Top Crypto Twitter Influencers That People Trust

By Editorial Staff

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have fully broken onto the scene. Emerging from an outside internet currency project in 2009, the technology has gradually become embraced throughout the world. Even more exciting, the technology behind bitcoin has created other forms of exciting technologies, most notably NFTs in the last year, that have had wider impacts in the marketing and branding space. With the great promise that crypto technology will continue to offer, it’s important to have a strong source of information to keep up with news and developments, whether that’s crypto Twitter influencers or news channels.

Twitter is a great source of information to keep up with the latest trends in crypto and any important news or opportunities. There is a whole portion of Twitter dedicated to the craft, known as “Crypto Twitter”. Crypto Twitter has a mix of influencers – industry pioneers, thought leaders, and organizations that keep their followers up to speed. The biggest challenge in navigating Twitter is in separating fact from fiction — in other words, finding who you can trust!

We will first look at the main influencers who are leading the crypto Twitter pack, and we’ll also look at a number of organizations that are the most reliable crypto Twitter influencers in the space.


Individual crypto Twitter influencers not only supply a great source of information for their followers but also have massive impacts on the crypto market as a whole. These individuals have set the standard to inform their followers and have also given their own interpretations of investing theory and the future of blockchain technology.

We’ll look at 5 leading crypto Twitter influencers:

1. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of absolute value (market capitalization) and is the pioneer crypto technology behind smart contracts and NFTs. Vitalik founded Ethereum to expand bitcoin’s original blockchain technology, and unlike Bitcoin’s anonymous founder is the central face of Ethereum. Despite being in his 20s, Vitalik is revered for his objective and factual reporting on crypto developments, and notably on reporting says the future of crypto can be shaped by updating the Ethereum platform. Vitalik is one of the prime leaders in the crypto space overall, and his 3.4 million followers from around the world speak to that truth.

2. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter himself, is a huge proponent of crypto technology. Dorsey founded Twitter and later founded Square, a FinTech company leading the way in digital micropayments. His belief in bitcoin overall has shown on his Twitter, and he has actively adopted bitcoin into his outside ventures. Jack is a trustworthy source of information and often leads the forefront in breaking news and developments, and his impact in the crypto space has been so large that he has left Twitter to pursue crypto full time.

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3. Caitlin Long

Caitlin Long is a prominent crypto Twitter influencer, notably a primary proponent of bitcoin. She founded her own bank and has since transitioned onto focusing on FinTech technologies with a major emphasis on crypto. Long has been a prime voice in expressing the benefits of crypto technology and the countless avenues that crypto has provided and will continue to open. Having almost 200K followers, she is an exciting voice in the intersection of traditional banking and crypto technology.

4. Anthony Pompliano 

 Anthony Pompliano, known as “Pomp”, is one of the fastest-rising crypto Twitter influencers. Having been around for some years, his popularity is finally being recognized by the leading voices and the pop culture of crypto. He hosts his own crypto-based broadcast and posts a weekly crypto newsletter. Pomp posts major crypto-related news, especially with deals and developments regarding the intersection of crypto and mainstream culture. Pomp has amassed over a million followers and is rapidly growing as a trustworthy crypto Twitter influencer.

5. Adam Back 

Adam Back, one of the original crypto pioneers from the founding days of Bitcoin, has been a long term reliable voice in the crypto community. Back, known as a lead cryptographer before the creation of blockchain in 2009, was a foundational voice in the original Bitcoin forums and often collaborated with the anonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Though he has comparatively fewer followers, Adam Back is one of the most consistent and trustworthy sources of information and developments in the space and is more of a behind-the-scenes figure. Back is a strong crypto Twitter influencer and is a sure follow.

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Topics & Organizations 

In addition to the many individual thought leaders and great sources of perspective on crypto developments, there are also a number of organizational accounts that provide great information as well. On top of this, many of these accounts are verified by Twitter! This adds volumes to their credibility, and they are also often followed and referenced by individual thought leaders. Here are 5 main topic accounts on crypto Twitter.

1. Bitcoin Magazine

Proclaimed as the most trusted voice in Bitcoin Magazine, this account is one of the few crypto Twitter influencers officially verified by Twitter. Amassing over 2 million followers, Bitcoin Magazine reports on financial and technical developments in blockchain news. Sourcing official news reports and performing unique reports, this account distills the biggest news in the Bitcoin space for followers to gain further perspective. This account is a great source of information and is very reliable, even Twitter says so.

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2. Bitcoin News

Also verified by Twitter as the official account behind, Bitcoin news is a strong source of credible information on crypto and blockchain technology. Mainly posting articles from the Bitcoin website, the account provides new tweets daily to give insights on the everyday impact of Bitcoin technology. This account is a great source of information and second only to Bitcoin Magazine because of lesser direct crypto insights, but instead posts reliable and unbiased articles on Bitcoin for its 2.4 million followers to digest.

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3. Documenting Bitcoin 

Documenting Bitcoin is one of the best sources on crypto Twitter to keep up to date with the biggest advancements in crypto technology. This provides daily context on the progress made with the technology and reports countless news articles and reports. By centralizing many news sources, this provides followers with the opportunity to see multiple perspectives. Though more biased in nature and not verified, the sheer volume of the articles and the quality of the source’s position Documenting Bitcoin as one of the leading crypto Twitter influencer accounts.

4. Bitcoin Archive

Bitcoin Archive is a reputable account dedicated to providing followers with an in-depth look at the original days of crypto. For many, this provides detailed context on the formation of the unique technologies that have developed over the years. This account provides excerpts and examples of the technology that laid the groundwork for the blossoming of crypto today and even looks at the cypherpunk culture that led to the Bitcoin revolution. Recently, they have emphasized reporting on current developments and ways crypto is being improved and incorporated into different facets of our everyday lives. 

5. PlanB

PlanB, a popular crypto Twitter influencer account amassing 1.7 million followers, is a strong source of central information in the crypto space. This account aggregates popular articles and commentary on crypto-related news. They also provide in-depth Bitcoin analysis and share their website for more information. Though biased towards Bitcoin, this account provides many different perspectives on crypto developments and keeps followers informed on a daily basis on breaking news and information.


All in all, navigating the crypto space can prove to be a complicated experience, but using strong resources can help new and experienced fanatics make sense of it all. Crypto Twitter is an incredibly helpful resource to collect information and to stay informed on crypto topics, but with a great deal of information, it’s important to maintain truthful and relevant information to keep yourself informed. With this guide, and in distinguishing the top individual and topic-based crypto Twitter Influencers, any user can follow the right accounts and keep up with the most trustworthy voices in the crypto Twitter space.

This article was written by Camron Haynes

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