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10 Educational Content Creators That’ll Stimulate Your Brain

By Editorial Staff

We’re all guilty of spending too much time scrolling mindlessly through different social media platforms, looking for something to catch our attention. Instead of getting those glazed eyes from staring at your screen for too long, check out these 10 educational content creators that will stimulate your brain. 

1. CrashCourse 

Hank and John Green are no strangers to the internet, being the stars of the Vlogbrothers YouTube Channel. John’s expertise in Literature and History and Hank’s expertise in the sciences make them the perfect candidates to become educational content creators. Along with the help of other professionals and educators, the brothers created CrashCourse: an educational YouTube channel with nearly 15 million subscribers. 

Almost all of the videos are shorter than 15 minutes, and the rapid-fire pace, helpful (but fun) visuals, and occasional comedic comments keep the viewer totally engaged. It’s no surprise that Crash Course has become the favorite of teachers and students alike for homework help, or just learning something new. 

2. HumphreyTalks 

Finance can be tricky for anyone, but formal financial advisor Humphrey Yang has your back. His background in personal finance, gaming, and self-improvement makes Yang an incredible educational content creator. Yang has content on both TikTok and YouTube, perfect for a quick new fact, or a longer explanation video. 

Yang’s investing tips and financial explanations are explained simply and are easy to understand and grasp. Learning about the best ways to handle your money has never been this entertaining. 

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3. You’re Wrong About

The internet is the best place for teaching us things we never knew, or correcting facts we had been thinking about all wrong our entire lives. The You’re Wrong About podcast is a weekly podcast that reconsiders an event, person, or phenomenon that’s been misunderstood by the public, making each episode an opportunity for a new “I was today years old when I learned…” fact. 

Michael Hobbes is a reporter for HuffPost, and his quick wit and experience abroad make him an incredible podcast host. Hobbes cohost Sarah Marshall is just as amusing, and her journalistic background, as well as her time as a university professor, has set her up for success in the educational content creator field. 

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4. Hank Green 

One half of the Vlogbrothers and CrashCourse, Hank Green takes his science education one step further on his TikTok account @hankgreen1. His TikToks repeatedly go viral due to Hank’s previous internet fame, eccentric personality, humor, and educational value. We always love learning from Hank. 


#stitch with @⚡️ashlynn⚡️ It’s hard to make blanket statements about stuff like this because there’s not mushroom for error. (posted by @paytmitch) #askhank

♬ original sound – Hank Green

Hank’s TikTok usually utilizes the stitch feature to answer the random burning questions of people on the internet. No question is too out of the blue, and if Hank doesn’t know the answer, he’ll usually go looking for it. We don’t know another educational content creator as loveable and compassionate as Hank. 

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5. Stuff You Should Know

The perfect start for someone unsure of what they’d like to learn, the Stuff You Should Know podcast is home to all things random, but fascinating. The podcast started in 2008, so there are over 600 episodes chock-full of educational content. 

Created by iHeart radio, hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant started as writers for the HowStuffWorks website and turned their explanatory articles into podcast episodes. The two have taken being educational content creators to the next level, writing a book by the same title. Ranging from whether the elephant is the best animal, or why we suffer emotional pain, it’s the perfect brain stimulator. 

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6. CGP Grey 

Colin Gregory Palmer Grey is an Irish-American educational content creator who produces short, hilariously animated explanatory videos. Although Grey’s background is in physics and economics, his videos cover topics ranging from history, politics, geography, economics, and pop culture. 

Grey’s videos have been highlighted in the media and on news sources such as Huffington Post, and his YouTube channel has nearly 6 million subscribers. CGP Grey has been creating YouTube content since 2010, so he’s an experienced educational content creator perfectly suited for increasing your knowledge. 

7. Grammar Girl 

Five-time winner of Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards, Mignon Fogerty, the host of the Grammar Girl podcast and TikTok account, is an educational content creator extraordinaire. The podcast has been publishing content since 2006 and has over 400 episodes available for listeners.


Where we get the “split infinitive” rule. #writinglife #edutok #grammar #wordnerd #fyp #foryou #englishteacher

♬ original sound – Grammar Girl: English Is Fun

Grammar Girl episodes cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of punctuation and grammar to more advanced topics like writing style and word choice. Grammar Girl has been praised for its easy-to-understand approach and ability to make grammar and writing fun and accessible. For a quicker English lesson, @therealgrammargirl on TikTok is the perfect option. 

8. Mina Le

Taking a different niche of educational content creation, Mina Le is a fashion expert who delights YouTube with her video essays on fashion in movies; especially historical accuracies or inaccuracies. 

Although Mina’s expertise lies in fashion and beauty, her interesting takes on historical beauty trends, and the psychology behind society’s obsessions will give you a takeaway much deeper than a regular makeup tutorial. Mina has been praised for her positive and uplifting content and her infectious personality, but we should praise her for her hidden teachings as well. 

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9. Mags4Science

Maggie, or @mags4science on TikTok, is only 19, but her love for science is infectious. Her advanced science videos quickly went viral on TikTok, landing her an obvious spot as one of the best educational content creators. 


THIS WAS SO HARD. String Theory is a lot more complex than this, but I had one minute and this was requested a bunch! #fyp #womeninstem

♬ original sound – Maggie 🥰🐛

As a college student herself, Maggie knows the best ways to explain tough concepts in a way audiences will be able to easily digest. Her role as an iconic woman in STEM inspires many aspiring female scientists and brings education right to your For You page. 

10. The Closer Look 

Henry Bosely is the educational content creator behind The Closer Look on YouTube, a channel dedicated to examining pop culture; specifically film and TV. For aspiring film majors or movie aficionados, Henry’s takes on what makes a good (or bad) piece of media is riveting. 

Writers can benefit from The Closer Look as well, as Henry offers tips on making a great story, and analyzes the craft of creative writing.  

Educational content creators have been a significant presence on the internet, particularly in providing access to quality education for people who may not have had the opportunity to attend traditional schools. They have also helped to bridge the gap between formal education and the skills and knowledge that are relevant in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving world.


This article was written by Abigail Adams

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