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Egg vs. Kylie Jenner: Battle for the Most Liked Instagram Photo

By Editorial Staff

A photo of a normal brown egg has beaten Kylie Jenner for most likes on an Instagram post. Yes, you read that correctly, an egg. The famous egg (shown below) set out with Jan. 4 with a single post and a dream: “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.”


Kylie’s previous record was achieved on a photo of her daughter Stormi Webster from February of 2018. 18 million likes is certainly a noteworthy milestone, however, as of Jan. 15, the egg has surpassed 40 million likes on Instagram. Kylie has since fired back with a video captioned “Take that little egg,” where she cracks a brown egg on the street.


Just a day after becoming the most liked image on Instagram, world_record_egg started selling merchandise. During the first eight hours of the link going live, we analyzed the publicly available Bit.ly to get an idea of how many clicks and subsequent visitors made it to the store’s landing page.

Egg's Bit.ly ClicksThen, we reviewed the conversion rate benchmarks based on Instagram referral traffic and cart sizes less than $199 to get a range for the expected store’s conversion rate, which was between three to five percent. Since over 99 percent of the store’s referral traffic was coming from Instagram, we were able to estimate that the store likely sold between 24K to 43K shirts from Instagram alone. Using the cost per shirt ($19.50) at the time of the study (only two shirts were being offered), it is safe to assume that world_record_egg generated $661K in sales as the result of a single post created just 11 days ago.

Say what you will, this egg is nothing to yolk about.Egg's Conversion and RevenueWant to reach these influencers and others like them? Get started with us today!

This article was written by Evan Schimek


This article was written by Editorial Staff

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