TikTok Marketing Explained: How to Use TikTok In Your Marketing Strategy

By Editorial Staff

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media apps in the world. With approximately 1 billion users globally, it is hard to ignore the influence that TikTok has on consumerism in the digital age. With so many users, it can be difficult to pinpoint the most effective strategies for marketing campaigns to focus on. In this article, we will examine some of the most successful marketing campaigns and explore how TikTok can impact influencer marketing, advertising, and social media strategy.

Traditional Advertising is Going the Way of the Dinosaurs

Internet skepticism is on the rise and those corny infomercials that dominated the marketing sphere in the early 2000s are all but finished. Consumers overwhelmingly want a more personal experience, in regards to advertising, and TikTok provides that platform. Now, we see the most successful ad campaigns using unedited videos of everyday people or influencers using a brands product. This adds the personal touch that people are looking for while also promoting organic followings on TikTok.


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♬ The ryujin hip trend – Alon ✯

On the theme of genuineness, TikTok marketing finds wild success in “behind the scenes” or founder spotlight videos that connect the brand to the people who are building it. Consumers want to know that they are interacting with real brands and real people not just impersonal giant corporations with international manufacturing. Application and step by step videos also provide another angle of TikTok marketing that is becoming increasingly successful. The bottom line is that, in a world where technology is becoming increasingly impersonal, consumers want a deeper connection with the people who make their product.

The Birth and Growth of Influencer Marketing

TikTok has been a large part of influencer marketing growth over the last few years. In fact, TikTok is one of the largest used social media platforms for influence marketers. TikTok marketing is very effective because of its proximity to consumers and TikTok’s young user base. The ability for a brand or influencer to go viral by utilizing TikTok is much higher than low touch mediums like YouTube and Facebook. Interestingly, we can see that the success of TikTok marketing has led Instagram to add more features that get it closer to the high touch experience of TikTok.

One of the reasons influencer marketing companies should look to utilize TikTok marketing is the sheer size and user statistics of the platform. For example, let me give you some staggering statistics. Last year TikTok reported that 91% of its users use the app daily which equates to, with user data now, nearly 910 million users on the app per day. Of those users, 68% watch videos from other users and your average user spends 52 minutes per day on the app. For reference, 60% of Instagram users use the app daily and average users spend 52 minutes a day in the app.

From a number’s perspective, utilizing TikTok is the most certain way to gain exposure for growing brands. Additionally, the ability to tailor content to fit a unique brand image is second to none. With various filters, features, music, challenges, and memes, TikTok marketing gives the brands the best chance to differentiate in a market that is heavily populated.


Go-To Photo Poses @iamjesserichards

♬ original sound – Jason Derulo

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Social Media Strategy: Why is TikTok Important?

If your target market is a younger audience, TikTok is THE place to market on. 16 to 24-year-old users dominate the platform and can provide very useful engagement metrics for social media marketing inside and outside of the app. Part of TikTok’s allure is the entertainment and interactive aspects. TikTok provides the opportunity for brands to play around with their image and create a campaign that is inviting and entertaining. Spending time on the platform and engaging in other users’ content will also give your brand organic engagement.


it’s christmas season and u know what that means….holiday pjs!!@amazonfashion #pajamajam #founditonamazon #ad

♬ Pajama Jam (feat. Wiidope) – Amazon Fashion

TikTok is niche and trend friendly which is why it should be considered in any sensible social media strategy. With its younger base, TikTok provides brands with current and future consumers while creating brand loyalty and connection to its customers. TikTok’s major upside is that it is pro-diversity and has uncountable niches thanks to its AI management of content based on user data. Essentially, TikTok can allow brands to create communities around their field of work or product which means that the consumers who are engaging with them likely already have the idea of their product in mind.

TikTok has also broken-down influencers into an even smaller niche which is called nano influencers. With high amounts of user-generated content, TikTok is an optimal location for influencers without an established base to quickly develop a small, yet loyal, community and following. Additionally, video marketing is the future. Consumer trends point to the fact that users are more likely to engage with videos than any other content and a majority of users prefer video marketing for brands. Because TikTok is essentially only a video platform, this gives it the best-assumed rate of growth in regards to social media marketing.

Conclusively, TikTok marketing is, and will be, an integral part of e-commerce for the conceivable future. With consumer trends pointing toward video content, nano-influencers becoming more attractive to prospective customers, and the massive engagement and growth metrics, TikTok is the top dog when it comes to marketing on social media. 

This article was written by Harrison Loew

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