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It’s Self Care: Top Wellness Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Everyone is always on the move; chaos is constantly creeping up on us. Often, the result of this can be not taking good enough care of ourselves. As free time becomes harder to find, surrounding ourselves with positivity, encouragement, and reminders to take care of ourselves is more important than ever. And that extends to our social media feed as well. Finding and following the top wellness influencers is a great way to keep encouragement and good vibes in front of us.

It can be so easy to get overwhelmed by a sea of information when we are trying to learn about what is best for minds and bodies, what to focus on, or how to see results. Building a relationship of trust with wellness influencers is a great way to streamline information.

Wellness influencers operate in so many different niches. Their range means they can evaluate and recommend some of the best products, services, or tactics for taking care of yourself and living a life full of confidence and positivity.

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1. Kalyn Nicholson

  • Subscribers: 1.39M
  • Engagement rate: 5.53%

Nicholson is all about sharing motivation and sustainable living with her followers. She left the city behind and moved to the countryside in Canada to build her life around her values and share that with the world.

On her YouTube channel, you can find her talking about how she eats and takes care of her body, as well as what she does to take care of her mind by controlling her environment and staying positive. Nicholson has also made a point to share her everyday life and be vulnerable with her audience. This has generated such a strong relationship that she started her company All Things Koze to strengthen the community further and share her writings, lifestyle, and inspiration on a deeper level.

2. Jay Shetty

  • Followers: 11.2M
  • Engagement rate: 1.64%


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A post shared by Jay Shetty (@jayshetty)

Shetty has taken a long and meaningful road to bring his brand of positivity and purpose to others. His Instagram feed is regularly filled with reminders to help his followers focus on what really matters: how to reset their mindset to benefit their own life and the lives of the people around them.

Jay Shetty lived as a monk for multiple years, worked in digital strategy, was a social media coach for executives, created some of the most watched videos on Facebook, was on Forbes 30 under 30 list, has been recognized by several organizations for his blog and theories, and wrote the bestseller book Think Like a Monk.

He now runs an influential Instagram account and hosts the podcast “On Purpose” where his mission is to “make wisdom go viral”, he preaches selflessness, positivity, and purpose in life as he brings many guests on to have these discussions with him. This influencer will undoubtedly bring loads of inspiration and motivation when you hit follow.

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3. Alex Elle

  • Followers: 1.4M
  • Engagement rate: 2.12%


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A post shared by Alex Elle (@alex)

Alex is a writer of several encouraging and self-care books, including After the Rain, Today I Affirm, Words from A Wanderer, and, most recently, How We Heal. Currently a teacher at CIVANNA resort in Arizona, Elle has many workshops and courses where she teaches living in clarity through your lifestyle and relationships.

In her words, Elle explains, “I try my best to only spread words and images that will incite happiness, positivity, love, and peace among people, It’s part of my personality.” This is very evident in both her writings and social media postings. Her Instagram posts regularly include gentle reminders, affirmations, and tips to find healing in your life.

As a student of positive living and one of the top wellness influencers, Elle has made it her mission to always be learning and sharing her findings. You can see through her interactions with her family and her followers that she believes in what she shares and will inspire her followers to also believe in the importance of self-care.

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4. Dr. Kojo Sarfo, DNP

  • Followers: 2.3M
  • Engagement rate: 15.16%

Reaching out for help is hard, but it may be the thing that makes a huge difference for you! 💪 #keepgoing #drkojo #isolation #mentalhealth

♬ original sound – club90sla

Dr. Kojo Sarfo may be the most fun mental health nurse practitioner you can find. He sings his catchphrase, “Every time you’re feeling low, just remember, there is hope. Happiness looks good on you.” in many of his TikTok videos, and boy does he make you feel it!

Dr. Kojo Sarfo covers everything from anxiety around dating and work to taking care of yourself with occasional pampering. It’s all centered around teaching his followers that injecting happiness and hope into our lives is the best tactic for overcoming hardships and bad times.

Graduating with a doctorate degree in nursing with a mental health focus, Dr. Sarfo has been promoting positivity on many college campuses and at conferences, through his book, You Already Won, and his clothing brand, Abrantie & Dignora. He is now a board-certified forensic psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with a large following on TikTok.

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5. Joy McCarthy 

  • Subscribers: 89.5K
  • Engagement rate: 4.05%

When it comes to self-care, nutrition is integral. McCarthy walks you through making nutrition a source of happiness in your life while nourishing your body to best take care of it physically and mentally.

She has written three books all centered around healthy living and healthy eating that support her wellness clinic. At her wellness clinic, Joyous Health, McCarthy conducts clinics, does consulting, and speaks internationally at health conferences. She believes in integrating nutrition into everything you do as a key part of meeting goals and feeling better.

On her YouTube channel, McCarthy discusses topics like hair care and better sleep, as well as sharing countless recipes like gingerbread pancakes or a chocolate zucchini smoothie bowl.

6. Jules Acree 

  • Subscribers: 221K
  • Engagement rate: 11.14%

✨💛 #workfromhome #creatorlife #entrepreneurtok #austintx

♬ Mirage (Instrumental) – Unchan

Last on today’s list of wellness influencers to check out is Jules Acree. Acree focuses on being more intentional with everything she does and helping her followers do the same. She preaches creating small habits to change your life, using technology to create space in your mind and calendar, and, as she puts it, finding magic in the everyday.

She is a certified meditation and yoga instructor and founded the low-waste store, The Homebodies. There is not a one-size solution to wellness, and Acree understands this. She helps her followers explore what makes them happiest through leaning into journaling, music, and taking time to be calm (along with sharing her thoughts on many other self-care and time management topics).

Be sure to add Jules Acree to your list of must-follow accounts for inspiring you and teaching you to live a life full of productivity, but without the hustle and bustle.

Wellness influencers understand that self-care is multifaceted and full of idiosyncrasies. They embrace their own journeys and are vulnerable in their content so that they can teach others how to navigate their own journeys as well.

All these wellness influencers will give you great recommendations on exercises you should incorporate, teachings to learn, and products you can use to make your wellness journey the best fit for you.

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This article was written by Philip Murray

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