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15 Artists on Instagram to Consider for Your Next Campaign

By Editorial Staff

Creativity sells. Brands with innovative and unique marketing strategies will always attract more attention than their competitors. One way any brand can stand out is by collaborating with artists for their campaigns. Artists bring a high level of creativity and talent to the table, making them the perfect marketing partners. Whether you hire a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, concept artist, etc., any artist will have the ability to look at your brand through a new, creative lens. Here are 15 talented artists on Instagram you should consider for your next campaign.

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1. Aurelia Durand

Aurelia Durand is an illustrator based in Paris. She is known for celebrating cultural diversity in her vibrant and colorful illustrations. Because she is of West-African descent, Aurelia often depicts African culture through her art. Aurelia also uses her voice and art to promote inclusivity and the representation of black women in art. In January, she illustrated Tiffany Jewel’s This Book is Anti-Racist. The physical copies of this book have recently sold out completely. Other than her digital illustrations, Aurelia is also known for her beautiful murals and paintings.

2. Mye De Leon

Mye De Leon is a very talented hand-lettering artist. She is dedicated to helping other artists on Instagram learn the art of hand-lettering and how to profit from their work. She wrote a book on the practice called Mastering Hand-Lettering and has created a program and podcast to teach from a marketing standpoint. Mye has worked with many popular brands in the past, including Pinterest, Apple, Penguin Random House, and more. 

3. Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom is a hand lettering artist and designer based in Detroit. She creates murals, paintings, and digital designs by illustrating empowering quotes and phrases. In addition to her artwork, Lauren uses her platform to promote her blog posts, podcast, and online classes on her website. She is one of the more popular artists on Instagram and has worked with high profile brands such as Starbucks, Google, Target, and YouTube.

4. Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is a popular British artist. He posts more often than most other artists on Instagram by sharing both the process and final product of his works. Many of his paintings include floral prints and pastel colors. He dedicates much of his work to charity and recently created a beautiful rainbow art piece to show support for the National Health Service during COVID-19.

5. Danielle Krysa

Danielle Krysa is a curator based in British Columbia, Canada. She creates very unique art by combining images with paint, glitter, and other materials to create something completely new. Danielle is unique in her tendency to add aspects of comedy into her artwork, as she gives them hilarious titles. Danielle has also written multiple books, including Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk and A BIG IMPORTANT ART BOOK – Now with Women.


BUCKLEY is a versatile artist working in Portland and Los Angeles. She creates unique drawings, paintings, and sculptures that depict society and the deeper meaning of life. She mostly posts her paintings on Instagram, which typically show human bodies connected together through different color combinations. BUCKLEY often donates a portion of her proceeds to charities and organizations such as the Equal Justice Initiative. 

7. Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer, street artist, and activist. His artistic style resembles propaganda posters and all of his work conveys social and political messages. He rose to popularity during the 2008 presidential election with his illustration of Barack Obama with the word “Hope” beneath. He also founded OBEY Clothing and advertises the brand through his street art and murals.

8. Rinny Perkins

Rinny Perkins is a Los Angeles-based artist. Like many artists on Instagram, she dedicates the majority of her work to the importance of diversity and equality. She uses her platform to empower black women through her unique 70s-style graphic designs and photography. Rinny’s work has been featured on Vice, Nylon, and Teen Vogue.

9. Luke & Morgan Choice

Luke and Morgan Choice are an Australian husband and wife who design, illustrate, and animate. They set themselves apart from other artists on Instagram by combining movement, depth, and color to create very unique digital artwork. They have posted a lot of their art from campaign partnerships on their Instagram account, which includes work for Samsung, Truist Bank, Cadbury, and more.

10. Laci Jordan

Laci Jordan is an artist based in Los Angeles. She is a graphic designer and photographer who also excels in the field of web design and marketing. The majority of her work is inspired by black culture and she strives to empower other black creatives through her art. She has worked with many popular brands like ESPN, Nike, and Adobe.

11. Jade Purple Brown

Jade Purple Brown is a New York City-based graphic designer. Jade uses bold colors to depict diversity, female empowerment, and equality in her work. Jade recently released a book, Words to Live by, which includes 50 illustrated quotes from 50 powerful women. She worked with NYC Pride for their recent pride month campaign and has worked with other brands like Instagram, TikTok, Nike, Tinder, and more.

12. Shauna Haider

Shauna Haider runs a design studio called We Are Branch. Shauna is a graphic designer and she started We Are Branch to offer personal branding design and prints to clients. Unlike other artists on Instagram, they focus specifically on branding and campaigns. Overall, they strive to elevate the image of brands through design and creativity.

13. Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon is a Canadian artist and musician based in Los Angeles. Andy spent most of his early life focusing on music until 2011, but today he focuses solely on his art. Andy is a graphic designer who depicts innovative and abstract scenes of life. He mostly uses pastel colors with touches of vibrance. One of his most impressive projects is his recent collaboration with Versace for their Spring 2020 collection.

14. Megan Gabrielle

Megan Gabrielle is a model, painter, and illustrator based in New York City. Her father, Thomas Harris, was a talented artist. She was always very inspired by his work and was drawn to the art world. Her art includes beautiful drawings, paintings, and photography, mostly depicting black women and abstract scenes. Unlike other artists on Instagram, Megan is also a model and includes many photos from her modeling campaigns on her account.

15. Tara James

  • @bymsjames

Tara James is a talented graphic designer and illustrator. Her Instagram bio explains that she strives to illustrate “the vibrancy & vastness of the spectrum that is blackness.” Most of Tara’s work promotes racial and gender equality with informational and comedic aspects. Tara sells face masks, art prints, home decor, clothing, and gift wrap in addition to custom illustrations on her website.

Other talented artists on Instagram:

ArtistInstagram HandleFollower Count
Wylie West Creative@wyliewestcreative11.7k followers
Kristie Marshall@kristhecreative7.6k followers
Just Rewind It@justrewindit2k followers

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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