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Best Creator Economy Podcast to Follow

By Editorial Staff

If you had to guess the fastest-growing industry today, would you guess podcasting? Nowadays, a creator economy podcast offers a way for creators to connect with audiences.

Whether they be influencer podcasts, true crime podcasts, or comedy podcasts, the genres continue to expand. Psychic mediums, elementary school teachers, and former pro-wrestlers — seems like everyone is taking advantage of the podcasting medium.

For influencers and content creators, podcasts bring the magic of long-form audio content to the people who stand to profit from it the most. Content creators are at the heart of the creator economy, no matter how big the expanding industry becomes. Plus, successful podcasts are those which build trust amongst listeners. When it comes to the creator economy, who better to trust than the creators themselves.

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How podcasts are winning at everything

Audio content, including audiobooks, Twitter Spaces, and audio-only YouTube channels, has re-shaped the way people consume content. Rather than watching a portable screen or pausing to read content, more and more people consume their favorite content while driving, working, or watching kids at the park.

In short, audio content has made content consumption even more convenient. For content creators, and many others, the podcasting medium has broadened the ever-expanding road to mass exposure. 

Most podcast listeners already hope to learn something when they tune in, according to one Nielsen study published in 2017. The data showed that 66% of respondents indicated that they listen to podcasts “to learn something new.” According to various studies, roughly 66% of consumers indicated a preference for podcasts over TV, and 80% of respondents in one study claimed to stay tuned for most or all of an episode.

Why creator economy podcasts?

Anyone can create a podcast with a relatively small investment if they are willing to do the research and the work. With the right marketing strategy, that podcast can be made available to millions of individuals: almost anyone with a smartphone. Podcasting is an effective and cost-effective way to connect with listeners and establish a loyal community of trusting followers. It’s a natural pathway for influencers and content creators.

As more influencers and brands get wise to the podcast scheme, we are keeping a close eye on the best creator economy podcasts to listen to for industry updates, insider tea, and education. Next time you strap in for a road trip or hop onto a treadmill, or however you consume your podcasts, add these to your queue.

Best creator economy podcasts to listen to in 2022

1. Verified Live

Verified Live is a dynamic new podcast that spotlights creators, journalists, managers, and others immersed in the creator economy. Host Abhish Desai, who is a creator himself, brings a balanced blend of curiosity and analysis to each interview, allowing listeners to dive deep into the behind-the-scenes world of content creation and influencer marketing. Guests have included Adweek staff writer Emmy Liederman, who reports on influencer marketing and other marketing trends, and more. Verified Live can be found on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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2. The Creator Economy Podcast

Simply titled, The Creator Economy Podcast focuses on projecting the future of the creator economy. Host Jack Conte interviews CEOs and industry investors to hear their take on a variety of topics. From the metaverse and the future of VR to the take on industry trends and collaborations, The Creator Economy Podcast offers an insider angle. Guests have included Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and co-founder of Variant Li Jin.

3. Creator Economics

One of the first creator economy podcasts in the space, Creator Economics is a must-watch for creators and digital marketing savants. Founded in 2020 by Reed Duchscher, Creator Economics focuses on algorithm changes, creator economy trends, and a host of other information. Duscher and co-host Blake Robbins aim to educate listeners about the business of influencer marketing, with levity and relatability. So far, Creator Economics can be found on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.

4. The Colin & Samir Show 

YouTube creators and influencers Colin Rosenblum and Samir Chaudry took a roundabout route to hosting a creator economy podcast. Their podcast was first conceived nearly a decade ago when Chaudry started a lacrosse-themed YouTube channel that gradually blossomed into the beloved team channel that promoted him, along with Rosenblum, to where they are today. They gradually shifted from focusing on lacrosse to focusing on influencers and the creator economy. Some of the recent guests on the Colin & Samir Show include Ryan Trahan and MrBeast. This podcast can be found primarily on YouTube and Spotify.

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Who benefits from the podcasting boom?

Content creators and listeners can all stand to benefit from tuning into podcasting. However, there are pros and cons when it comes to creating a podcast from scratch. For some, investing in a podcast has a much higher potential ROI than it would for others.

Here are a few of the people who could benefit most from the rise of creator economy podcasts:

  • Creators and influencers. When you have an existing audience, a podcast becomes an effective marketing tool with relative ease. For influencers who have already built a loyal following on any other platform, a podcast offers fans another way to intimately connect with the people and content they love.
  • Digital marketers. Those who manage influencers, whether part of a large team or a marketing team of one, can benefit from the wealth of knowledge found in creator economy podcasts. And they can promote their own experience by creating a podcast all their own.
  • Any business looking to expand its customer base. There’s a podcast for every niche. No matter what your brand is, the more podcasts enter the scene, the more advertising dollars stand to be generated.

There’s no denying the value of influencer marketing these days. Creator earnings have skyrocketed within the last decade, and those who have chosen to surf the wave continue to profit. Savvy influencers, marketers, and industry leaders are combining the community-bonding nature of podcasting with the community-building power of social media. The future of influencer marketing and content consumption continues to evolve. 

Amid the rise of the Metaverse, NFT Gaming and virtual real estate, podcasts are a modern innovation with a refreshingly familiar appeal. Humans have used storytelling across cultures for centuries to teach and preserve history. It is no surprise that this age-old art form has found a way to shine in the digital age.

This article was written by Kayla Beard

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