Top Crypto Podcasts (and Podcasters) You Have to Follow

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There are over 2 million podcasts in existence, and around 850 thousand of them are active. With those staggering numbers, there is most certainly one that you can learn from, be entertained by, and connect with on your favorite topic. Pretty much anyone with a phone and a mic can start a podcast, which is great for accessibility, but it poses its own problems in a big world of information and misinformation. It’s especially difficult with new and confusing topics like crypto. To stay up to date and informed, here are some of the top crypto podcasts to check out.

We Should Really Talk About Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have a strong reputation for being confusing, and it’s not hard to understand why. Overall, crypto is a pretty new concept. It uses new technology that obfuscates the intricacies and dynamics of technology and finance that were already confusing before the world of crypto was upon us.

This brings us to the intersection of crypto and podcasts. Podcasts make experts accessible to anyone that wants to learn. The goal of many of these shows we are going to talk about is to help simplify the world of crypto and make it one that we can relate to while breaking down the barriers that are keeping some people from making crypto a part of their lives.

While introduction is happening in one sector of the podcast-verse, in another spot, more experts with top crypto podcasts are ratcheting up the detail and helping listeners who are ready for a more complex understanding.

So, whether you’re a beginner looking to be educated and avoid that crypto scam you heard about, or an enthusiast looking to take your understanding and involvement in crypto to the next level, we have a top crypto podcast recommendation for you.

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Top Crypto Podcasts You Have to Follow

1. What Bitcoin Did


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A post shared by Peter McCormack (@whatbitcoindid)

Hosted by Peter McCormack, this is an interview format show where Peter talks with many of the other prominent and smart voices in the industry. He covers everything from how bitcoin got started to decentralization and bitcoin as collateral. McCormack started this podcast in 2017 after he had been on a long journey from music and media management, marketing, and digital transformation consulting in addition to his financial and investment ventures.

2. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Bad Crypto is hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright. Joel, with a long list of accolades that include being an NFT and blockchain expert, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and marketing expert, is an entertaining voice and knows how to get his ideas and sentiment through to any listener. Travis, with a similar list of accomplishments that include tech journalism, blockchain expert, keynote speaker, and global digital and social strategist, has a very “common sense” approach to the topic. These two gentlemen are perfect hosts to lead you on a journey into learning about crypto. They are a trusted source that really aims to educate and inspire those new to the topic and help them get excited about it.

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3. Epicenter

When it comes to the top crypto podcasts, you can’t have a good list without including Epicenter. They have been around as long, or longer than any of the other ones on this list. A podcast hosted by multiple leaders in the field, they cover many of the perspectives you can possibly have. Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabien Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Friederieke Ernst lead the listener.

Through interviews with many of the thought leaders and builders of the crypto world, they have in-depth conversations about not only the topic of cryptocurrencies and investing, but the impact it has on social environments, the economy, and of course business. Their production value is low, instead, they focus on raw information and exploring thoughts and considerations that go in-depth.

4. Tales from the Crypt

Marty Bent leads a well-respected podcast with a focus on “advancement in the digital age”, emphasizing the role of crypto. He states in his different mediums that by 2030 he, along with bitcoin, will have made a big impact on the way media and finances are distributed and maintained. He distributes a newsletter every day and hosts a weekly recap in the crypto industry called “Rabbit Hole Recap” in the same podcast feed.

5. Crypto Current

One of the top crypto podcasts that speaks to both newcomers and experts alike is Crypto Current, hosted by Richard Cathon. With new episodes 5 times a week, this show is known for covering current topics in the crypto industry and how they relate to Cathon’s perspective of where the industry is headed and its effects. When you hear about Mark Cuban investing in NFTs or NFL players receiving their salary in Bitcoin, Crypto Current is there to make sure you understand what is happening and how that will play a part in future developments. The access this project has in the industry is sure to blow you away and give you content and information you can’t get anywhere else.

Yep, you read that right. Mark Cuban is an NFT investor. Read more about it here.

6. Unchained


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A post shared by Laura Shin (@laurashin)

Laura Shin is the former senior editor at Forbes and a former journalist, which you can tell just by listening to her host “Unchained”. She is credited on her website as being the first mainstream reporter to cover Crypto full time. On “Unchained”, hin’s aptitude asks the hard questions when interviewing her guests and gets to the bottom of why things are the way they are. She releases episodes two times a week, and you can expect to listen to content that not only covers the specifics of cryptocurrencies, but also items such as privacy, security, and how the industry is being regulated.

7. Crypto News Alerts

This short form daily podcast is a great way to make sure you are not missing anything. With episodes about 25 minutes long, it is easy to digest and stay up to date. Statistics and numbers are key methods used when Justin Verrengia is shaping the conversation. Stay on top of the lingo used, the market movements, and the ever-evolving landscape of crypto.

8. Crypto 101

Calling themselves “the average consumer’s guide to cryptocurrency”, Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone are advocates of DeFi and bitcoin to change the world. They co-wrote the book Crypto Revolution, are partners at Tower 18 Capital among several other ventures as leaders in the industry, and hosts of a top crypto podcast. They have also hosted and driven the Digital Currency Summit every year since its inception. Crypto 101 has amassed a huge catalog of over 400 episodes as they strive to bring the world of crypto to you in a lingo-free conversation.

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9. The Pomp Podcast

Anthony Pompliano, a US Army veteran, is a big influencer in the crypto space. Hosting one of the top crypto podcasts is only a part of his contribution to crypto. A mover in connecting cryptocurrencies to the modern world of business and finance, as well as his regular newsletter titled “The Pomp Letter”. His podcast is known for gaining attention and securing interviews with cultural personalities even outside of the crypto world. Many celebrities credit him with the decision to start investing in crypto. Bringing high energy to everything he does, Pompliano is the reason “The Pomp Podcast” is a must-listen. 

Of the many reasons you may be seeking one of the top crypto podcasts to become a follower, this list will provide you with trusted and quality content on the subject. The industry is projected to skyrocket over the next several years. Learning to understand it better now while developing sound opinions and perspectives will aid so much in our lives as we see the world change and move towards a more digital form of monetization implemented in everything we do.

All of these listed podcasts deliver entertainment value as well as crypto updates. The more you listen and learn from these experts, the more you will see yourself inching towards being an expert yourself!

This article was written by Philip Murray

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