Smart Spending: Top Finance Influencers on TikTok

By Editorial Staff

Whispers of a potential recession have people seeking every way possible to save money and increase incomes. Thankfully, finance influencers on all corners of the internet stream helpful tips and tricks daily.

On TikTok, finance influencers of various ages offer hacks and secrets to financial success based on their own lived experiences. We’ve gathered a list of influencers with varying expertise to illustrate the diversity of the finance niche.

Some focus on stock trading tips, while others advise their followers on ways to save money on everyday purchases. Additionally, these influencers know how to capitalize on their own value using influencer marketing.

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Why watch finance influencers?

For some, tips on investing in stocks or real estate are not as practical as basic budgeting tricks. The fact is, financial advice is sometimes subjective, beyond a few core elements. 

In an economy fueled by a diverse array of income streams, each person’s professional and personal goals will influence their financial goals and choices. Finance influencers take advantage of the need for unique and credible ideas for saving and earning money.

Brand Equity reports that financial influencers saw a boom during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The relevance of these influencers to the multiple millions of people who follow and support them has sustained. 

Influencers are often seen as both relatable and trustworthy by their followers. At the same time, influencers who use sponsored posts may risk losing the trust of their followers. The best influencers know how to weave sponsored content with their usual content seamlessly.

Top finance influencers to follow today

Our picks for the top TikTok financial influencers you should follow is based on several considerations. We tried to include people at different levels of income and with various primary income streams.

We’ve also selected influencers whose content offers practical day-to-day tips as well financial planning tips for saving and investing. These TikTokers appeal to various demographics. They’ve also demonstrated an ability to share sponsored content without driving away followers.

1. Delyanne Barros @delyannethemoneycoach


Health industry, Tech, and Finance were the most popular! #jobsearch #jobtips #salarytransparency #jobseeker

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With more than 306K followers and 3.1M likes on TikTok, Delyanne Barros is a financial influencer who shares practical advice on how to save, invest, and properly budget money.

A former lawyer and host of a CNN finance podcast, Barros offers advice on how to invest in the stock market for absolute beginners. She also offers general financial tips and encouragement, especially for young people, women, and people of color. 

Now at 39, NextAdvisor reported that she’s set to retire by 45. Her mission is to help guide other young people on a path to their own sustainable wealth. 

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2. Seth Godwin @seth.godwin 


How Much You Need To Make To Live In Westminster, Colorado!

♬ original sound – Seth “The Godfather” Godwin

Finance influencer Seth Godwin is known as “the guy who works in finance” of financial advice. With greater than 1.6M followers and 12.7M likes on TikTok, entertains and educates his followers about good money habits. 

He offers a variety of tips, from how to own property, to which cars to drive to save gas, to insights on which cities are least expensive. Godwin has also landed several sponsorships and partnerships with companies including WeBull (a stock trading app), and car-research service Kelley BlueBook.

3. Sara Rosalia @sarafinance 


Business owner Sara Rosalia, like many of our top finance influencers, has a steady following across multiple platforms. She has more than 734K followers and 13M likes on TikTok.

In all of her content, Rosalia encourages her followers to take ownership of their financial future. She shares tips for investing in stocks, starting side hustles, and saving money in every way possible.

4. Robert Ross @tik.stocks


Reply to @tzhang0908 HOW TO INVEST DURING RECESSIONS w/ @gritcapital

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Stock analyst and influencer Robert Ross is all about the stock market. With more than 2.6M likes and 381K followers, his content is primarily educational based on his knowledge and experience.

He breaks down topics like how to make an NFT to how a recession would impact the market into bite-size chunks. 

5. John Liang @johnsfinancetips


How to build perfect credit. #creditscore #buildcredit #fixcredit #credit #fico #850 #fintom #moneytok #johnsfinancetips

♬ original sound – John Liang

John Liang is a TikTok phenomenon, with more than 2M followers and 27M likes on TikTok. By sharing a wide variety of practical financial tips, Liang keeps his audiences engaged and covers a lot of ground.

He provides insight on how to save money at stores like Home Depot, cut back on paying taxes legally, and a variety of other hacks for anyone looking to save some extra cash. 

Additionally, Liang provides his thoughts on real estate investments, inflation, and many other financial subjects.

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Finance influencers in a recession

The White House has officially rejected the idea that the U.S. has reached the point of a recession. Despite this assessment, rumors and fears of economic crisis persist.

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Business Cycle Dating Committee—the official recession scorekeeper—defines a recession as “a significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and that lasts more than a few months.”

By that official definition, the U.S. has not yet entered a technical recession, as of September 2022. 

Some attribute the federal resistance to declaring a recession to the way data is processed. It takes time for research to be gathered and analyzed before it can be publicly released. By the time it is released, it may be less accurate.

In other words, the data that the White House analysts used to make their assessment may not reflect the state of the economy in real time.

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There is a wide audience for finance influencers in 2022, and certainly in the year to come. Whether they are looking to start a business, seeing to invest, or just looking to save every penny they possibly can, people are drawn to the approachable advice of TikTokers.

Of course, there are numerous ways to stay updated on financial information and advice, but people in Generation Z are more likely to trust TikTok when searching for answers. In that sense, TikTok finance influencers have found a reliable niche that they are not afraid to capitalize on.


This article was written by Kayla Beard

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