The Best 2022 TikTok Memes

By Editorial Staff

2022 TikTok memes alert: “It’s Corn”, “Jiggle Jiggle”, “Gangsta Cat”, “TikTokers at a Normal Job”, “Chugging Down Sparkling Water without Burping”, “Beyonce’s Chicken Dance”, and “Being Followed into a Dark Alley”

TikTok is a platform that is renowned for its creative and entertaining content. 2022 TikTok Memes have come and gone to capture the attention of the TikTok community, leading to a surge of new videos, challenges, and 2022 TikTok Memes. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular TikTok trends of the past year and what makes them so entertaining.

Mummy, I REALLY like CORN


Original Corn song #corn #fyp #funny #viral #itscorn #kid #song

♬ original sound – Timmy Jefferson836

The song “It’s Corn” is one of many 2022 TikTok memes that became popular out of nowhere! The meme involves users lip-syncing to a catchy tune with lyrics about — you guessed it — corn. The trend quickly caught on and spawned a number of viral videos, with users adding their own spin to the trend by incorporating creative visuals, costumes, and other elements to make their videos stand out.

Although the origins of the “It’s Corn” song were just the simple words of a young boy named Tariq who loved the food, it has become one of the most recognizable memes on TikTok and continues to be a popular trend among users on the platform. 

Jiggle Jiggle!


Jiggle Jiggle 🍳 #TWICE #트와이스 #JiggleJiggle

♬ Jiggle Jiggle – Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

The “Jiggle Jiggle” 2022 TikTok meme is another remix trend. It involves users dancing to the song “Jiggle Jiggle”, a snippet from a skit that somehow found its way to TikTok. The dance requires a lot of exaggerated hip movements and stark facial expressions. Users often add their own spin to the dance, like filming in strange locations or at awkward moments. The Riverdale cast and Twice joined in, so you know it got pretty popular.

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Gangsta Cat


Don’t worry I took it off after 😂😂 #MyTeacherWins #NeverStopExploring #fyp #catsoftiktok

♬ Aint No simpin – Oh that’s Boogie🤣

“Gangsta Cat” is another on the list of 2022 TikTok memes. This particular video features a cat wearing a makeshift sock mask and it gained almost 9 *million* likes. The meme is accompanied by rap music and captioned with jokes or humorous commentary about the cat’s supposed “gangsta” attitude. The meme gained widespread popularity on TikTok and has since spread to other social media platforms.

TikTokers at a Typical Job


Don’t recommend this place 😵‍💫 #fyp #addisonrae #foryoupage @addisonre

♬ Need To Know (pitched down dance) – xxtristanxo

The “TikTokers at a Normal Job” meme features TikTokers who are known for their dance or lip-sync videos, but in the video, they are shown in a more mundane setting, such as working at retail jobs.

The meme is meant to be humorous, poking fun at the idea of these over-the-top TikTokers having to perform menial tasks just like everyone else. I guess Addison Rae was just never meant for the minimum wage life.

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Chugging Sparkling Water


“Can he chug a sparkling water and not burp” #fyp #foryou #theboys #viral #relatable #funny @boystiltheend

♬ –

This meme is also a challenge, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. Users film themselves chugging down a bottle of sparkling water in one go without burping. Like other 2022 TikTok memes, this viral trend is entertaining and lighthearted. Users often add captions or commentary to make fun of the difficulty of the task. In the above video, the user added the words “Her: he’s probably out cheating. Me:”.

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Queen B’s a Chicken?


FOREVER ICONIC😭😭 #foryou #foryoupage #viral #virall #fyp #fy #fypシ #beyonce #beyhive #funny #chickendance #music #singing #duett #beyoncé #bey #fyyy

♬ original sound – Beyoncé Fan Page🐝🪩

The “Beyoncé’s Chicken Dance” meme began with Beyoncé’s performance on stage to the chicken song. You know the one that goes “I don’t wanna be a chicken, I don’t wanna be a duck, so I shake my butt at Pizza Hut”? Yeah, that one.

This blew up into a trend that now features people performing a dance to a popular song by Beyoncé, typically “Crazy in Love” or “Formation.” The dance requires a series of Beyoncé style coordinated movements and hand gestures, also obviously inspired by the movements of a chicken. The trend has become popular on TikTok due to its catchy beat and fun choreography.

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Being Followed into a Dark Alley


The “Being Followed into a Dark Alley” meme involves people filming themselves walking down a dark alley while being pursued by someone or something, accompanied by suspenseful music or sound effects. The videos often include exaggerated facial expressions, close zooms, and other fun editing tricks to make the scary a little more ridiculous.

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Usher Cat


Chip thinks he can sing 🎶 #usherremix #manxcat #catsoftiktok #foryou #fyp #TargetHalloween

♬ original sound – Chip The Manx

The “Usher Cat” meme has taken TikTok by storm! This meme involves a video clip of a cat meowing to Usher’s “Yeah” and being perfectly timed to the song’s beat. TikTok users have taken advantage of this meme by lip-syncing or dancing along with the video and adding their own captions and commentary.

Whether you’re a fan of cats, music, or just looking to have a good laugh, the “Usher Cat” meme is sure to bring a smile to your face. With its perfect blend of humor and entertainment, the “Usher Cat” meme was a cultural moment last year.

Slipping on Ice


This is early 1900s comedy at its peak (@therealgrandcanyon201947) #comedy #ice #slipping #fails

♬ original sound – WAVE.tv

The “Slipping on Ice” meme is another viral sensation on TikTok, bringing humor to a potentially painful situation. The meme involves people slipping or falling on ice or slippery surfaces, set to music or sound effects. People often pretend to slip on ice in slow motion, with exaggerated movements and expressions, and the videos are often edited to add humor or special effects. You know what they say – the best cure for pain is laughter.

Try Not to Laugh


The “Try Not to Laugh Challenge” is a popular trend on TikTok, where participants watch and react to funny or humorous 2022 TikTok Memes, with the goal of keeping their laughter in. Participants often film themselves watching the videos and trying to maintain a straight face, and the challenge is typically set to music or sound effects.

The “Try Not to Laugh Challenge” has become popular on TikTok for its ability to provide a fun and entertaining way to test one’s willpower. It’s also a great tactic to boost engagement on the app.

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TikTok is a platform that brings together people from all over the world and encourages them to be creative and have fun. These three 2022 TikTok Memes are just a small sample of the many entertaining and humorous trends that can be found on the app. Whether you’re a seasoned TikTok user or just starting out, these memes are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

This article was written by Danielle Montgomery

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