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By Editorial Staff

It would be an understatement to say that the world of cryptocurrencies has come a long way since that day in May 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas from Papa John’s. The value of those 10,000 Bitcoins is worth over 400 million dollars today (WHAT?!). The industry has not only skyrocketed in value, but the sheer volume of voices has also grown so much that it is tough to know who the top crypto influencers on Instagram are and who you should listen to.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence today. Towards the end of 2021, the market was seeing around 1,000 new ones added each month! However, the top 20 or so account for over 85% of the market. A lot of the newer cryptocurrency projects happening are solely intended to make the inventor of it a quick dollar and do not have long-term or investible upsides. These currencies other than Bitcoin are called Altcoin. Some are important, and others are not. 

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This, among other reasons, makes the world of cryptocurrencies a tricky one to understand and navigate. Have you ever found yourself wondering, what is a digital wallet? Are NFTs and crypto related? What does it mean to “mine” crypto? And what the heck are CryptoKitties? It can be hard to wrap your head around the concept of digital money, not to mention all the technical and slang terms thrown around. Because of this, knowing the top crypto influencers on Instagram can be very valuable.

We need them to break crypto down for us and help us understand it. Maybe that means a short video about why they like or don’t like a particular term. Or maybe that is by them sharing a meme about crypto that gives us a laugh while making it a bit more relatable.

Crypto influencers are the largest source of information and advertisement for consumers on the topic. This is due to the confusing nature of cryptocurrency, coupled with the fact that traditional advertising loses a lot of relevance within blockchain communities (some large platforms like Reddit, Google, and Twitter have even banned crypto advertising).

What are the top crypto influencer accounts on Instagram that you should be following?

So, let’s dive in and learn about these accounts. Connect with them to learn and plug into a trusted (and usually entertaining) source for crypto content.

1. Vitalik Buterin


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A post shared by Vitalik Buterin (@vitali.buterin)

Starting off, the top crypto influencer on Instagram with the most followers on this list is Vitalik. Being one of the co-founders of Ethereum, he is very well known in the industry – not to mention being a founding creator of Bitcoin Magazine before that. Russian by birth but having grown up in Canada, he was a bona fide child prodigy. While still a teenager, Vitalik wrote the whitepaper for Ethereum and received the Thiel Fellowship grant that allowed him to drop out of college and jumpstart his career in crypto. There isn’t a better place to start your search for the top crypto influencers on Instagram.

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2. Lea Thompson

Lea is an entertaining voice in Crypto. She started out on the Steem platform, where she was able to get exposure by earning crypto through sharing her everyday activities like playing the ukulele and engaging with family – an unlikely start by her own admission. She specializes in making it more relatable through her candid and information-packed videos. 

3. Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong started out in crypto by accident; he was trying to purchase software and was working with a domain that was only able to do crypto transactions. A little leftover Bitcoin and a year’s worth of growth later, he found the power of crypto investments, and, as he puts it, “has been the driving force to stay invested and learning about crypto ever since.” A friendly voice in the community, Ben also leads a fiercely devoted following called the Bit Squad. He has been around the block, using that perspective to share news and context. 

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4. Wendy O

Wendy, another person the web names as a top crypto influencer on Instagram, brings exclusive content to the scene, particularly by way of top-notch interviews and deep dives into topics such as trading and trends. Interestingly, she started out in the healthcare industry working with hundreds of newly diagnosed and existing patients to coordinate their care. Once she caught onto the trend that is crypto, she relentlessly researched it and learned about the potential it had for increasing the quality of life and being financially stabilizing for people worldwide. Wendy O has dedicated herself to becoming a full-time influencer ever since.

5. Felix Hartmann

Felix, a German American businessman, keeps his hands in many places around the crypto world. He is a trader, founder of a crypto academy, advises for blockchain and other crypto projects, and is a managing partner at Hartmann Capital. An endlessly fascinating person, Felix is an award-winning author as well. Penning one of the finalists for both the Prometheus Award and the Dragon Award, his debut novel titled Dark Age – a post-apocalyptic tale set in the year 2154 – held its position as a best seller on Amazon for 3 months.

6. Jason Don

Jason, or Brekkie Von Bitcoin as he is more commonly called, oversees the creative direction of Swan Bitcoin. He is well known among the top crypto influencers on Instagram for the creation of “Blockchain and Morty”. He built his following by parodying self-proclaimed gurus and experts. His comfort zone leans into the satirical, making content you are sure to enjoy no matter your knowledge base. 

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7. Lark Davis

Lark is New Zealand’s most popular crypto influencer. Growing up with a love of space and Indiana Jones, he has put lots of time and effort into being fun and relatable while creating online courses for learning about crypto. He really connects well with and specializes in helping newcomers and beginners get comfortable and gain confidence in the world of crypto.

8. Anthony Pompliano


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A post shared by Pomp (@pompglobal)

Anthony has gained a reputation as one of the more active top crypto influencers on Instagram. He is the author of The Pomp Letter and host of the Pomp Podcast, daily resources diving into specifics on crypto and how it relates to industries such as tech, finance, and industrial. Anthony served in the U.S. Army as a sergeant for 6 years. After returning to civilian life, he founded Digaforce, an intelligence platform for social media content. After which he went on to play large roles in the growth of both Facebook and Snapchat.

9. Armando Pantoja

Particularly skilled in the technical intricacies of engineering, programming, and analyzing blockchains, Armando is an architect that doesn’t look like an architect. He looks more like an athlete, but Armando has used this as an avenue to share and teach others that crypto is for everyone. He is very passionate about the use of blockchain technology in building and supporting a job recruiting platform. He is a co-founder of Bravuz HireMatch, one of the first ventures using blockchain for employee recruitment.

Looking for more opinion leaders in crypto? Be sure to also check out the top crypto Twitter influencers here!

10. Justin Sun


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A post shared by H.E. Justin Sun 🇬🇩 (@justinsun)

Founder and/or CEO of numerous large projects, Justin Sun is a force in the crypto industry. He started TRON, is the CEO of BitTorrent, started the social networking phenomenon Peiwo as well as Rainberry Inc. You can even find him on Forbes 30 Under 30. There is no shortage of accolades for Justin, and he is extremely well regarded and trusted as one of the top crypto influencers on Instagram.

These are just ten of the top crypto influencers on Instagram that you need to check out. All of them carry considerable weight in the field as well as entertainment chops. Not long after you hit that follow button, you will be slinging around terms like node, genesis block, and DeFi like a pro.

Oh, and by the way, CryptoKitties is a digital game played on the Ethereum network. Users can breed, sell, trade their cats to get more desirable ones. It is kind of like Pokémon, except every single one is entirely unique! CryptoKitties are essentially NFTs, they represent an outstanding achievement in the technology. The most expensive one sold for 600 ETH in 2018. That equates to about $170,000 back then and would be worth over $1,500,000 today!


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This article was written by Philip Murray

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