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Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Influencers on Youtube

By Editorial Staff

These 10 influencers make the process of having a healthy lifestyle much easier. A healthy lifestyle is something that will always be popular among all gender, cultures, and age groups for generations to come. Having people at your fingertips to feed you recipes, routines, and advice allows for an easy way to stay healthy.

Lifestyle Influencers to Follow

Number 1: The Domestic Geek

Sara Lynn Cauchon has properly renamed herself The Domestic Geek to highlight her spunky, fun spin on healthy lifestyle habits. Along with her healthy inspired recipes, Sara Lynn is also an established television host/producer/director.

She has hosted several television programs including; Diva On A Dime, GirlzTV and HGTV’s Rooms That Rock. She was nominated for the GEMINI Viewer’s Choice Award for Best Host In A Lifestyle Series. Her love for cooking balanced meals inspires her followers from all over the world.


Number 2: Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry is the mastermind behind Fit Men Cook. With over 2 million followers across his social media accounts, his positive perspective on a healthy lifestyle “changes the game” for nutrition lovers.

His followers can relate to his struggle with weight and diet by allowing them to see proof of his growth through pictures and video.

Kevin Curry challenges people to better themselves with his effective weight loss program that includes balanced eating and workout routines.

His message is simple: “Our bodies are built in the kitchen, Sculpted in the gym.”

Number 3: Fullyrawkristina

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has dedicated her entire “adult life” promoting a 100% fully raw vegan diet. She is the owner of Rawfully Organic Co-op, the only comprehensive organic Farmers market in Houston, Texas.

She crafted the idea of Rawfully Organic while she was a student at Rice University and has influenced people to change their food input since then.

Kristina’s overwhelming passion for fruits and vegetables challenges her widespread fanbase to experiment with her vegan recipes daily.

Kristina has recently postponed her business to pursue her love to travel while still sharing her nutrition advice to travelers she meets along the way.

Number 4: Mind Over Munch

Mind Over Munch was created by Alyssia Sheikh, a nutrition guru.

She received her BFA in graphic design at The University of Florida and has lived in L.A. since then. She shares her love for nutrition through her influential blog, youtube and Instagram accounts.

With over 65% of her followers being under the age of 30, she hopes to instill a healthy lifestyle to young people early in their lives. But Alyssa isn’t impacting the future generations diets alone.

She has help from her boyfriend, Christian, and her dog, Kristin both of whom are featured in several of her videos.

Number 5: Dani Spies

While being a mother of two, Dani Spies, is a thriving Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss Coach. Dani grew up in an Italian kitchen in New Jersey.

She has experimented with several diet regimens since the 6th grade, but none of them seemed to work. Danis ongoing struggle with food propelled her to the creation of Clean&Delicious®, a healthy dieting program.

She encourages people to start by making small, continuous changes to their diet, to one day reach their health aspirations.

Number 6: Sarahs Day

Being born in Sydney, Australia, this is no ordinary Aussie. Sarah reveals her daily diet routines, skin routines, and workout routines through her youtube vlogs.

Sarah is 90% vegan, with the other 10% being filled with honey and the occasional fish. Sarah suffered from hormonal acne and sought a better way of life.

She is now sharing her tips to find a delicious outlet with food for her followers.

Number 7: HealthNut Nutrition

This anti-dieting approach to clean eating makes Nikole the genius behind HealthNut Nutrition. She is a digital marketer by day, and the HealthNut guru by night.

Nikole’s inspiration of clean eating came to her while she was backpacking through Australia and parts of Southeast Asia.  Exchanging recipes with people she met along the way helped cultivate her delicious stack of recipes, that of which she shares on her youtube channel.

She believes in the enjoyment of the right foods, rather than restraining yourself with dangerous forms of radical dieting.

Number 8: The Protein Chef

Derek Howes, the face behind The Protein Chef,  expresses the motto “everything in moderation.”

Derek has over a decade of experience with fitness and nutrition regimes. His recipes are directed around protein-filled, low carb, deliciousness that will spark a fire in anyone who tries it. His well-balanced diet plans are consistent and change people’s lives who are trying to lose weight while also gaining muscle.

Number 9: LoveHealth OK

lifestyle-influencer-vlogger Olivia Ku has something for everyone while being a holistic health advocate, speaker, and writer.

Olivia can be referred to by her followers as their life coach. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and that is one of the many reasons why her following fanbase is so vast across the country.

She compiles her knowledge about life with her health tips to create the perfect account that is both funny and dependable.

Number 10: Shannon Sullivan

lifestyle-influencers-shannonLast but certainly not least, the lively, bright Shannon Sullivan.  Shannon is a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

When Shannon was diagnosed with Celiac disease, she changed her diet completely, and that allowed her to find her new love for food. She helps women find comfort in their own skin while also teaching people to experiment with healthier food options.

Shannon is the creator of Your Balanced Lifestyle Health Coaching Program, which has helped people from all walks of life find their way with nutrition. She never fails to put a smile on peoples face with her gentle yet effective approach to clean eating.

Check out our updated list of the top healthy lifestyle influencers on YouTube here!


This article was written by Editorial Staff

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