12 Crypto Discords You Need To Keep A Pulse On

By Editorial Staff

In the information age, and with the fast-moving pace of the crypto space (ha, that rhymes), it’s really important to be on top of the newest trends and happenings if you don’t want to miss out on the next big crypto projects. Social media has proven useful to traders and crypto enthusiasts, and although nothing might top Twitter and YouTube for your latest crypto breakdowns and news, crypto Discords could be your newest go-to place for information. 

But what even is crypto and why should you keep tabs on it? 

Well, if you haven’t heard your friends or coworkers mention it yet, you might be living under a rock. (Just kidding!) But crypto is the newest thing everyone is talking about. In the simplest sense, “Crypto” is short for cryptocurrency, which refers to a form of digital currency that ensures secure transactions using cryptography, and does not rely on any central authority like a bank or government to work. Ever heard of Bitcoin? Or Dodgecoin? Yes, both of these are cryptocurrencies and something a lot of people tried to use to get rich fast. If you’re completely new to the crypto scene, those specific cryptocurrencies are probably not your answer to big bucks anymore, but there are still a lot of reasons people are so interested in crypto. 

First of all, there are a lot of Millennials and Gen X’ers who have lost trust in institutions like their governments and banks, and don’t believe they can ever retire in this economy. For them, crypto poses a possible way out. Others find crypto a way to retaliate against Wall Street for causing the financial crisis, or policymakers who insider trade. And some people really like the idea of decentralization and being able to avoid Big Tech monopolies over censorship and their personal data. Crypto would allow them to bypass all of these issues. 

Moving beyond the word cryptocurrencies though, “Crypto” has also become synonymous with anything Web3. What makes cryptocurrency decentralized and function outside of institutions is blockchain technology. And this technology is something people are using to create Web3 – an iteration of the World Wide Web where users are the ones that own and control the economy, not the Big Tech overlords. So a lot of people are really excited about what the possibilities are with blockchain technology. There is a sense that this is a historic moment in time where we are entering a new era of the internet and changing how everything has ever functioned. 

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Where can you learn more? 

Like I mentioned previously, the crypto space is new but incredibly fast-paced. There are always new cryptocurrencies popping up that people are trying to buy into early to grow their investments. Most traders and crypto enthusiasts will probably tell you they get their news from Twitter, but crypto Twitter can be a bit intimidating to jump into and difficult to understand for a beginner. Discord has proven to be incredibly useful for the crypto community to share information, resources, and discuss the newest trends in real time. So regardless of if you’re new to the crypto scene or a seasoned crypto enthusiast, here are some reasons why you should consider joining a crypto discord. 

Connect to a community  


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I mean, duh, if you’re interested in a specific topic or hobby, the best place to find like-minded people to connect with is to join a club or community! Crypto discord servers are basically like clubs or communities centered around topics like crypto in general, specific cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, NFTs, or other blockchain technologies. Since all of these communities are on Discord, you can join multiple servers and keep tabs on all of the news you’d ever want. Don’t have friends who share your interest? Crypto servers often have a bunch of subchannels where you can network, chat, ask questions, and discuss your favorite topics with people who are also interested in crypto! So if you’re looking for like-minded people to connect with, Discord is the place for you. 

Learn more about crypto

Crypto Twitter can be difficult to understand for beginners, but there are some crypto discords out there that have dedicated spaces and resources to really get people up to speed on what crypto is all about and what it is doing now. For that reason, Discord is the perfect place for you to learn more about crypto directly from the people that are involved in the space. You would be able to ask any questions you might have and get answers in those channels. 

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Stay up to date on news

Twitter can be a great place to keep track of the key news and buzzwords popping up in crypto. But if you have a specific interest such as a certain cryptocurrency or NFT project, your best place to stay up to date with news will be through a discord server that’s dedicated to that topic. Within these dedicated Discord servers you would be able to see how other people are reacting to news and jump into your own discussions on your favorite crypto topics. Are people investing in a new project? Or exiting another? Be the first to know how the community is moving by joining a Discord server.

Find resources and opportunities 

Interested in working in crypto or creating your own blockchain project? Discord servers allow you to network with people, so you could find a co-founder or conduct some great market research. Some discords might be specific for developers or projects to share job opportunities you may be interested in.


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Top crypto discords you should check out 

Now that you know why you should jump on Discord, here are 12 crypto Discords you should check out.

