Brands Celebrating Mother’s Day on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Whether you are a brand, influencer, celebrity, or average Joe, this Mother’s Day is one we will be celebrating online. From touching captions to fancy photos, take a look at how brands are setting the stage to show some love this mother’s day on Instagram.

Let’s Get Personal This Mother’s Day

Not only do they have a captivated audience of mothers of all ages, but Good Housekeeping knows how to do Mother’s Day on Instagram. in past years, the brand has posted everything from darling brunch treats to quotes and inspiring mottos.

This year, Good Housekeeping is taking a different approach, like many other brands, to show their appreciation for moms on Mother’s Day. Touching personalized videos from the people behind the brand are honoring the real parts about being a mother during COVID-19. Authentically showing the joys and hardships of motherhood while stuck at home, brands are saying “we love you and we appreciate all that you do” through Instagram to reach as many moms as possible.


Many brands are using Instagram as a way to give back to moms this Mother’s Day. With giveaways to celebrate and reward deserving moms, not only can brands show their appreciation for mothers this way, but they can show their support for the added difficulty moms are experiencing right now with all their kids at home.

From stuff for the kiddos to items specifically for mom, brands are using this opportunity to build trust and awareness among mothers.

Bo$$ Moms

Kylie Cosmetics

Even though Kylie herself has been a mother for Mother’s Day already, Kylie Cosmetics pays tribute to the reigning Kardashian Jenner mother figure, Kris Jenner herself. Unlike other beauty brands owned by less world-renowned reality TV stars, Kylie Cosmetics can keep it short and sweet with a post showing just how boss moms really are.

Jessica Alba 

Actress, entrepreneur, and founder of The Honest Company and Honest Beauty, Jessica Alba announced a brand new collection just for moms – Honest Mama.

Not only is she an advocate for mothers, but she is also hosting a live webinar on Instagram to educate and support moms everywhere as we approach Mother’s Day. Remember self-care as a mother is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Jessica Alba is using her platform on Instagram to encourage moms to be the example to their children, Mother’s Day, and every day.

Practical Posts

Influencers, brands, and your network of stellar individuals stuck at home are sharing practical posts on Instagram to help you make this Mother’s Day one to remember. While we can always count on our favorite mom influencers to inspire their followers to take advantage of this time with their families, brands have really stepped it up this year with quality content.

Hello Fresh

Follow in the footsteps of Hello Fresh as they surprise friends with a recipe box and cook together! A great inspiration for this Mother’s Day when you can cook for mom or take off the stress of shopping by ordering the ingredients pre-measured right to your door.

Ashanti Swimwear

This UK swimwear brand is reminding mothers that the realities of motherhood are beautiful. They are promoting body positivity and encouraging joy postpartum instead of worrying about your body bouncing back.

Four Seasons Westlake Village

What can you get for mom when you can’t get to her? Though you may be apart, Four Seasons Westlake Village is showing that you can still celebrate with your mom and give her some peace of mind. Take a live morning yoga class #togetherapart and treat it like you are both on a beautiful getaway– staycation style!

Mother’s Day Instagram Captions

Still in need of some inspiration for your own post this Mother’s Day on Instagram? Woman’s Day magazine is bringing you options to tell mom how much you love her!

You can choose from a selection of approaches:

  1. Mom quotes
  2. Puns
  3. Sweet and sentimental

Whichever you choose, make it personal to your relationship with your wife, mother, or mom figure in your own life. Sharing our love via Instagram for Mother’s Day does not take away from the meaning of this day. Be sincere and it could be this year’s e-card!

This article was written by Gabrielle Sinacola

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