Influencers Are Taking to Social Media to Share their Quarantine Tips

By Editorial Staff

Quarantine has left us all trapped inside our homes as we try to wait out coronavirus while avoiding contact with one another. People are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions ranging from boredom to lack of motivation and anxiety. No one knows how long this will last, and this uncertainty can cause a lot of stress on anyone involved. Luckily, influencers have taken to social media to share quarantine tips on things to do to keep your life in control. Whether it’s a fun makeup tutorial, a motivational speech to help stay positive, a healthy recipe to boost your immune system, or a tough workout to stay in shape, these influencers have shared what has worked for them as they stay home.

1. The Rock

The Rock is known for his big muscles and acting skills. However, he has been using Instagram to share quarantine tips through messages of positive thinking and inspiration to those who feel trapped in their homes. During the workout videos he usually uploads, he has taken a couple of minutes to answer his followers’ questions about anything from marriage advice to what he currently misses the most. His short videos are great to watch if you’re feeling a lack of motivation or need a few words of reassurance that you’re not in this alone.

2. Aimee Song

The fashion YouTuber, who usually vlogs about her crazy life between New York, Los Angeles, and other cities around the world, has now been confined to her Los Angeles home. Luckily for us, she hasn’t stopped vlogging. Instead, she’s shifted her focus to around the house activities with a lot of content that focuses on cooking. Her cooking tutorials offer up healthy meals that anyone could make while quarantining. With a lot more time around the house, there’s no reason to not start cooking for yourself! This anti-inflammatory soup recipe is a must-try.

3. Luke Worthington

Coming up with ways to stay in shape while stuck inside your home is more difficult than it seems, as at-home workouts begin to get redundant and fitness motivation seems nonexistent. Luckily, Luke Worthington has you covered. He’s an Instagram fitness guru who started posting easy and effective at-home workouts when the quarantine began. His videos will keep you healthy while helping you relieve some stress.

4. Lavendaire

This YouTube channel, run by Aileen, is about personal growth and finding ways to maximize your life’s potential. During quarantine, her self-help videos and personal vlogs have been filled with tips and pieces of advice that help viewers cope with extra stresses that come with the drastic change in lifestyle. This video addresses coronavirus’s impact on mental health and offers ways to stay calm and clear the mind. Other videos show her daily quarantine routines and how she’s been staying positive while being at home alone.

5. Tia Taylor

Tia is a half-Jamaican, half-Nigerian, American-born YouTuber who currently lives in Milan, Italy. Her worldly perspective makes her vlogs both informative and enjoyable for anyone to watch. Recently, however, with the coronavirus outbreak, she has posted a lot of content covering quarantine tips. Her current home country, Italy, has been hit by the pandemic harder than any other European country, and her vlogs offer a first-hand perspective of life there during these times. On top of that, she was an economics major in college, so her videos also cover what’s going on with the economy in relation to coronavirus. Her informative quarantine posts are a must-watch for those who want to build an understanding of this pandemic’s larger implications.

6. Sara Jay

Sara is a teenage YouTuber who, like the rest of us, has been staying home. Her videos, which are usually vlogs covering fashion and her daily life, are fun and lighthearted. She takes this same approach in her vlogs of quarantine life, making funny videos that inspire ideas for other teens who are bored at home too. As a high school student, she also gives us a look at what it’s like to go to school online now that classes have become completely virtual. This video gives us a look at a day in her quarantining life.

7. Nabela

This TikTok user went viral for her aesthetic food videos and her messages of body positivity. When coronavirus broke out, she began posting short clips of her daily routine. The TikToks, made up of multiple videos only a couple second long, went viral for their unique visual appeal. Her routines also offer some advice and ideas on what people can do while quarantining. She tries to introduce something new to her routine every day and continues to make positive thinking a top focus.

8. Lexi Hidalgo

This teen blew up on TikTok while quarantining for her “what I eat in a day video”. In addition to wowing viewers with her massive appetite, she offers motivational workout videos that anyone can try from home. Almost every day of quarantine, she posts a new workout with a special twist that will help people stay fit while staying in.

This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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