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15 African American Influencers You Should Be Following

By Editorial Staff

Looking to expand your Internet horizon? With the growth in influencer media becoming more and more prevalent over mainstream marketing, who you follow is just as important as who you know. The world of social media can be intimidating to navigate. Here are 15 African American Influencers that you should be following.

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1. Tabitha Brown


How do you grit? Sugar or salt & pepper? #tabithabrown

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

“Hello, there!” If you haven’t already heard of Miss Tabitha Brown you are missing out! This spunky mother took over TikTok with her fun, vegan cooking videos and amazing warm spirit (not to mention her impressive earring collection). If you ever want to experiment with vegan cooking, Tabitha has so many tips and tricks to make even a beginner cook feel like a true chef. Her account goes beyond the kitchen, with a lot of videos featuring her kids and motherly advice. Within a week you’ll be quoting her and having a newfound appreciation for garlic powder!

2. Misty Copeland

If you love dance, you may remember Misty Copeland as the first African American female dancer at the American Ballet Theater. With 1.9 Million Instagram followers, Misty reaches new heights for African American dancers and other athletes by frequently using her platform to speak about the importance of being yourself and reaching your goals. Misty joined the dance company in 2015, leading the way for many African American dancers to follow. 

Here are some other African American dancers of the American Ballet Theater:

  • Gabe Stone Shayer
  • Melvin Lawovi – Apprentice 
  • Erica Lall
  • Calvin Royal III

3. Coco Franklin

This may be the first time you’ve heard of Coco Franklin, but it won’t be the last. Coco is an up-and-coming African American influencer perfect for your feed if you like entertaining and impressive roller skating! With over 91K followers on TikTok, her dances go to the next level by adding wheels. You’ll be inspired to buy skates and learn tricks after enjoying Coco Franklin’s TikTok!

4. Chance the Rapper


Next Monday. April 6th. A very funny new shows drops #punkd

♬ original sound – Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper has gone beyond the music world and leapt into Instagram fame. His entertaining posts have earned him the Influencer title. He frequently features his family and more recently has been using his platform to speak out about the Black Lives Matter Movement and bringing awareness to the cause as a BLM activist.

5. Rickey Thompson

Who doesn’t need a good laugh right now? Rickey Thompson is the person for you. His personality comes right off the screen and you’ll feel like one of his friends instead of a follower. Rickey is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and for Black Lives Matter, bringing greater awareness to the current conditions. Not only will Rickey make you laugh, but his style will also make you want to step up your own fashion game.

6. Serena Williams

Game! Set! Like! Serena Williams is more than an amazing athlete. Her Instagram feed is filled with moments with her daughter and husband, as well as promotions for her own fashion line, Serena. It’s especially cool to see her outside of a tennis uniform and express her own style! 

7. Simone Biles

What can’t Simone Biles do? The Olympic Gold Medalist does more than the impossible through her athletic performance in gymnastics. You’d be surprised at how much we all relate to Simone, who owns two french bulldogs, Lilo and Rambo, and runs their Instagram account as well. Serena and Simone are African American influencers who inspire not only the athlete community but beyond.

Here are some other Olympic athletes you should check out on Instagram:

NameSportInstagram Handle
Missy Franklin JohnsonSwimming@missyfranklin88
Kerri Walsh JenningsBeach Volleyball@kerrileewalsh
Usain BoltTrack@usainbolt
Gabby Douglas Gymnastics@gabbycvdouglas

8. Nyma Tang

The beauty world of Youtube is gifted with Nyma Tang’s videos on makeup reviews and tips.  Nyma is known among African American influencers who frequently brings attention to the racial discrepancies in the cosmetic brand franchise involving shade ranges and availability to all skin colors and types. 

Here are some more beauty Youtubers to explore:

  1. Michelle Phan
  2. Nikkie Tutorials
  3. Tati Westbrook
  4. Jefree Star
  5. Huda Kattan 

9. Strawhat Dan


Bet you didn’t know my ceiling could pour me a bowl of @reesespuffs 🥳 whats in your bowl? #eatemup #ad


This TikToker, who goes by the name Strawhat Dan, is the perfect casual scroll everyone can enjoy. With relatable energy and funny stories, you wouldn’t be surprised his platform on TikTok has grown to 2.1 Million followers. Strawhat Dan is also expanding his platform to Youtube and Instagram, where he is also gaining popularity. 

10. Quenlin Blackwell 



♬ original sound – quenblackwell

Remember Quesadilla from Vine? She’s back and bigger on TikTok! With her cute cats and awesome personality, Quenlin Blackwell is a name you’re going to want to remember. As one of the African American influencers coming from Vine, her humor and wit have only improved and continue to get better. She’s a wonderful and hilarious addition to any feed. 

11. Leslie Jones

Live From Your Feed! It’s Leslie Jones! This former Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member is known for her huge smile and matching personality. Her comedic background definitely translates into her online persona. More recently she has been working on a project with Netflix and was a featured guest on Project Runway’s most recent season.

12. Quinta Brunson

Quinta Bruson is a talented comedy writer and entertainer. She dabbles in the world of stand-up and has a popular YouTube channel as well. As an African American Influencer, her recent posts have all involved the importance of racial equality and justice for those who experience oppression. Quinta’s lively and strong presence is something we can all strive for in ourselves. 

13. Marques Brownlee

Do you want to learn more about the technology surrounding our lives? Marques Brownlee is one on our top list of African American influencers who makes videos on technology and technology education. With a heavy presence across Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, Marques uses his ability to reach millions to address the Black Lives Matter movement, with his own video on the topic reaching over 500,000 likes.

14. Stephen Boss


This was in the drafts. #leowalkchallenge

♬ Pick Up the Pieces (Single Version) [45 Version] – Average White Band

Stephen Boss, more commonly known as Twitch, is a dancer and entertainment personality. He came to fame on the show So You Think You Can Dance, and more recently worked on The Ellen Show as a DJ. Twitch has a lively personality and actively puts an effort into spreading positivity on his various profiles.

15. Kalen Allen

Kalen Allen is a youtube personality who is known for his split-screen cooking show and commentary on YouTube. His hilarious reactions and dry comments will make you want to watch more. The cooking he reviews will make you feel better about your own skills, but might make you hungry!

This article was written by Sarah Ward

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