1. Axion 

Axion is a crypto-trading community with almost 31,000 members on the server. It’s a community that discusses trade and investments and promotes financial freedom. It’s known to be a friendly community where you can even get expert advice on your own investments.

2. Satoshi’s Exchange 

Satoshi’s Exchange used to be the popular Satoshi’s Data group, before it got hacked and turned into a scam. The organizers of that group created the subsequent Satoshi’s Exchange group, which is a trading group for enthusiasts and veterans. It provides a friendly learning space for crypto, and has subchannels for learning centers, technical analysis help, crypto signals, general help, news, price alerts, and more. This server is perfect to join if you have a lot of questions about crypto, because this group has a dedicated team of traders that answer questions for you. So if you’re a beginner, this is a great server to join! 

3. Cryptohub

Cryptohub is a great server to join if you’re interested in all things crypto, from gem hunting, IDOs, staking, trading, and NFTs. Like Satoshi’s Exchange, this server is very beginner-friendly and offers tons of education on everything crypto. Aside from that, this server has a free opportunity channel where you can get tips on the newest NFTs, coin launches, gems, or airdrops potentially worth investing in. A good server to join for news, education, and leads. 

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4. Decentralization 

One of the few Discord servers on this list that’s not exclusively focused on trading, Decentralization is a server dedicated to bringing a community together that’s interested in discussing the applications and future of decentralized technology. If you’re curious about hearing what enthusiasts believe the future of tokens will be, and how that might impact political, fiscal, and economic systems worldwide, definitely join this Discord server.   

5. Elite crypto signal 

Elite Crypto Signals is a server that’s more focused on trading. They strive to help their members make profits in crypto and provide trade signals and analysis on good entry or exit points in the market. The group was created in 2018 but has some veteran members who have been in the crypto business since 2012. Like the name suggests, this group is all about earning money, early signals, and becoming successful, so if you’re looking for training in crypto trading and getting early leads, this is the server for you.

6. r/wallstreetbets

A spinoff Discord server from the famous r/wallstreetbets group on Reddit, this group is also one of the bigger discord servers out there with more than 74,000 members. Similar to the Reddit page that focused on pulling retail funds and crashing hedge fund short sellers, this Discord community is big into pump and dump, which means buying into a coin with the goal of inflating the price to make a profit.  

7. r/cryptocurrency 

One of the bigger servers out there with 98,000 members, r/cryptocurrency is a popular server that addresses all of your trading needs. Its subchannels cover different types of crypto trading and provide a platform for live discussions on current events in crypto. You can get all of your trading questions answered on this server as well.  

8. MEGA pump

Another big discord server is MEGA Pump with over 97,000 members. Similar to the r/wallstreetbets discord, this community also practices the pump and dump scheme to try and make money. Due to the nature of pump and dump schemes, this could be a great place to really stay up to date with crypto news and get an early in on the newest projects. Unlike some other servers, this group has a special “results” channel where you can see if their suggested trades performed well over time or not. 

9. Crypto Dads 

Crypto Dads is known as one of the leading crypto trading Discords. It is a branch of Stock Dads, which is an established financial education media company (that also runs the private Stock Dads discord server). So the crypto dads server has some legitimacy and is a great place to get trading education, 1-1 coaching, and trade alerts. If you’re looking to turn a profit, this server may have some ideas you want to check out. 

10. Web3 Tribe 

Different from the other trading-focused groups, Web3 tribe is a high quality community focused on discussing a wide array of Web3 topics like NFTs, apps, crypto, decentralization and the future of the web. What makes this discord server “higher quality” is that it actually requires an application to join the Discord. Due to this barrier of entry, the community consists of mostly dedicated Web3 enthusiasts who foster a culture of lively discussion. 

11. Investing with P.N. & Friends 

This Discord server is focused on trading crypto, but is known for having some of the smartest and most successful people in their community. There is general space for discussion around crypto trading, but the key difference is that this server provides specialized training from Ivy League graduates. If you care about prestige and would prefer to get trading advice from highly educated people, consider joining this Discord server. 

12. Spacestation 

Spacestation is a server focused on trading Ethereum. It’s a really big community of around 17,000 members and the place to go if you want to be involved in discussions on the ETH crypto scene with miners, developers, and famous crypto personalities. Even if you don’t get involved directly in these discussions, seeing what other people such as miners are talking about can still inform your own trading practices. 

This article was written by Clarissa Kim

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