Top Crypto Communities Who Are Thriving And Key Takeaways

By Editorial Staff

In just a year, Crypto has quickly become one of the hottest terms on the internet and around the dinner table. Like many things on the internet, Crypto has brought about controversy and generated vehement haters along with staunch supporters. Those who follow Crypto have quickly formed communities to discuss new crypto projects, the future of Crypto in the Metaverse, and beyond. We’ll dive into the top crypto communities below.

A quick review of crypto

But first, a brief review of what crypto is. Cryptocurrency is virtual or digital currency secured by cryptography. Many are based on blockchain technology, which utilizes a distributed computer network that allows for the decentralization, counterfeit protection, and existence outside of government manipulation that makes them so popular. Unfortunately, while crypto has been praised (especially so by forward-thinkers) for its potential, it’s been criticized for its role in criminal activities, excessive energy consumption, and liability to hacks. 

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Reddit is known as the king of social media for niche communities, and Crypto is no exception. R/CryptoCurrency boasts over 4.7 million members, with thousands of them online at any given time in the day. The subreddit is run quite professionally, boasting extensive guidelines, moderators to enforce the guidelines, and a plethora of active posters.

Common post topics include discussions on political decisions and their effects on crypto, informative posts that aim to explain common confusions surrounding crypto, and advice on how to safely invest in crypto. With things like prediction tournaments and even a special subreddit leaderboard, R/cryptocurrency is firmly cemented as one of the top crypto communities.

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R/bitcoin, R/ethereum, and many more

Along with the more general R/cryptocurrency, Reddit hosts many communities built around specific coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These communities help users more deeply understand the nuances of each specific Crypto coin and the technology behind them. The world of crypto and each coin inside the world of crypto is constantly changing, so it helps to have dedicated subreddits for each one. While these communities are certainly more niche, R/Bitcoin and R/Ethereum boast millions of members, again cementing these communities as top crypto communities to pay attention to.

Various Discord Servers

Discord also serves as a popular platform for crypto. In fact, many Crypto Subreddits provide links to their discord servers. However, what differentiates Discord from Reddit is that Discord is utilized as more of a real-time messaging system rather than the content/news forum that Reddit is. Consequently, new crypto projects tend to form and make announcements on Discord to obtain direct feedback from users.


Twitter has been used to promote the Web3 space as a whole: DeFi platforms, crypto, NFTs, etc. Elon Musk’s promotion of DogeCoin via Twitter drew much attention in 2021, singlehandedly rocketing the price of Dogecoin up as it became an internet trend. Other notable influencers like Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin also utilize Twitter extensively. In addition to influencers, many crypto projects utilize Twitter as a means to reach potential supporters and buyers. 

A string of tweets promoting Dogecoin, made by Elon Musk in February 2021

Crypto Blog communities

Much like the countless articles and blogs that discuss stocks, many have started blogs that discuss crypto. Blogs like CryptoNinjas, Crypto Briefing, and Cointelegraph among others offer quality crypto content that breaks down trends and explains the various concepts in the crypto space. These blogs help the average person not only understand how crypto works, but what direction the crypto space as a whole is moving in. 

Crypto Podcasts

Crypto podcasts are another medium in which crypto communities are forming. While there are no “users” on a podcast, the more popular crypto podcasts provide information for many in the crypto community, thus making them important. These podcasts will often bring on industry experts and influential people in the crypto space, giving people another medium to learn about crypto through.


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Why these communities are so important for marketers

Because crypto in the grand scheme of things is still in its baby stages, the Crypto space develops and changes at light speed. Politics, technology, and people interact to create an ever-changing space that can be difficult for marketers to navigate. This is what makes these top crypto communities so important for businesses; they provide a direct source of feedback and information on crypto from the public as a whole. 

Crypto is volatile, unpredictable, and even mysterious in some aspects, and it’ll stay that way for the foreseeable future until it becomes more regulated. The best move for marketers looking to promote projects in the crypto space is to pay attention to these top crypto communities and platforms. Much like marketers use social media to catch onto trends, they can use these crypto communities to gain insight into trends and utilize the information they gather for their marketing campaigns. 

Another lesson marketers can learn from the above list is the power of building online crypto communities themselves. New projects with strong foundations and clearly outlined visions can draw the support of thousands and perhaps even millions, as evidenced by R/Bitcoin and R/Etehereum. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are the upper echelons of crypto, the idea remains the same: marketers can utilize platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and more to create communities that elevate their crypto projects into household names. 

This article was written by Ben Lu

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