughout recent years. Last year, YouTube stars Liza Koshy and James Charles both made appearances in collaboration with Balmain Alexander Wang at Vogue’s annual Met Gala. Another YouTube sensation, Emma Chamberlain, has had major collaborations with Louis Vuitton this past year. Through Louis Vuitton, she has been sent to major fashion events and has attended Paris Fashion Week two years in a row. High fashion brands are embracing the influence of these social media stars as a marketing opportunity. Influencer collaborations have been growing and now with the rapid success of TikTok, brands are using TikTok to market. Prada partnering with Charli D’amelio during Milan Fashion Week was the first major step into TikTok marketing with high fashion and was just the start for many to come.

Top Influencer Collaborations With High Fashion Brands:

  1. Emma Chamberlain and Louis Vuitton
  2. Ellie Thumann and Marc Jacobs Fragrances
  3. James Charles and Alexander Wang
  4. Charli D’amelio and Prada
  5. Margot Lee and Cynthia Rowley

Content on Other Platforms

Aside from TikTok, high fashion brands expand their marketing to other platforms. When Prada invited Charli D’amelio to collaborate for Milan Fashion Week 2020, they created content to market on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. On Prada’s YouTube channel, they gave an in-depth look inside D’amelio’s experience that also heightened the experience of her several million fans. In the video, D’amelio gave an exclusive interview, tried on several Prada outfits for the show, created TikToks at the show, and met up with the models of the show. This behind-the-scenes content on YouTube also was shown from D’amelio’s point-of-view on her personal channel. Marketing content for TikTok and expanding on other platforms only allows for more engagement and exposure for both the influencer and the high fashion brand. 

Top High Fashion Brands on Social Media

Brand Instagram Follower CountYouTube Subscriber CountTikTok Follower Count
Gucci40.3 million531k348.5k
Prada23.4 million160k139.9k
Balenciaga11.2 million48.1k19.1k
Versace21.7 million186kN/A
Louis Vuitton38.1 million424kN/A

Although TikTok may seem like new territory for many brands, marketing on TikTok is the latest trend due to its rapid growth. High fashion brands are always one step ahead in all fields and marketing on TikTok is no exception.

Top Platforms to Market High Fashion Brands:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

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This article was written by Daniela Jolie

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