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Top Gaming Influencers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

We used the NeoReach to identify the top 10 gaming influencers on YouTube and crafted a useful list. We then analyzed each influencer profile to provide you with their performance metrics and audience demographics.

Top Gaming Influencer 1: PewDiePie

PewDiePie is the most recognized gamer on Youtube and is known for his commentary and reactions to games as he plays through them. In 2011 he dropped out of Chalmers University in Sweden to run a hot dog stand and to pursue a career on YouTube. Teenagers across the world were quickly drawn to his videos, with over 40 million subscribing to his channel. PewDiePie’s channel goes beyond gaming to include a large part of his personal life, with his girlfriend and dogs frequently being featured in his videos.

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Top Gaming Influencer 2: Smosh Games

Created by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, two best friends who make funny videos for a living, Smosh currently operate seven youtube channels, one of which is Smosh Games. Ian, Anthony, and Mari team up with gamers Sohinki, Jovenshire, Wes, Flits and Lasercorn of Clevver Games to play games together and have fun. Some of their most popular series are their “honest game trailers” and their “game bang series”.

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Top Gaming Influencer 3: KSI

Olajide Olatunji hails from the UK with over 13.5 million subscribers. He is not only known for his sense of humor and FIFA gameplay, but also for his talents on the soccer field. His video of the cross bar challenge went viral and was seen by many teenage boys across the U.K and the U.S. He is popular because of his personality which is quite entertaining, as seen in his video of him googling himself.

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Top Gaming Influencer 4: Seananners

Seananners is a videogame commentator who often plays Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto. He draws in viewers with his hilarious comments that he and others such as GassyMexican, CaptainSparklez, Ohmwrecker, and ChilledChaos make as they play together. One video that caught the attention of many people was his hunted by Morgan Freeman video. This video is a perfect example of the fun that Seananners and his other Youtube friends have while creating videos for their followers.


Top Gaming Influencer 5: Vanoss Gaming

Evan Fong, the Canadian videogame commentator who created Vanossgaming, produces content centered on playing games with friends, performing funny skits, and completing particular games and challenges. Since starting his YouTube channel in 2011, Vanossgaming has recently exceeded 17 million subscribers and 4 billion total views. This channel is targeted towards high school boys who like to watch video games and laugh at people making funny comments during games. Some of Evan Fong’s best work is seen in a GTA video where he and 10 other YouTubers had fun for over 20 minutes and when he played a burger simulator.

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Top Gaming Influencer 6: Faze Clan

This YouTube channel is made up of the 65 members of the Faze Clan and showcases their stunning abilities. If you enjoy playing Call of Duty, this channel will blow your mind with unimaginable trick shots, killstreaks, and more. High School and college-aged men from the U.S and the U.K can’t seem to get enough of this channel. Many of them have subscribed to the individual gamers of Faze Clan, such as Faze Rain and Faze Apex. Faze Clan is sponsored by Scuf Gaming and the energy drink G-Fuel.

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Top Gaming Influencer 7: W2S

Harry Lewis, a FIFA player and video game commentator, is part of the ultimate sidemen. He is well known in the gaming community for raging. His audience is largely based in the U.K, however he gets a lot of viewers from the US. In addition to his FIFA videos, Harry has gotten seen great success with his soccer trickshots.

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Top Gaming Influencer 8: Ali-A

A talented Call of Duty player, Alastair Aiken uploads videos on a daily basis of his Call of Duty Gameplay. He was so popular that he made a second YouTube channel that has over two million subscribers. People are drawn to him because of the incredible killstreaks he manages to achieve and his ability to take out anybody who stands in his way.


Top Gaming Influencer 9: The Diamond Minecart

With 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Dan is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers out there. He has a witty and silly sense of humor that makes his commentary videos fun and enjoyable. He uploads frequently and mainly does Minecraft gameplay. He often interacts with his followers, such as in his Doing my own makeup! video. He also has a Best of TheDiamondMinecart video that captures all his funniest and memorable moments on his channel.

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Top Gaming Influencer 10: JonTronShow

Jon is best known for reviewing video games and television shows in a comical way. When he was in high school from 2004-2008, he met his future collaborator, Jirard Khalil. Then, in 2010 he made his first video and rose to Internet fame fairly soon after. Some of his most well known videos are “anti drug games” and “bootleg Pokemon games”.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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