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Top 10 Most Viral Videos on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

YouTube has taken center stage as work-from-home and virtual schooling have become the norm. One could imagine that it is quite easy to just slip over and watch a few videos here and there. But with so much content available and millions of videos being posted daily, what should you watch? In this article, we have gathered the top ten most viral videos from the recent quarter report compiled by NeoReach to show you what is hopping on YouTube. So whether you are getting those TPS reports cranked out in pajamas or learning the intricacies of philosophy in your bed, we have got you covered on what is happening now!

1. Would YOU Rather Have A Lamborghini or This House?

    • MrBeast
    • 36.27 Million Views
    • Honey

Mr. Beast is famous for his money-based challenges, ridiculous giveaways, and general antics. In this video he gave subscribers a chance to play a series of challenges to get various cash prizes. This video culminates in him asking one of his subscribers if he would like a Lamborghini or a house… Crazy!

2. Real Life Robot Dog

    • Dude Perfect
    • 24.15 Milllion Views
    • PGA TOUR 2K21

Dude Perfect is a sports-based YouTube channel that focuses on athletics challenges, trick shots, and celebrity cameos. These guys are featured a few times on our list of most viral videos. In this episode, they integrate a robot dog from Boston Dynamics that is utilized in their challenges. Pretty cool but also reminiscent of the terminator.

3. Worst Punishment Yet?!

    • Dude Perfect
    • 19.12 Million Views
    • Activision

A repeat appearance on the list of most viral videos, in this video Dude Perfect is at it again, but this time with painting challenges. The catch is that the loser must spin the Wheel Unfortunate to see what punishment they get. When someone loses, they get a very sandy surprise…

4. Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shots

    • Dude Perfect
    • 19.45 Million Views
    • Hasbro

Featuring professional Tennis Table Star Adam Bobrow and the Dude Perfect team, this video is what you would imagine: trick shots with a ping pong ball. From knocking a cup off of someone’s head to popping balloons, the Dude Perfect team has set up a crazy exhibition.  

5. Card Throwing Trick Shots 2

    • Dude Perfect
    • 18.5 Million Views
    • Whistle

Coming in at number five on this list of most viral videos, Dude Perfect continues their streak. Featuring Rick Smith Jr., a Professional card thrower and magician, this Dude Perfect video gets creative with some card shots. From hitting Wheat Thins from out of midair to throwing cards into apples, this is the one video you don’t want to miss. 

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6. Airsoft Battle 3

    • Dude Perfect
    • 12.16 Million Views
    • Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

In classic Dude Perfect form, challenges get very competitive and the Airsoft battles are no different. This Airsoft battle features high-tech Airsoft guns on an expansive battlefield to see which team is the top dog. What is the secret to Dude Perfect’s success that has them taking over half of our most viral videos on YouTube list?!

7. Shark Attack Test-Human Blood vs. Fish Blood

    • Mark Rober
    • 35.42 Million Views
    • KiwiCo

While entering shark-infested water with various types of animal blood is not our definition of a good time, Mark Rober, as part of Shark Week, has brought us a fascinating video. Mark is here to test whether sharks react differently to human blood or fish blood underwater and he wants to see it firsthand.

8. LG Wing Unboxing – This Thing is WILD

    • Unbox Therapy
    • 8.67 Million Views
    • LG

With so many smartphones coming out, it is hard to keep track of the newest models. Lucky for us, Unboxing Therapy is staying on top of their game and giving us the most recent review of the LG wing, a flip stile two-screen smartphone, and it’s crazy.

9. Apology for the video I made…– LWIAY #00125

    • PewDiePie
    • 12.11 Million Views
    • Arkade Blaster Pro

This title is mildly misleading but makes sense considering PewDiePie’s past controversial statements. It feels like he has been apologizing a lot lately but in this episode, he has used the title as a kind of clickbait to promote his meme review series titled LWIAY.


    • The ACE Family
    • 7.63 Million Views
    • Honey

The ACE family is a prank based YouTube channel that has made a massive following through their familial antics. In this video they show us their gorgeous new home and take a new step in their life as a prankster family. The home is a dream and we are sure you will be just as jealous as we are.

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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