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Sway House is the TikTok Creator House of Your Dreams

By Editorial Staff

Imagine a frat house minus the frat, with the addition of non-stop filming. The Sway House is a group of young famous Tiktokers living together in Los Angeles. They are actually living pretty luxuriously in their 7,800-square-foot Bel Air mansion. Their current home is valued at a little over $10 million and is being rented out for $11,000 per month. For them, this insane rent is hardly a drop in the bucket. They rake in millions by leveraging their social media accounts for ads and brand deals.

In fact, they don’t even need to worry one second over the rent. It is fully covered by TalentX Entertainment, a TikTok management company. They find famous TikTokers and invite them to live in the house. Sway House residents who are actually TalentX Entertainment clients, are assigned video quotas to maintain their status. The boys and this company have truly capitalized on the booming industry of influencer marketing by being themselves and consistently putting out unique content for the world to see. 

Sway House Members

(Ranked by popularity on TikTok)

1. Bryce Hall


HAHAHAHAH @itstaylerholder

♬ Shower – Becky G

With 15.1 million fans on Tiktok and 6.9 million followers on Instagram, Bryce has had a consistent internet presence since 2014. Bryce is originally from Maryland, he is now 21 years old now. In addition to posting comedy, lip-sync and dance videos that have landed him the 6th most popular TikTok, he has also started a finance podcast called Capital University. 

2. Noah Beck


this was for reall our first try.. we will perfect this @dixiedamelio

♬ Blow Your Mind (Mwahchallenge) – Dua Lipa

With 18.6 million fans on Tiktok and 6.2 million followers on Instagram, Noah, is the most recent addition to the house but already the second most famous. Before fame, he was attending the University of Portland, playing soccer for the Portland Pilots and maintaining a 3.9 GPA. Noah is only 19 and originally from Arizona. He is known for his lifestyle, sport and comedy related content.  

3. Anthony Reeves

With 10.1 million fans on Tiktok and 4.9 million followers on Instagram, Anthony first began posting pictures on Instagram in 2016. Originally from Kentucky, he is famous for his lip syncs and duet videos with his girlfriend. He is the 23rd most popular TikToker

4. Kio Cyr

With 8.4 million fans on Tiktok and 2.6 million followers on Instagram, Kio is originally from Canada. His first TiKTok video featured him dancing on his roof in celebration of his high school graduation. Now he along with the other members of the Sway House posts lip-syncs, trends, challenges and other entertaining content. He has gotten to be the 31st most popular TikToker.

5. Blake Gray 


@noahbeck found this one in the draftsss

♬ original sound – nina.escalanteallen

With 7.7 million fans on Tiktok and 5.2 million followers on Instagram. This 19 year old from Texas is leaving his mark. He is currently ranked the 33rd most popular TikToker. Not only is he well known on TIkTok and IG, his, and YouNow accounts have also gained a massive following. 

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Other Sway House facts

They Sway House launched following the success of Hype House in January of 2019. TalentX Entertainment has discovered a goldmine. The idea of putting big TikTok names together has exponentially extended the reach of each of the individual creators. Having a huge following nowadays directly equates to ludacris amounts of money made from ad and brand deals. While each member is famous on his own accord, the group together also is extremely popular.

Their TikTok @theswayla, has 4.2 million fans, while @theswayla on Instagram has earned over 2 million followers. In just 2 years, they have amassed an incredible following and whether you approve of their antics or not, they have an influence that is hard to compete with. 

Recently the group has gotten into some trouble. In May of 2020, while on a road trip, Bryce and Jaden were arrested on drug charges. Following the incident, Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler announced in June of 2020 that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus from the Sway House saying the fame was too much and that they “allowed the LA partying lifestyle to consume them.” Time can only tell what will happen with the boys, but for now they have a devoted fan base that sustains their lavish lifestyle. Quinton and Griffin have also recently left the house to pursue different opportunities.

Recently Departed House Mates

1. Josh Richards


Kinda hit that tho @noahbeck

♬ Shower – Becky G

With 22.8 million fans on Tiktok and 7.3 million followers on Instagram. Though he has the largest Instagram following of this group he is nowhere near the most popular on IG. However, Josh is the 9th most popular TikTok star. Originally from Canada, he is also an actor. In 2018 he was in films “Brothers Keeper” and “Summertime Dropouts.” At only 18, Josh also spoke at the Consumer Electronics Summit about climate change in July of 2020. He is a partner and co-founder of the TalentX Entertainment company. 

2. Jaden Hossler

With 8.7 million fans on Tiktok and 4.4 million followers on Instagram. Jaden, regularly posts comedy and dance videos. But, he is also a singer. At only 19, he released his debut single “Comatose” in March of 2020. He is originally from Texas and first posted on Instagram in 2016. His first post was a photo of one of his drawings. Jaden is also a partner and co-founder of the TalentX Entertainment company and he is now the 15th most popular TikToker.

3. Quinton Griggs

With 7 million fans on Tiktok and 2.3 million followers on Instagram, Quinton was the youngest Sway house member at only 17 and is originally from North Carolina. He is known for his POV, dance and lip-sync videos. Quinton is currently ranked the 20th most popular TikToker.

4. Griffin Johnson

With 9.4 million fans on Tiktok and 3.6 million followers on Instagram, Griffin, now almost 22 was the oldest in the house. He is originally from Illinois and is known for his comedy and vlog content. Griffin is currently the 25th most popular TikToker. 

This article was written by Kiana St Onge

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