Best Crypto Resources for Beginners

By Editorial Staff

When I first heard about the blockchain it was like finding out alien life had been discovered on a neighboring planet, people told me they have great resources, but I didn’t know what their resources did or how to get them. Even when someone tried to teach me, I couldn’t understand the language they used! So, what are the best crypto resources for beginners? How do we break through the barrier to gain the knowledge needed to interact with this new world of exciting technology?

Imagine if your car could solve puzzles while it idled. Now imagine that every minute or so when your car solved a new puzzle you were awarded a dollar that you could collect and spend to purchase an item anywhere a dollar was accepted as currency. That would be pretty cool, right? You would probably always let your car idle when it wasn’t being used for something else. Heck, you may even think about buying a second car just to let it idle and reap the benefits of this arrangement.

This is kind of how crypto mining works, not exactly intuitive for the everyday 9 to 5er. That’s why we want to share some of the best crypto resources for you to access and learn about everything from what proof-of-work means, what a digital wallet is, and all the ins and outs of decentralized finance (or DeFi for short).


One of the best places to start your journey when learning about crypto is with blog articles from reputable sources. Often times we need a particular concept explained, or we want to dig a little deeper in one area. Reading an article with a keyed-in topic is the best place to make sure you understand the basics before digging into a chart or another piece of data from the long list of data-driven crypto resources.

Here are a couple of blogs to check out:

1. NeoReach

With a long (and growing longer) list of articles focused on the crypto industry, this is a great place to start when looking for specific and industry-sweeping topics like the top crypto discords to keep an eye on or regulations on businesses in the crypto industry.

You can start with this blog by NeoReach which discusses NFT gaming and what you need to know.

2. Medium

This online publishing platform is home to countless articles like this one on the nuts and bolts of crypto. Home to thousands of writers, both paid and independent, has fostered an environment where writers and experts can share their perspectives and insights on crypto.


YouTube is a vast pool of education. One thing that makes this visual platform one of the best crypto resources for beginners is the ability to use video to illustrate ideas. Search for an expert that you resonate with and dig into their channel to glean as many nuggets of information as possible. Here are a few channels that we recommend you investigate:

1. Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas is one of the original Bitcoin advocates and educators. His YouTube channel is extremely educational, and he always takes the time to explain complicated concepts to his viewers. Always speaking, consulting, and authoring books on crypto, Antonopoulos is as trusted and reputable as it gets.

2. Lark Davis

Also known as The Crypto Lark, Lark. Davis regularly posts about the current crypto news, what to keep an eye on, and provides insight and education on each subject. Here is a recent video from The Crypto Lark discussing some lessons he has learned in crypto.

3. Nicholas Merten

On his YouTube channel, Data Dash, Nicholas can be found sharing a wide-ranging perspective of crypto. He has discussed everything from market trends, coin histories, applications of blockchain technology, and modern concepts as crypto makes advances.  

To explore some more like these, read this list of the top crypto YouTubers to subscribe to now.

Definitions and explanations

Every so often when learning about crypto, I come across a new word that I need to quickly learn about before continuing my article or research. It is important to keep terms like proof-of-work and proof-of-stake straight, and I regularly have to double-check definitions to ensure I am accurately following along while I learn.

crypto digital wallet

Via Unsplash

Enter the go-to place for investment and crypto dictionary explanations. Don’t hesitate to visit their dictionary often, you may run across several other great resources they offer for financial education too.

Online Tutorials and Academies

One of the best crypto resources for beginners is education libraries built by exchange platforms. The content presents and answers a specific question you may have, like “what is DeFi?” or “how does a ‘wrapped’ token work?” Because they are connected to crypto exchanges, some will even reward you in crypto just for learning. Here are the two leaders in these types of education libraries:

1. Coinbase Learn

Coinbase Learn has a “what is…” section that I love. CeFi, ICP, DEX, ETF, and every one of the main coins have a page. Not to mention easy-to-understand pages on things like recovery phase, smart contracts, and stablecoin. This is a one-stop-shop to familiarize yourself with how crypto works and what it is used for.

2. Decrypt Learn

This library has a very similar layout and concept as Coinbase Learn. It aims to provide the best crypto resources for being successful in the space and transforming into an expert yourself. Very responsive to new trends and news, Decrypt Learn is quick to upload tutorials whenever a new topic hits the headlines.

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Advanced Resources

As you begin to get a good grasp on the world of crypto, you might search for a more in-depth perspective. The market is ever-changing for crypto investors, the technology is continually advancing, and new concepts are always being introduced. The best way to stay up to date on everything is to become a part of a passionate community that supports each other in learning and advancing their place in the future of decentralized finance. Here are a few places to get plugged in:

1. Discord

Cryptohub is one of the best communities for beginners who want to surround themselves with others interested in gaining more knowledge and involvement in the crypto space. The participants are wonderful at helping keep each other headed in the right direction and always being directed to trusted resources and groups for deeper involvement.

2. Reddit

r/CryptoCurrency is one of the more active subreddits in the DeFi world. There are a lot of ‘hype’ comments in here, but the community is great at creating a welcoming environment.

3. Newsletter

Bankless is an online newsletter that is widely considered one of the more comprehensive pieces of literature. They send out daily emails each with tips on education, crypto investment strategies, new opportunities, and technology updates. While it is primarily directed at those already versed in crypto, it can certainly be used by newcomers for practice tips and tutorials.

To find and join more thriving crypto communities, read this blog.


Lastly, for the best crypto resources, the live crypto charts are a place for you to check on the risers and fallers, analysis, news, and many other fluid data points. While there are a few sites with similar charts online, is a good place to start.

crypto live charts

Via Unsplash


When introducing yourself to a new environment, immersion can be the best tactic. If you are excited about crypto and eager to learn, jump into these resources and surround yourself with others who will be happy to bring you into the crypto world.

With lots of information out there, we hope you follow this guide to some of the best crypto resources for beginners and enjoy your journey diving into a giant world of technology.


This article was written by Philip Murray

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