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Top Mom Influencers Across Social Media

By Editorial Staff

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These mom influencers teach parents the do’s-n-don’ts and offer lifestyle advice – almost as guardian parent for the internet. They also provide helpful parenting advice, pregnancy tips, and healthy home life.

Using the Neoreach tool, we chose the top 10 mom influencers across social media.

We based our scoring for Mom Influencers on cumulative reach, audience engagement, and overall performance data. 


mom-influencers-marketingRachel combines beauty and mom into one vlog channel. On her YouTube channel, you find makeup tutorials and sincere insights for new moms to pick up.

Since Rachel talks about makeup, she reaches a younger audience (17 to 19 years old) making up 43% of her audience. Her total accumulative reach across social media is 1.8 million people. Though to note, her audience mainly lives in the United States at 68%.


braniff-mom-influencer-marketingThis mother’s family includes 5 kids – 2 children of her own and 3 adopted kids. Often many of these mom influencers incorporate their husband into their brand. It’s not about the relationship with children, but also defining what is motherhood and what is fatherhood.

On her YouTube channel, she vlogs on her life after adopting kids as well as the best products to buy for kids. The Braniff family reaches an audience half in America and the other half in different countries, significantly 24% of her audience lives in the United Kingdom.


modern-mom-influencer-social-media-starModernMom is a well known and credible website for any mom. Her main platform is Twitter with 422k out of its 761k total audience.

You can find parenting advice for basically anything from step-parenting to newfound motherhood on their social media sites. ModernMom’s fans are families at 95% by married couples and 55% with kids.


gabe-babe-mom-influencer-vlogger-youtubeThis family offers motherhood advice, pregnancy tips, and perspective on being an interracial family as well. The married couple has 2 kids and they document their life on YouTube.

Their uploads consist of storytimes with their kids and what to do during pregnancy. The audience this family attracts mostly older with 57% of their audience seen by married couples and 38.5% seen by people who 25-34 years old.


instagram-mom-top-influencer-marketingThis Canadian mother married her high school sweetheart after having their daughter while in her teens and now has a son as well. The Fladager family has gained most of their platform on Instagram with 251k out of the 317.9k total audience.

She mostly posts about her life with her 2 children and husband along with school lunch recipes and other motherhood tips. Although from Canada, 71% of Fladager’s audience live in the united states.


britney-and-babe-youtube-mom-influencerThis 23-year-old mother of three made it to our TOP 5 mom influencers.

Her social media posts tend to be more personal and comedic, consisting of family vlogs, pranks, and her journey through life. Since she is extremely young, Britney attracts a younger audience with 83% of her viewers are 17-24 years old.


baby-gizmo-influencerKnown as @babygizmo, Schulz’s strengths as an influencer shines on YouTube as a vlogger. You can find these posts on her youtube channel with uploads regarding parenting tips and kid product reviews.

Compared to others, Schultz attracts an older audience with 53% of her viewers between the ages of 25-34. However, we found an interesting contradiction where 89% of her total viewers are married, but only 30% have kids.

We predict the mom influencers in this blog will influence couples looking to have children and big decisions they will make in the future.


pregnant-mom-vlogger-youtubeSkube is an extreme mom influencer because she takes care of her 7 children and husband. Skube lends a first-hand experience of the up and downs of motherhood and how to overcome their family hiccups – literally and figuratively!

NeoReach found nearly a third of Skube’s fanbase are married couples (at 33%). Her fanbase isn’t as widespread but concentrated. The United States is her powerhouse at 67% of her 785K audience.


Judy a mother of three started making vlogs back in 2012 when her first daughter was born. Since then she created a large stage for herself with an audience of 5.9 million people and growing.

Judy’s YouTube channel includes numerous posts about motherhood tips and updates on the life she shares with her husband and kids.

  1. Mindy McKnight

mindy-influencer-mom-marketingAlso seen on social media @cutegirlhairstyles McKnight is one of the most popular mom vloggers out there.  She is known all across social media especially youtube for her hairstyle tutorials which are modeled by her daughters.

Surprisingly 53% her audience are people between the ages 17-19, and 93% of her 9.2 million audiences are female. Possibly because hairstyle doesn’t have an age limit – also her talents at appealing to a diverse audience.






This article was written by Editorial Staff

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