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Liza Koshy Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Meet Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is a 23-year-old YouTuber and Actress from Houston, Texas with a large following on social media. She has gained 17.8 million subscribers and over 2.3 billion views since starting her YouTube channel in September of 2013. Liza’s channel is the 166th most subscribed to channel on YouTube! Liza Koshy originally gained her following on the popular app Vine, where she would post comedic skits for fun. She was a highly followed Viner, with over 5 million followers. When Vine shut down she began making YouTube videos, and many of her fans followed her to the new platform to continue to enjoy her comedy and vlogs. In addition to YouTube, she has a mass following on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, contributing to the astonishing Liza Koshy net worth. Here is a breakdown of the number of followers she has on each social media platform: 

    • Instagram: 18M
    • YouTube: 17.8M
    • Twitter: 2.8M
    • Tik Tok: 15.8M

Although Liza just recently joined TikTok, she has already made Neoreach’s Top 20 TikTok Creators list. Liza proves that you are never too young to TikTok. At 26-years-old, she creates dancing videos and funny skits in which she dresses up and takes on tons of different personas. She is among the top TikTok women on the app. On Instagram, Liza has 18 million followers and counting. She is best known for her trendy aesthetic and witty captions. If you are trying to achieve Liza’s feed, check out this blog on How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic. If you look closely, you may find Liza’s recent posts as an example.


As far as her greatest accomplishments in Hollywood, Liza stars as Violet Adams in the Hulu original TV series “Freakish” and has played roles in “Boo! A Medea Halloween” and “Escape the Night”. Liza recently starred in her own YouTube on-demand series titled Liza on Demand, a funny comedy show right on YouTube! Season two released just months ago and has been very successful, as each episode received millions of views. Liza has been nominated for multiple awards and has won two Streamy Awards and one Teen Choice Award. Liza Koshy is exceptionally successful for a 23-year-old internet personality. Here is a timeline of her greatest successes over the past 7 years:

    • 2013: Gained a large following on Vine
    • 2016: Starred in Hulu series “Freakish”
    • 2016: Won Streamy Award
    • 2017: First person to reach 10 million YouTube subscribers 
    • 2018: Released Liza on Demand 
    • 2018: Won first Teen Choice Award and second Streamy Award 
    • 2019: Made it on Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Social Life

As far as Liza Koshy’s dating life goes, she is the ex-girlfriend of David Dobrik. Liza and David Dobrik dated for just over two years before announcing their breakup to their followers on YouTube in 2018. David posted a breakup video titled, “we broke up” in June of 2018 and it went viral, receiving over 60 million views and counting. The breakup video is David Dobrik’s most viewed video to this day. Liza grew in popularity through being a member of the Vlog Squad throughout her relationship with David. Although Liza is now only considered to be a “close friend” of those on the Vlog Squad, her time spent as a member of the group can be found on David’s channel in older videos. 

Current members of the Vlog Squad are thought to be:

    • Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy 
    • Jason Nash
    • Zane Hijazi
    • Heath Hussar (and his girlfriend Mariah Amato)
    • Matt King
    • Corinna Kopf
    • Nick (Jonah) Antonian
    • Toddy Smith
    • Scotty Sire
    • Jeff Wittek

Friends of the Vlog Squad include:

    • Liza Koshy
    • Gabbie Hanna
    • Josh Peck
    • Howie Mandell
    • Kylie Jenner
    • Stassie Karanikolaou

Net Worth

Liza Koshy net worth in 2019 was roughly $14 million. How? Well, her YouTube channels, original YouTube series, Hulu appearances, hosting gigs with Vogue and MTV, online merch, and properties all contribute to the millions of dollars Liza is worth. 

Through being part of YouTube Partnership Programme, Liza earns $3-10 per 1,000 views on each video. Her main channel, Liza Koshy, receives roughly 33 million views per month, creating $130,000 a month in ad revenue. All in all, Liza makes roughly $1.5 million from her main channel. Her second channel, Liza Koshy Too, receives around 6 million views per month creating about $260,000 a year in revenue. Between her two channels, Liza Koshy earns $1.7 million dollars on YouTube. It’s no wonder Liza has one of the top 10 YouTube channels! 


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Liza’s clothing and accessory store online contributes to her net worth, as she has sold thousands and thousands of merch orders on The property that she owns raises the Liza Koshy net worth value as well, given that her home is valued at $1.7 million in Los Angeles, California. Liza Koshy’s career as an actress through Hulu and Netflix originals also contribute to her net worth. For instance, Liza is starring in a new series called “Work It” about the art of dance. Through her acting gigs, and many collaborations with brands and other celebrities, it is no surprise Liza Koshy has a net worth of $14 million.

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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