Campaign Teardown

Amazon Audible Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

In times where you can access anything and everything digitally, Amazon Audible allows millions of users to discover thousands of binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, and original audio content online. With its explosive popularity and growth over the years, Amazon Audible has quickly become the United States’ largest audiobook producer and retailer, making a name for itself on social media – especially YouTube.

According to MediaKix, Amazon dedicates much of its media spend to influencer marketing, partnering with several micro and macro-creators to promote Audible. With this in mind, NeoReach conducted our Social Intelligence Insights Report for Q3 2020 to provide analyzed data from the US and Canada that was pulled from over 8,800 YouTube videos indicating brand partnership.

Through this report, it was found that Audible has continued to dominate YouTube with sponsored content, sponsoring over 170 videos and putting much of its marketing strategy into influencer marketing to promote the brand and its services. 

Download the full Amazon Audible influencer marketing campaign teardown report AudibleCampaignTeardown_NeoReach_InfluencerMarketingAgency

Amazon Audible

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast platform owned by Amazon, allowing users to purchase and stream thousands of audiobooks and other forms of audio content. Producing over 10K titles a year in the world’s largest audiobook store, Amazon Audible has become an undisputed market leader in audiobook production. Now, Audible only continues to grow. The platform currently offers content in more than 38 languages and has gained 24.5M unique website visits in the last 6 months. In terms of social content, Audible gains 51.97% of their social traffic from Facebook and 34.49% of their social traffic from YouTube.

The company takes pride in being a leading creator and provider of audio entertainment and audiobooks, offering its subscribers the best content they can stream at any time and anywhere. They bring on a range of talented novelists, journalists, playwrights, screenwriters, and comedians to create original works that users can only get by Audible. Wanting to create unique listening experiences, Audible has traditionally partnered with celebrities and famous talent to create content. So far, the brand has worked with stars such as: 

  • David Spade
  • Leslie Odom, Jr.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Lily Collins
  • Trevor Noah

Working with Influencers

In order to reach a new audience, Audible decided to invest more in YouTube to boost brand awareness. Not only did Audible want to recruit new users to the site, but the platform also aimed to boost their engagement numbers. At the time, subscribers to the platform listened to nearly 4B hours of content and downloaded 725M audios – but Audible had a mission to increase those numbers. Plus, knowing that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement, Audible needed to keep up its bulletproof marketing strategy on YouTube.

Over the years, Audible has worked with hundreds of influencers spanning across a variety of niches to ensure they reach every audience they can on every corner of YouTube. This way, each popular creator could draw in different viewer demographics to reach a variety of potential new users that would sign up for a plan on Audible.

Weekly Top Spender

According to the Q3 report, the technology industry was one of the top spending industries of 2020. With a reach of over 6B on YouTube, video sponsorships on the platform have continuously shown high returns as a marketing channel, and the leading brands in the technology industry have collectively spent more than $68M on influencer marketing in Q3 alone. In our Q3 report, it was noted that the technology industry-sponsored 65% more videos and doubled their IMV in comparison to the gaming industry. Subsequently, technology brands saw more than two times the views and engagement.

As a new addition to our quarterly report research, NeoReach added a weekly breakdown of the highest spenders on YouTube. From September 7 to September 21, Audible came out on top as the highest weekly spender on YouTube, putting thousands of dollars towards their online media strategy. Overall, all of the weekly top spenders invested $37.7M total in sponsored videos.

Q3 Weekly Top Spenders Timeline Graph

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Standout Content and Influencers

To encourage their viewers to try Audible, sponsored influencers often share their experiences using Audible and then offer a link or code for new users to receive a 30-day free trial. Along with the trial, a YouTuber’s unique direct link or code also gave new users access to a monthly selection of Audible Originals for free.

As one of the highest-spending brands on YouTube, Audible reached out to well-known influencers that they knew would produce content with the highest amount of views, reach, and IMV throughout the campaign. These videos were geared towards audiences of all genders and ages, but spanned across multiple categories, including ASMR, true crime, beauty, finance, and self-improvement. This method appeared to be highly successful, as influencers drew in millions of views on their sponsored videos.

Check out some of the standout influencers that were sponsored by Audible from July to September:

CreatorSubscribersChannel Views
The Find Guru738K43M
Corinne Leigh1.19M66M
Kendall Rae2.07M298M
Matt D'Avella2.96M189M
Charisma on Command4.14M363M

  1. The Find Guru is a Los Angeles native that shares her favorite curly hair tips and tricks with her audience. She also makes videos on her beauty tips, business advice, fashion advice, and fitness routines.

  1. If you know Corinne Leigh from ThreadBanger, then you’ll love her personal channel. Her videos model her real-life, as she films everything she thinks her viewers will be interested in, like taking care of her cats or styling her hair.

  1. Kendall Rae is a popular YouTuber and podcast host with over 2M subscribers on her channel. Her videos are all about the topics that intrigue viewers and encourage them to think freely, such as true crime, unsolved mysteries, politics, world travel, space and ocean exploration, history, astrology, and more.

  1. Matt D’Avella is the filmmaker behind the documentary Minimalism. As you might’ve guessed, Matt makes weekly videos where he discusses filmmaking, creativity, and how to live a minimalist lifestyle.

  1. Charisma on Command is a channel run by Charlie Houpert, a creator with a mission to help people become more confident in social interactions. His videos focus on anything and everything from how to make people laugh to how to be more likable.

Final Results

Amazon Audible’s marketing methods have been working, as its membership has grown by double digits year over year for more than a decade. In comparison to its competitors, including Scribd, Audiobooks, and OverDrive, Audible still has significant dominance in the market, generating an estimated $2.5B more revenue than both Scribd and Audiobooks combined this year.

To put it more in perspective, Audible now accounts for 41% of audiobooks sales in the U.S. and their momentum shows no signs of slowing down. As time goes on and Amazon Audible continues to market on YouTuber through influencers, their company will see more substantial growth.

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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