What are Instagram Subscriptions? A New Way To Earn Revenue

By Editorial Staff

From the Explore tab to your profile page, the popular photo and video-sharing app Instagram or IG has been a helpful tool for digital content creators. Several features and aspects of the Instagram app, such as Hashtags and Instagram shop, have allowed content creators, young and old, to generate followers and grow revenue.  Understanding the importance of monetization, those at Meta have created a new feature for Instagram content creators: Instagram subscriptions.

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The subscription feature is not a foreign aspect to the Metaverse platforms. In the year 2020, Subscriptions were first introduced to the Facebook app.  The added element was designed to help creators on the app maintain businesses that heavily relied on their audiences and community members. After seeing the positive feedback from creators on the Facebook app, the Metaverse brought the idea to Instagram to continue their work in supporting digital content creators. And thus, Instagram subscriptions was born! 

What are Instagram subscriptions?

Now, you may be wondering: What exactly are Instagram subscriptions? Instagram subscriptions is Instagram’s new tool for content creators. This additional feature gives devoted followers the opportunity to support their favorite Instagram content creator.


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By becoming a subscriber to your favorite Instagrammer, you will be given the chance to help them by providing them with a means to support themselves through their work, art, and posts. In turn, your beloved Instagram content creator will be able to use Instagram subscriptions to grow closer to their dedicated followers. A unique component of Instagram subscriptions will allow Instagram content creators to give subscribers sneak peek looks into their new and up-and-coming work, art, or future videos.

The Instagram subscription feature will allow creators to offer previews, exclusives, and sneak peek to the following aspects: Subscriber Lives, Subscriber Stories, and Subscriber badges.

With Subscriber Lives, creators will be able to air private Lives only available to their subscribers. Subscriber stories give creators a chance to create special stories. Additionally, content creators can use interactive story stickers to engage and connect with subscribers. Last and definitely not least, Subscribers’ badges will be exclusive to the subscribers. Followers who become subscribers will be given a unique badge that will show every time a subscriber comments on their favorite content creators’ posts and videos. So, your favorite Instagrammers will always be able to see their top supporters.

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Who is eligible?

To date, the Instagram subscriber feature is in an initial testing phase. The new subscriber button is currently open only to a handful of Instagram content creators in the United States.  To experience the new Instagram subscriber feature now, here are a few Instagram content creators that one can follow and subscribe to:


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Within the next few months, Meta has stated that they have plans to expand access to Instagram subscriptions to more creators. In the past, when new features were added to the platform, content creators had to reach certain requirements. So, it can be assumed that to become eligible for Instagram subscriptions in the future, one must be over the age of 18. They must also have a creator or a Business account on the app and have over 10K followers. Such creators must make sure that they adhere to the platform’s monetization policies and community guidelines.

Pros & Cons 

With the new Instagram subscription feature, it is important to consider the potential impacts that could be made on the app as a whole.  The subscriptions model helps create a solid long-term income. Content creators will be able to generate and maintain revenue on their content. This could lead to Instagram creators having better content management. Allowing them the opportunity to better manage the time and effort that goes into their work.  The foundation of this model also ensures the boost of better content creator and follower relationships. Content could potentially be customized for subscribers. 


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However, the Instagram subscription feature could increase competition amongst content creators. Everybody knows that content creators and businesses tend to follow the latest trend. This possible outcome might intimidate new promising content creators. Furthermore, the subscription model creates room for uncertainty. When one first begins creating content, the startup phase can be unpredictable. This could leave a negative impact and impression on up-and-coming content creators.

What are people in the community saying about it?

As of now, the reactions from the Instagram content creators in the initial testing phase have been positive.  @bunnymichael stated that “Having subscriptions on Instagram makes building a more intimate relationship with my followers and fans possible. I am so excited to nurture those connections and make a lasting impact that will help keep my work sustainable.” 

Moving forward, we wait with anticipation to see how the Instagram subscription feature will contribute to our favorite digital content creators and their followers.  

This article was written by Christina Ojo

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