Most Popular TikTok Houses You Need to Know

By Editorial Staff

In the past year, many TikTok creators have risen to popularity as prominent social media influencers. This has lead to the creation of multiple content houses, an idea that gained a lot of attention when Jake Paul established “Team 10.” TikTok content houses are a great chance for creators to expand their reach, connect with other creators, and produce unique content. Having a physical house serves as the perfect filming and brainstorming location for a group of creators to produce content with each other. The houses are usually large mansions in a great location, usually somewhere in California. Some creators live in their content houses while others only visit to create with the other members.

These are some of the most popular TikTok creator houses you should know about.

The House Nobody Asked For

The House Nobody Asked For is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and was established in July 2020. Although the content house is fairly new, it has soared to popularity in recent months – as well as the popularity of the creators who live there. The members are a group of friends who live and create content together in the mansion. The content produced by the house is primarily comedic, which sets this group apart from the majority of other TikTok creator houses.

The members of The House Nobody Asked For:

InfluencerTikTok Handle
8illy (billy)@8illy
Caroline Ricke@richcaroline
Dawn Morante@thedawndishsoap
Marco Borghi@polo.boyy
Tobias Phillips@toborowitz
Tyler Funke@tylerfunke

Hype House

With almost 20 million followers, the Hype House is the most popular TikTok creator house by far. Located in Los Angeles, California, the house was established in December 2019 by Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, and Daisy Keech, who has since left the house and started her own. In addition to being the most popular content house, it is also home to some of the most popular TikTokkers on the platform, including Addison Rae and Avani Gregg.

Before they left the house earlier this year, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio were two of the original members. Nevertheless, the list of members is constantly changing as new creators join and others depart.


Half of us did this wrong lol

♬ Campus – Vampire Weekend

The members of the Hype House:

InfluencerTikTok HandleInfluencerTikTok Handle
Addison Rae@addisonreMia Hayward@miahayward
Alex Warren@alexwaarrenMichael Sanzone@sanzone
Avani Gregg@avaniNate Wyatt@nate_wyatt
Calvin Goldby@calvingoldbyNick Austin@nickaustinn
Chase Hudson@lilhuddyOlivia Ponton@iamoliviaponton
Connor Yates@paperyatesOndrea Lopez@ondreazlopez
Jack Wright@jack.wrightPatrick Huston@patrickhu5ton
James Wright@jameswrighttRyland Storms@rylandstormss
Kellianne Stankus@keliannestankusTaylor Holder@itstaylerholder
Kouvr Annon@k0uvrThomas Petrou@petroutv
Larri Merritt@larrayeeeeTony Lopez@tonylopez

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Not a Content House

This TikTok house is a group of popular female creators on the platform. It is located in Beverly Hills, California and was established in August 2020. Although it was formed so recently, the house has grown significantly in the past few months. This is mostly due to the popularity of its members, especially Madi Monroe and Lauren Kettering. Even though their name states that they are not a content house, their social media pages are dedicated to the fun dance and lifestyle content created by the group.

The members of Not a Content House:

InfluencerTikTok Handle
Anna Shumate@annabananaxdddd
Ava Tortorici@ava_tortorici
Cynthia Parker@cynthiaparkerrrr
Eva Cudmore@evacudmore
Katie Pego@katie.pego
Lauren Kettering@laurenkettering
Madi Monroe@madi
Sabrina Quesada@sabquesada

Sway House

The Sway House includes a group of the most popular young male creators on the platform. The house is located in Bel Air, California and was founded in January 2020. After the Hype House, this is probably the second most popular TikTok content house due to the high-followings of its members. Although Sway House has the least members of any other house on this list, they used to have more. In the past few months, a few original members of the house have departed, including Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler, and Griffin Johnson.

The members of the Sway House:

InfluencerTikTok Handle
Anthony Reeves@luvanthony
Bryce Hall@brycehall
Kio Cyr@kiocyrrr
Noah Beck@noahbeck
Griffin Johnson@imgriffinjohnson
Blake Gray@blakegray
Quinton Griggs@qgriggs


After she left the Hype House in February 2020, Daisy Keech formed the Clubhouse with fellow creator Abby Rao. Established at the end of March, the house is located in Beverly Hills, California and is home to many popular creators on the platform. It was originally meant to be an all-female house, but has since allowed male creators to join. Although this is the main house, there are a few other TikTok houses that have been established as branches. These houses include Clubhouse Europe, Clubhouse For The Boys, and Clubhouse Next.


Reel it in 🎣 @tessabrooks @lindsaymbrewer @katrinastuart @ttlyteala

♬ original sound – Huncho Woo

The members of the Clubhouse:

InfluencerTikTok HandleInfluencerTikTok Handle
Abby Rao@abbyraoKatie Sigmond@katiessigmond
Alexa Montes@814kidKatrina Stuart@katrinastuart
Alicia Montes@aliciamontesssKinsey Wolanski@kinseywolanski
Carrington Durham@carrington125Lindsay Brewer@lindsaymbrewer
Chase Keith@chaserMariana Morais@maarebeaar
Christopher Romero@christopherromeroSebastian Topete@sebastiantopete
Emmy Combs@emmycombssTeala Dunn@ttlyteala
Isaak Presley@isaakpresleyTessa Brooks@tessabrooks
Isabella Durham@isabellabronzen

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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