Top Crypto YouTubers to Subscribe to Now

By Editorial Staff

Crypto is very new to me, as I can imagine it’s new to the majority of people given how quickly it became popular in mass media and how little time we’ve all had to adjust. At the beginning, I didn’t pay much attention, but it seems that crypto is not going to go away any time soon, so I might as well start getting more familiar with it. To help us both, here’s a list of the top crypto YouTubers who are the perfect professionals to turn to if you’re trying to sharpen your understanding.

1. Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans is a professional photographer, entrepreneur, cryptocurrency expert, and top crypto YouTuber. His content consists of weekly YouTube videos that explore the topic of digital assets, NFTs, and finance in general. He has over 741K subscribers on YouTube and has accumulated over 20 million views. 

People are drawn to this channel because Evans has found his own style of crypto content creation that can be best described as completely transparent. To be more clear, the crypto expert gives his audience a sneak peek into his holdings, the strategies he uses, how he makes money on YouTube and through crypto, and which coins he thinks will be relevant for success in the future. 

In addition to all this, he provides courses on a platform called Udemy that are designed to teach people how to start growing their followers on social media, specifically on Instagram. He also has courses on how to use Photoshop retouching tools and how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for photo editing and photo enhancement.

2. Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is the CEO of the renowned company called Into The Cryptoverse which helps people all around the world make the best crypto investments possible for them. He is also the host of his own YouTube channel that provides premium cryptocurrency education to people who are looking into seriously pursuing cryptocurrency. Since he started his career on the social platform, he has managed to garner over 725K subscribers.

What sets him apart from other top crypto YouTubers is the fact that he behaves like an academic on his channel and employs his science/engineering/programmatic background to educate his followers instead of doing so via memes and memorable jingles. As an expert in his field, Cowen approaches cryptocurrency in a practical way. His ability to give clear answers and explanations has helped him grow his audience exponentially since he first started his channel.

Moreover, in terms of what kind of topic he delves into in his videos, Cowen talks about cryptocurrency, modern portfolio theory, the pros of building a diversified portfolio, and trends currently circulating throughout the crypto market. Through the use of computational mathematics combined with a long-term perspective, Cowen not only offers his followers exclusive crypto market data and access to crypto events, he ultimately is a pillar in the crypto community that people trust for his economic reporting and crypto trend forecasting.

3. Crypto Casey

According to her LinkedIn, Casey Leigh Henry is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain technology expert, cryptocurrency educator, software creator, and finance and economic expert. As one of the top crypto YouTubers, she dedicates her channel to guiding people through the ins and outs of blockchain technology, financial technology, and cryptocurrency. Since she first got into the crypto field, she has scaled her way up to having 336K subscribers on YouTube. 

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Her channel is about making complex ideas about her profession more accessible to the general public. Her videos break down dense subject matter and mechanics having to do with economics, finance, and cryptocurrency in a digestible manner. She offers a variety of content for people at every level, from step-by-step beginner tutorials to more advanced learning sessions that cater to cryptocurrency researchers.

Keeping all this in mind, her expertise is in trading cryptocurrencies and much of her advice goes back to the contention that it is possible to profit from trading cryptocurrencies regardless of whether or not their prices are increasing or decreasing. Her philosophy is that knowledge and expertise are paramount to coming out on top while trading.

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4. Rachel Siegel

Rachel Siegel is a content creator, influencer, speaker in the blockchain field, and another one of the top crypto YouTubers. According to her LinkedIn profile, her work is “geared towards demographic expansion of the blockchain industry and mass adoption of common consumer culture through entertainment targeting millennial audiences.” Thanks to her outstanding content and clear knowledge of crypto, Siegel has gained over 11.5K subscribers on her YouTube channel called Crypto Finally.

Siegel first got into crypto in the most random of ways. To be more specific, she made her first investment in crypto after attending a cryptocurrency convention after-party in 2017. After investing for a while, she was able to quit her job as a public school substitute teacher and start doing crypto full time. ​​

Siegel is passionate about inclusion in the blockchain industry. In other words, she wants it to become less of a volatile space where people feel welcome. In an interview with, she said the aforementioned inclusion means “respecting varying skill sets, understanding that we come from different backgrounds, and not bringing preconceived notions of what a “tech space” looks like.” She expands on this in the following statement: “We need to be able to see the industry grow and accept inclusion before we will actually be able to achieve it”.

5. Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is a top cryptocurrency channel on YouTube that tries to offer an unbiased look into the markets of cryptocurrency. This channel specializes in helping people who are interested in investing their money over a long period of time. Coin Bureau is the most lauded out of this list given how influential it’s been in the crypto space, to the point that the Coin Bureau YouTube account has over 2 million subscribers. 

According to the group’s website, the Coin Bureau was created for the following purpose: “with the intent to deliver the best educational and informational blockchain information to users all around the galaxy”. Moreover, this group is made up of a team of analysts responsible for managing regular coin, exchange, and broker reviews. Most notably, this channel is known for not running any ads during videos as their goal is to provide high-quality insights, without the partiality of a third party.

Coin Bureau’s videos are for the most part very similar across the board, in the sense that each video covers a different crypto project. Rather than focusing on technical analysis, the Coin Bureau channel reviews the history of cryptocurrency, its positioning, its relationship to technology, and its competitors. This channel of top crypto YouTubers is perfect for those who are passionate about investing in cryptocurrency and are looking for a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency.

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This article was written by Sophia Montalban

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