Top Coronavirus Trends on Social Media

By Editorial Staff

Amid all the madness of COVID-19 and the uncertainty being felt during self-isolation, people can always turn to social media for a temporary fix of lighthearted content. During this time, social media has become a place for challenges, trends, recipes, at-home workouts, and more for people to engage with their friends, influencers, and celebrities. Despite a lack of in-person contact, these top coronavirus trends on social media are keeping spirits alive and people in contact.

1. Until Tomorrow

Until Tomorrow is one of the coronavirus trends as an Instagram challenge with specific rules

The Until Tomorrow challenge on Instagram is one of the coronavirus trends that you don’t know until you know. What at first seemed like a trend where people posted embarrassing pictures of themselves quickly changed once you double-tapped on the image. Once liking someone’s “Until Tomorrow” post, you should have received a direct message explaining the rules of the challenge. The rules are to post an embarrassing photo (most being childhood photos) and caption it “until tomorrow” while keeping it up for 24 hours. Whoever likes the image you posted must receive the same direct message to keep the trend alive. The #untiltomorrow on the list of coronavirus trends gave users an opportunity to dig up old pictures, have fun, and not take life (and social media) too seriously which came at the perfect time amid the craziness of COVID-19.

2. Instagram Story Templates

Coronavirus Trends on social media involve many Instagram Story templates to engage with followers.

Filled in Instagram Story template of gifs as one of the top coronavirus trends

Next on the coronavirus trends is the perfect distraction for those looking to weed out the many posts regarding COVID-19. With many templates posted either on business or personal accounts, the Instagram Story Templates trend is a way to share fun facts, quarantine activities, and interests with followers. This trend is the perfect opportunity to get to know your followers on a new level while also letting them get to know you. Once posting your own filled-in template, the objective is to tag friends to keep the trend going and for them to use the same template to post their own responses. This trend is the perfect opportunity to both create content and perhaps reignite a passion during self-isolation.

3. Bored in the House

The Bored in the House coronavirus trends started out on TikTok. This trend started as an easy beat and the lyrics “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored,” sung by TikToker Curtis Roach. Since the song was uploaded, it now has 2.1 million videos of people using it as a background to a video of what they are doing during the quarantine. Most videos are focused on people doing completely random things or simply nothing at all because of the lack of things to do self-isolating in your house. This is one of the coronavirus trends on social media that has been the perfect way to create content and make light of a very uncertain time. Although this trend started on TikTok, it made its way to Instagram when Kylie Jenner captioned her mirror selfie with the main lyrics. As one of the leading Instagram influencers, it was only natural people wanted to do the same thing. So instead of a funny video, many people have taken this opportunity to post a selfie on their personal accounts with the same caption, “bored in the house and I’m in the house bored.”

Influencers Doing the Bored in the House Trend:

4. Instagram Live

Instagram Live stories are not a new trend to social media, but they have been reinvented in the midst of the coronavirus. Due to the heavy implementation of self-quarantining, a lot of tour dates have been cancelled. Specifically, ex-One Direction and now solo artist, Niall Horan’s tour. However, with all this new downtime at home, he has used it as an opportunity to connect with fans via Instagram Live. He goes live almost every day to play songs for his fans, answer questions, and even lets fans join his live stream. Many other celebrities have also hopped on this trend, singer or not, to engage with fans and answer questions. Miley Cyrus has even started a talk-show-like environment on Instagram Live where she has celebrity friends (such as Demi Lovato) on her live to talk and answer questions.

Top Celebrity Live Streamers:

  1. Niall Horan
  2. Miley Cyrus
  3. Cardi B
  4. John Mayer
  5. Shawn Mendes

5. TikTok Coffee Recipe

This is one of the coronavirus trends that could not have come at a better time. As people look for things to do at home to pass the time in quarantine, cooking is high on the list. So when this coffee recipe went viral on TikTok, it seemed like the perfect alternative to a daily Starbucks drive-by. These easy to make iced coffee requires only four ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, hot water, and milk. The first three ingredients, when whisked, created a whipped coffee mixture. When added to any milk, it creates a sweet and simple start to your day. Since this trend took off, creators on all platforms have reposted their attempts and have even customized the recipe with different flavors. Of all trends that come and go, it is likely this one will become a staple for many morning routines, although it might put many coffee shops out of business.

TikTok Coffee Ingredients:

IngredientServing SizeInstructions
Instant Coffee1 TablespoonWhisk the first three ingredients in a bowl for 3-5 minutes.
Sugar1 TablespoonWhisk the first three ingredients in a bowl for 3-5 minutes.
Hot Water1 TablespoonWhisk the first three ingredients in a bowl for 3-5 minutes.
Milk6-8 ounces (more or less depending on preference)Scoop whipped mixture into the cup of milk and enjoy!

6. Sending Money

There are also the coronavirus trends which are mainly for influencers looking to give back to their fans who are struggling financially during this trying time. Although most influencers have the privilege of working from home, many of their fans are feeling the weight of the coronavirus from an economic point of view. Influencers such as David Dobrik have taken note of this and took to Twitter to give back. David Dobrik tweeted he was going to send money via various cash-sending apps to as many fans that tweeted their handles. With the help of his assistant, Natalie Mariduena, they were able to send money to many fans who shared their heartfelt stories. Other YouTubers hopped on this trend by also tweeting their efforts of sending money to fans in need, in their own unique way. 

Other YouTubers Sending Money:

Other Notable Coronavirus Trends:

TypeDescriptionTop Influencer
Zoom MeetingsPosting group video calls with either an academic class or with friends for entertainment on any platform. Vlog Squad
Day In My Life: Quarantine EditionYouTube video dedicated to what influencers are doing to stay busy during their time in self-isolation.Lauren Giraldo
At-home WorkoutsPost at-home workout alternatives to going to the gym on Instagram or TikTok.Whitney Simmons
Wash Your Hands DancePost a 20-second (or more) video of yourself washing your hands to any song/dance on Instagram or TikTok.Selena Gomez
Werk It From HomePost a video strutting in a work-from-home outfit on TikTok to the song “Covergirl” by Rupaul.Rickey Thompson

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This article was written by Daniela Jolie

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