Community Building 101: Understanding Discord

By Editorial Staff

In the 1970s, online video chat rooms, message boards, and multiplayer games emerged in their infancy. Today, in 2022, Discord communities weave together these advancements and more, creating one hub where anyone can meet. Anyone with a computer, that is, can find a use for Discord’s versatile application. Discord is a multimedia communication platform that allows users to gather on one or more dedicated servers.

Unlike most other messaging apps, the custom server structure allows every user the opportunity to join a community that meets their own unique needs. If a suitable community doesn’t already exist, users can simply create their own. 

The value that Discord communities have brought to organizations, influencers, and other groups may surprise you. Below, we dive deep into the way Discord is used, and the ways in which Discord has served the top crypto communities on the web.

Discord communites create channels inside the server

Discord server creators have the option to create rules for the server, which users must follow.

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What is Discord and how did it start?

Discord was first launched in 2015 as a messaging app for communities of all sorts. By March 2021, in a post COVID-19 world, the company was estimated to have more than 140 million active monthly users. Today, there are countless Discord communities connecting innumerable topics.

It’s free to create an account and join most public servers, though each server has its own rules. Anyone can create a server and invite their friends to join. Users have the option to make their servers private or public. 

Once users gain access to a server — the space where the meetings occur — they can switch between various channels to interact with other users. Channels are designated chat rooms on a server made and organized by the server creator. Users can create either voice and video channels, or text-only channels. 

Typically, channels are organized by topic. A cryptocurrency server, for example, may have one channel for “news and updates” and another for “crypto education.” Each channel is given a title, usually one that is relevant to the topic.

A wide variety of extras are available in the free version, but bonus perks are included with a paid subscription. Users can share their screens with others in real time. Entire Discord communities can play games, connect YouTube or Spotify accounts to watch videos, or listen to music together in the app.

One user can join as many servers as desired without paying a subscription fee, creating multiple accounts, or downloading multiple app variations. Finding a server is often as easy as searching for a topic on Google, though Discord has its own search engine for finding popular servers.

Discord Server search

Discord has its own search engine, which tracks the most popular servers, but a quick Google search is more useful for searching all servers by topic. 

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Why are people flocking to discord communities?

Discord first gained popularity among gamer communities, but has been marketed and utilized as a tool for various groups since then. That’s because Discord communities make it easy to stay connected and organized. 

For people with their own fan communities, influencers being a great example, Discord has become one of the first effective platforms to allow full community engagement. Everything is well consolidated and organized, making the app easy to use. 

Users can access any server via web browser, or as an app for desktop or mobile devices. Once connected to a server, each channel acts like a digital room where users can pop in and out at any time to interact.

Rules can be established for each server which new users must read and accept before gaining access. Certain channels on a single server can be kept private, too, so administrators can create secret spaces where only certain users can gather.

Server administrators can also assign specific roles for users on a given server, like the ability to delete a message or remove another user. Other more specific settings can make meeting organization easier. For example, a group moderator can elect to make his or her voice louder than others when they first enter a voice chat room.

Automated “bot” tools make it easier for administrators to organize and manage larger groups. A bot is an AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot that performs certain tasks, like sending or responding to direct messages. Bots are often used to greet new members or make standard announcements like birthdays. 

One tool which helps keep users engaged is the ability to use slash tags like “/giphy” which allows you to add a GIF to your message, or “/spoiler” which flags a message as spoiler content. While not included in the free version, custom emojis and animated avatars are also great ways to create a unique experience for discord communities.

Crypto communities on discord

Discord has become a major hub for numerous communities to gather virtually, including crypto experts and enthusiasts. 

How are Discord communities and crypto connected?

Cryptocurrency is a child of the internet. Naturally, with the concept of web-based networks at its core, the crypto market is sustained and evolved by web-based communities. It’s no surprise, then, that new crypto projects often form and are announced on Discord to obtain direct feedback from users. In the crypto community, Discord and Reddit have a symbiotic relationship in the way minters and investors discuss the market.

Reddit is a “message board” site where people from around the world can post and view messages. The site is often used as a space for various communities to engage across long stretches of time and distance. The Discord channel for Bitcoin, which is also called the Bitcoin “subreddit”, is a great example. Users can find a link to the public Discord community on the “Resources” section of the Bitcoin Reddit page. As long as the server remains public, anyone can join.

Discord is a platform on which people are able to be heard – a place where follower count does not matter. Every discord community is different, but the crypto community has taken full advantage of the app.

Crypto Discord communities you should join

There are so many public servers where experts and novices convene to share all things crypto. Do you want to know which currencies are the most reliable right now? When should you start investing, if at all? What in the world is NFT gaming, and how does one get involved?

If you want answers to any of these questions, there is a Discord community for you. We’ve listed below five of the top discord communities where everything is crypto, all the time.

  • Axion: a crypto-trading community with almost 31,000 members who discuss trade and investments, and promote financial freedom
  • Satoshi’s Exchange: a trading group for enthusiasts and veterans, perfect to join if you have a lot of questions about crypto, has a dedicated team of traders to answer questions
  • r/CryptoCurrency: a subreddit Discord community with 98,000 members focused on connecting like minds and sharing news and information about the crypto universe
  • Cryptohub: another beginner-friendly server with a free opportunity channel where you can get tips on the newest NFTs, coin launches, and more
  • Crypto Dads: a branch of Stock Dads, which is an established financial education media company; great server for trading education, 1-1 coaching, and trade alerts

You can view our list of the top 12 crypto discords for more trustworthy suggestions here.

Sharing videos on discord

Discord allows users to watch YouTube videos, stream and play games, and listen to music together, all on the same app. 

Discord and the future conference room

The rise of Discord communities was heavily facilitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Without the abrupt hibernation of most humans on the planet, Discord may have remained a favorable tool for gamers alone.

Now that so many people have grown accustomed to meeting online and working from home, the potential for Discord seems boundless. Colleagues can use the app for meetings or to work on long-term projects from a distance. Students can complete homework or share notes from class in a private virtual space.

For those who want to learn more about crypto, Discord provides an easy and accessible outlet for information sharing. With that, however, comes the risk of scams and misinformation as well. A careful seeker can still find credible information on the app and a community of like minds to match.

Whatever their intent, Discord communities provide a sparkling opportunity for humans — and even bots — to re-shape communities around the world. With all of the public channels which already exist, Discord brings a world of communities to your fingertips.


This article was written by Kayla Beard

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