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First All-Black Creator Content House Started by Keith Dorsey

By Editorial Staff

The internet has become more than just a platform in which we access information, but a powerhouse of knowledge that influences our buying decisions, maintains social communities, and tempts us to mindlessly scroll through our feed for hours. Generation Z, in particular, has become extremely impressionable to those who have taken advantage of the internet as a career path. Influencers are in a unique position where their celebrity-like social standing combines with their relativeness that draws in a fan base who is eager to consume any and all content they put into the world. Not only that, but the appeal of being your own boss has accompanied Millennials and Generation Z’s entry into the workforce. 

Keith Dorsey, Chief Executive of Young Guns Entertainment, has recognized the value that comes from these influential individuals and has big plans for their careers and the future of content houses. Based in Atlanta, he has supported the first entirely Black creator content house with the initiative of helping Black influencers find fame and encouraging other young children that their future is equally as bright. Dorsey cites the importance of children seeing people who look like them triumphing and hopes that his efforts can encourage them to do the same. Content houses are the stepping stone to creating a more diverse representation of influencers across social media platforms, a concept that is merely just beginning its internet takeover. 

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What is a Content House?

A relatively modern concept, content houses are essentially physical spaces that influencers cohabitate mainly for collaboration purposes. Content houses have become increasingly common in the last decade or so when early Youtubers began living together. The first content house was a collaborative channel called ‘Our Second Life’ that consisted of Vine stars that dwelled together in an apartment complex in Hollywood, California.

Now, there are a plethora of groups who live in impressive mansions that boast impressive amenities- all apart of the content creation process. By living in a group, influencers can boost their following and have a stronger focus on their career goals because they are surrounded by others with similar goals. 


We wear what we want !! #threebestfriends #kaychelled

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Living in a shared space encourages career development- influencers use the content house to create content collaboratively with the professional and emotional support of each other. The home serves as an incubator for influencer careers. However, not all of the creators actually live in the house, but simply pay rent in order to be apart of the group and use the location as a spot to make their content. The content houses create a social media culture, for both the creators and the viewers, who engage more when seeing familiar faces as they’re scrolling through their feed. 

Currently, there are numerous content houses that populate various social media platforms that are home to primarily Generation Z influencers. The physicality of the circumstances allows a team brand image to form and has proven to impact the industry more than ever. Some of the most popular content houses include:

HouseLocationNotable MembersYear Founded
Hype HouseLos Angeles, CAChase Hudson, Addison Rae2019
Sway HouseLos Angeles, CAJosh Richards, Griffin Johnson2020
Team 10 HouseCalabasas, CAJake Paul, Alissa Violet2017
Faze HouseToluca Lake, CARicky Banks, Frazier Khattri2020
Clubhouse Beverly HillsBeverly Hills, CADaisy Keech, Abby Rao2020

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Collab Crib

It is widely recognized that there a variety of content houses geared towards various audiences. However, Keith Dorsey is the first to assemble a completely Black creator content house, based in Atlanta. Dorsey recognized the career potential in social media, particularly as video content became more prevalent. From his growing influencer roster, he selected a group of 8 impressive influencers to sign a lease at an 8,500 square foot mansion on the outskirts of downtown Atlanta. 


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A post shared by Collab Crib 🏠 (@collabcrib)

Already home to a variety of 21st-century trends, such as the Renegade dance or Lil Nas X “Old Town Road,” Atlanta was the ideal geographic location for the next rising stars. Collab Crib is dedicated to paving its own path in a world full of trend followers. Los Angeles boasts much of the creator population, however, they lack the diversity that Collab Crib is bringing to the influencer environment. Still, they share similar aspirations.

Well-established houses, such as Sway House or Hype House, have accomplished brand deals, signed with talent agencies, and make well above 6 figures. There is a massive fan base that is motivated by the content these influencers make, and Collab Crib is hoping to take the influencer ecosystem by storm and trailblaze its own path.

The content house is both a breeding ground for the influencer’s entrepreneurial spirit and an effort to include more diversity into the influencer realm. Much of the daily routine is work, not play. Collab Crib members are posting multiple times per day on each of their platforms, making follower goals, engagement benchmarks, and doing whatever it takes to achieve success. This is not to say the all-black content house has not been met with trials. It is well known that brand partnerships tend to discriminate and social media algorithms tend to reflect racism over time- the Black influencer community lacks the acknowledgment and funding of the already well-established influencer network. Collab Crib seeks to show society that Black creators should be a part of mainstream social media. 

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The Faces Behind Collab Crib

The 8 members of Collab Crib are a combination of established influencers and up-and-comers. Though the content house is young, they collectively share a common passion for content creation, alongside their biggest supporter, Keith Dorsey. The group has high hopes for the future of social media influencers and the come-up of their all-Black creator content house is more than a promising start. Below you can find the social media links to all members of Collab Crib:

Kaelyn Kastle@kaelynkastle@kaelynkastle
Kaychelle Dabney@kaychelled@kaychelled
Khamyra Sykes@queenkhamyra@queenkhammyra
Theo Wisseh@theowisseh@theowisseh_
Tray Bills@traymfnbills@traybills

This article was written by Kate Reinke

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