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The Rise of Influencers on OnlyFans: An Influencer’s New Playground

By Editorial Staff

In 2016, businessman and self-titled ‘king of homemade porn’, Tim Stokely, launched an internet subscription service based in London, United Kingdom. Subscribers or ‘fans’ would pay a monthly subscription to their favorite content creators, which allowed content creators to receive direct funding from fans. Influencers on onlyfans are becoming a fascinating sight.

Initially, the site OnlyFans blew up with intrigue surrounding the innovative change it gave to sex workers. The site created a new, more ethical hub that introduced thousands of new creators to the site and amassed millions of fans. The traction of OnlyFans led creators on other platforms to try their hands on the website. Now, the site has seen a significant change in its creators: influencers on OnlyFans. This transition marks a notable turning point in the influencer world, where creators are increasingly interested in taking full advantage and control of their monetization.

From Instagram Model to OnlyFans Star

A niche of influencers on OnlyFans are also Instagram models. Instagram models have found ample opportunities and success on their respective Instagram accounts, and they are now relaying that success to quantifiable views and subscriptions on their OnlyFans account.  One notable creator is fitness model and TikToker Daisy Keech. She began her career on TikTok, amassing 6.8 million followers, and was co-founder and former member of the Hype House. She has over 5.8 million followers on Instagram and translated that success onto Onlyfans. Keech began her journey on OnlyFans in 2021 and, although her subscription is free, she has since then garnered more than 200 thousand likes on her page with over one hundred videos and a thousand photos of herself. 

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Prior to her OnlyFans account, Daisy Keech was already posting risque photos of herself on Instagram, showing off her tiny waist and bubble butt. Now, the only difference is her content on OnlyFans is deemed exclusive content. She is garnering direct deposits from fans that want to support their favorite creators. This is a clear example of how powerful an influencer’s reach can be when it is translated into several different streams of income over which they have ultimate control. 


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Complete Creative Control

The setup of the platform is becoming increasingly appealing to various influencers on OnlyFans as it allows them to retain complete creative control over what content is being posted. If they don’t like something, they can delete it permanently. In Bustle’s recent interview, content creator Mia Khalifa reshapes and redefines her image in the public, revealing how much OnlyFans contributed to that story. Mia Khalifa is a clear example of influencers on OnlyFans taking back control of their narratives. The way she is portrayed on the internet is now solely up to her jurisdiction. 


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Mia Khalifa has worked hard since her early days as “PornHub’s former No. 1 performer” and has amassed a jarring 27 million followers on Instagram and over 32 million followers on TikTok. Mia Khalifa created an OnlyFans in 2020 in order to raise money and awareness of the tragedies in Beirut. In the end, she was able to raise around $160,000 for the Red Cross.

Now Khalifa’s OnlyFans is $12 a month and promises content that is “safe for work but spicy”. She has posted 64 videos and nearly 600 photos, garnering over 300 thousand likes. Since then, Mia Khalifa has made a comfortable living for herself and left her “$550 a month Miami efficiency without air conditioning” abode.  Mia Khalifa made a comment alluding to the wealth she had accumulated on OnlyFans saying she only started flaunting jewelry when she began her OnlyFans: “When I could afford it, girl. You’re like, ‘Are these diamonds new?’ Uh, yeah — how old is my OnlyFans? Like, it’s very obvious.”

“These girls are making bank on OnlyFans, and it’s three buttons away to take everything down if they so choose to in the future,” Mia Khalifa asserts during her interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla on his YouTube channel in 2020. Regardless of the stigma surrounding the OnlyFans site, OnlyFans has proven itself to be a safe place for creators to reign complete control over their content. From sex workers to safe-for-work content creators, all benefit from control over their personal content.

Tana Mongeau & Bella Thorne: This is NOT a Love Story

Tana Mongeau

In 2020, OnlyFans saw an influx in the media. Influencer Tana Mongeau began an OnlyFans seemingly on a whim, saying, “what if i made an onlyfans im bored” on her Twitter page to her 2.4 million followers. The response was a roaring ‘yes’, and Mongeau responded by launching her page later that same year. Mongeau found immediate success on the platform and consistently climbed her way to the top of the OnlyFan highest earners.

Tana Mongeau has since created two OnlyFans accounts. One titled simply ‘tana moneagu’ which promises more risqué photos with the bio reading “the only place i’m allowed to be naked and crazy…  With over 400 photos, this influencer on OnlyFans has garnered nearly half a million likes. Another account titled, “Tana Gone Wild” is similar to her YouTube channel with vlogs and hauls, only now the vlogs and uncensored and the hauls are about sex toys. Fans must pay $23.99 a month for access to this account. 

Mongeau went from earning $3 million a month on OnlyFans within the first seven months of her being on the site to earning a staggering $10 million on her account. These numbers coming from the self-proclaimed ‘wild-child’ of  YouTube are impressive and indicative of an interesting rise: influencers on OnlyFans are taking the internet by storm. 

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Bella Thorne

In the same year, actress and Instagram personality Bella Thorne decided to follow the trend and created an OnlyFans account of her own. Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau dated back in 2017 but split in 2019. When Thorne decided to join OnlyFans and disrupted the algorithm for thousands of creators, Mongeau and her influencer friends did not keep quiet. 

Thorne created an OnlyFans and scammed fans into paying for exclusive content and photos. She made a jaw-dropping million in a single day. She claimed she wasn’t doing nudity, but charged $200 for a single nude photo. When she didn’t deliver the photos she promised, the site shut down, costing content creators their paycheck. This led to a massive uproar on the internet speaking up for the sex worker community where OnlyFans was a safe and ethical haven for them to monetize their content with complete control. Bella Thorne’s appearance disrupted the scene. 

Months later when Thorne seemingly shaded Mongeau in her new music video, “Stupid Fu*king B*tch” influencer and Tana Mongeau’s best friend, Imari Stuart, spoke out on Twitter defending his friend. First saying, “wish you the absolute best girly @bellathorne but I’m not gonna sit back and watch you call my best friend a stupid f*cking b*tch”, and then followed up with “talking about how everyone is starting an onlyfans because you did it first. you did it LAST and then BROKE the platform because you sold pics saying you were doing the most when you werent AINT NOBODY FOLLOWING IN YOUR FOOTSEPS. APOLOGIZE TO YOUR SEX WORK FOLLOWERS @bellathorne

OnlyFans has become a platform for sex workers and influencers alike. Influencers on OnlyFans reap the benefits of owning their content and creating a narrative that is true to themselves. This transition is noteworthy and most likely trendsetting.


This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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