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Influencer Spotlight: TabithaBrown

By Editorial Staff

With the masses flocking to TikTok during the months of quarantine, users became infatuated with many influencers, specifically Tabitha Brown (@iam tabithabrown on TikTok). This vegan chef, known actress, and overall motherly figure grabbed the attention of many with her quirky, funny home videos that caught on very quickly. In just a matter of months, Brown gained over 4.5 million loyal followers.

With her first video posted on March 6th of this year, Brown’s online success is unmatched. What many younger TikTok users may not know is that this is not Brown’s first time in the spotlight. 

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The Beginning of @ Tabithabrown on TikTok

In 2004, Tabitha Brown and husband Chance Brown, moved to Los Angeles in hopes of achieving her dreams of becoming an actress. While navigating the tough entertainment scene in the city, Tabitha Brown was in a number of notable films like Outrighteous, All Between Us, Helpless, and many more. It was not until late 2017 until Tabitha Brown got the recognition that she deserved. While stopping at Whole Foods on her break from Uber driving, Brown posted a video reviewing a sandwich that took the internet by storm. All around the country, people were posting their reaction video online for all to see. 

Becoming an Influencer

In a turn of events, Brown found herself as a Brand Ambassador for Whole Foods just a week later, traveling around the country to talk about her turning to an all-vegan diet. A vegan diet, popular in today’s society, means cutting out all animal products from your food choices, and using ingredients that are more sustainable to both plants and animals. She used her growing Facebook platform to post her motivational videos along with numerous cooking tips on how to adapt your cooking to a vegan lifestyle. 


Fancy hash browns 😋 #vegan #foodie #tabithabrown

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

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What Is She Doing Now?

Tabitha Brown, unlike most people who go viral, did not let this opportunity pass her up. With the massive user base on TikTok, Brown turned to this platform to post more of her incredible content which quickly took the app by storm. Her soft-spoken, hilarious yet informative videos kept her audience engaged and coming back for more. Brown’s ability to impress even those against the vegan diet, never ceases to amaze.


Omg thank you all so much for your love and support!! I’m featured as one of the worlds favorite TikTokers! WOW❤️ Love you all! #tabithabrown

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

For example, her video, which has over 16 million views, on how to make vegan bacon (don’t knock it till you try it!) intrigued viewers as she cut up strips of carrots and generally seasoned and baked them until crispy. She showed the viewers how crispy and bacon-like this vegetable can really be, and she can because that’s her business! For those who don’t know, Ms. @ TabithaBrown has a slew of catchphrases that her viewers love. So much so she turned it into merch!


Carrot bacon❤️ #tabithabrown #veganbacon

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

As her following grew, Tabitha began posting numerous times a week and even extended her reach onto other social media platforms:

Social MediaHandle# of Followers
YouTubeTabitha Brown360,00

Doing this has helped her gain traction to be featured on The Today Show, written about in numerous big-name newspapers, and even being given a show on the Ellen Digital Network (EDN). These features don’t go unnoticed, as she is now the face of the vegan community! Tabitha Brown’s extensive wrap sheet goes on and on, and we are excited to see her next adventures.

This article was written by Jake Steel

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