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Homestead Life on A Farm: Justin Rhodes Net Worth Breakdown

By Editorial Staff

Many influencers turn to social media as a way to explore and monetize their passions. With this comes a new experience of balancing life on and offline. Holding the titles of permaculturalist, author, film director, teacher, and YouTuber, Justin Rhodes is no different. Today we’re breaking down Justin Rhodes net worth to find out how he cultivates and funds all of these passions.


Justin Rhodes is a permaculturalist, author, film director, teacher, and YouTuber. 

Justin Rhodes (top left) with his wife and children. Source: For 100 Days, This Dad of Four Tried Growing All His Family’s Food.

Rhodes was born on October 31st, 1978 in Pomona, California. Rhodes’s passion consists of helping people design human settlements while working with nature to produce and harvest their own food to live an abundant life. This article will give you insight into Justin Rhodes net worth and other recognizable works Rhodes has done throughout his YouTube career.

Rhodes and his family live on a 75-acre farm where he spent his years perfecting permaculture methods. Rhodes currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina. According to Rhodes’s website, Abundant Permaculture, Justin trained under Geoff Lawton of PRI Australia for his Permaculture Design Certificate and studied chicken care. 

What is a Permaculturalist? 

Permaculturists like Rhodes refrain from polluting the environment with a system that focuses on imitating nature and providing nutritious food for humans and animals. In comparison to organic gardening, permaculturists prioritize conversing soil and water. 

According to Permaculture Visions, a permaculture system “aims to harvest and maximize water, sun, and other natural energies”; natural energies include wind, sun, water, and the waste of birds. Permaculturalists also refrain from using too much spoil when planting and harvest, which is considerably different when comparing permaculture to regular organic gardens. 

Social Media

Although Rhodes does not have a strong social media presence in comparison to other famous YouTubers, he has a staggering 849k subscribers on YouTube. Rhodes started his YouTube channel on August 25th, 2012, and has frequently posted blogs at least once every 2-3 days. As a matter of fact, Rhodes is swiftly approaching 2k videos on his channel due to his upload schedule.

PlatformHandleFollower Count
YouTubeJustin Rhodes849k


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Rhodes’s Projects

1. Founding Abundant Permaculture

Robes founded Abundant Permaculture because of his passion for teaching others about permaculture while promoting a healthy lifestyle. His website includes business tips and tricks, breathtaking photos, and educational films for his viewers. Though it is unknown when exactly this project was founded, it is evident that Rhodes’s pride and joy come from this project.

2. Permaculture Farm

The Permaculture Farm is a 75-acre learning center near Asheville, North Carolina. Anyone who wishes to learn more about permaculture and possible internships can contact Rhodes at his Permaculture website.

3. Permaculture Chickens Film

According to the Abundant Permaculture website, Rhodes’s “Permaculture Chickens” film “will show you how to raise your own chickens with nature” and teach people to become more aware of sustainable farms. Rhodes says that the film will teach his audience everything they need to know about raising chickens with “nature from hatching to the plate.”

Here’s a small list of what Rhodes says the film helps with:

  • Getting started with flocks
  • Having fewer workload burdens by using chickens
  • Having chickens live off compost, wild foods, worms, tree crops, etc
  • Learning how to cook meals with the chickens
  • Using electric netting to handle your birds
  • Learning how to humanely kill the chickens
  • Growing your own herbs

Reviews from other people on Rhobes’s “Permaculture Chickens” film. Source: Abundant Permacultural Website.

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4. The Great American Farm Tour Film

“The Great American Farm Tour” is about Justin Rhodes and his family of six and their adventures across America with the intent to discover beautiful homesteads and self-sustaining farms. 

Rhodes says that “We’ll see ALL kinds of livestock, meet a crazy number of cool people, eat from an untold number of gardens and explore wildernesses.” Videos of his endeavors can be found on his YouTube channel. 

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5. 100 Days of Growing Food

The Modern Famer Website says that he wanted to do the 100 Days of Growing Food project, not just for himself, but also to show others that living off the land is easier than people think.

The article also states that the challenge took a while to take off, but once Rhodes got his hands dirty, his family ended up producing 65 percent of the food they ate. 

By the end of his challenge, Rhodes says that 75 percent of the food his family consumed was what they grew or raised. Pretty impressive, huh? Rhodes showed his audience that living off the land is feasible and obtainable for any aspiring permaculturalist. 

6. Rhodes’s Blog and Articles

Abundant Permaculture is packed with articles written by Rhodes. Some of these articles include tips on raising Thanksgiving turkeys, growing a majority of food for less than 10 hours a week, making a DIY chicken tractor for under $200, crafting essentials to make sure your chickens are happy and healthy, feeding chickens without grain, and so on. 

Justin Rhodes’s handmade chicken coop from his article Chicken Coops That Work: 5 Brilliant Ways

Justin Rhodes Net Worth Breakdown

Based on the research conducted, it’s difficult to determine the exact value of Justin Rhodes’ net worth, but his net worth is anywhere between $248,000 to $420,000. According to, The Justin Rhodes net worth from the website says that he makes around $1.21 per 1,000 views, which is about $3.22k a month from YouTube alone. While this is significantly lower than our other net worth breakdowns, Rhodes and his family have a unique positioning in the health, wellness, and homestead spaces.

Rhodes has also made $1.08k in the last 7 days and a whopping $16.1k in the last 30 days.

Although it’s unclear how much Rhodes makes from Abundant Permaculture, one thing is for sure – the Justin Rhodes net worth is a hefty amount for a farmer living in North Carolina.

Justin Rhodes net worth monthly breakdown from the lowest estimation to the highest. Source: Justin Rhodes Estimated Earnings

This article was written by Brianna Borik

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