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Vlogmas All the Way: Top Vlogging Influencers Celebrating the Holidays

By Editorial Staff

Vlogmas is here, and creators are getting in the festive spirit. Never heard of Vlogmas? No worries. This blog is the perfect starting point for learning how your business can use it to its advantage! Essentially, Vlogmas is a digital advent calendar brought to life by bloggers we know and love. These content creators generously share the hustle and “day in their lives” of the festive season, providing viewers with a daily dose of holiday charm.

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Why Vlogmas is Important

Now, imagine your brand becoming an integral part of this festive tapestry. This is where teaming up with influencers during Vlogmas can be the perfect holiday marketing strategy. Influencers that you partner up with can broadcast your brand to their vast audience, and with viewers tuning in daily for the latest Vlogmas content, your product or service could take center stage.

Authenticity is a key player in the Vlogmas game, as highlighted in a CyberLink article highlighting the best ways for influencers to start up a vlog. Influencers are trusted voices, much like friends offering holiday gift advice. Their endorsement of your product or service is very similar to a friend recommending the perfect present, fostering a genuine connection with viewers.

During Vlogmas, the talk of the town is Christmas and the upcoming new year. Because of this, social media engagement during the holidays skyrockets. Vlogmas creates a fresh digital space where viewers watch for gift and decoration ideas, as well as simple entertainment. By seamlessly integrating your brand into this popular trend, you can interact with the audience in a more meaningful manner.

Collaborating with influencers during Vlogmas is a strategic move, providing your business with an opportunity to stand apart from others and be featured in this season’s digital celebration. This partnership also has the potential to become an investment that resonates beyond the season, fostering an enduring connection.

Here is a list of some festive influencers on different platforms that would be the perfect match for spreading marketing cheer:

1. Kaylie Stewart

  • Social media: Tiktok (@kaylieestewart)
  • Followers: 947.2k

Not only is this influencer a HUGE hit when it comes to the vlogmas trend, but she also creates content throughout the year that gathers a wide span of audiences. Kaylie Stewart has been doing vlogmas this holiday season and has shown her audience everything from her daily workout routine, skincare, meals, and so much more during December.

Her vlogs are aesthetically pleasing, and she does a voiceover on some of them, explaining her day as the video goes on. Her channel would be great for a business looking to partner up during vlogmas due to the sheer number of household items and clothing she showcases. She also gives holiday gift advice, which could benefit brands looking to target a younger, more active audience. 


vlogmas day 9 🎄🛷🧣🎀 #vlogmas #vlogmasday9 #dailyvlog #morningroutine #fulltimeinfluencer #healthygirl #dayinmylife #decembervlogs #runningerrands #25daysofchristmas

♬ Acoustic Folk Instrumental – Yunusta

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2. Natalie Just

  • Social media: Tiktok (@nataliemariejust)
  • Followers: 86.7k 

If your brand revolves around health, wellness, style, fashion, or self-care, then Natalie is just the one to collaborate with. Natalie Just is based in the Chicago area and focuses her content on all things wellness. This season, she kicked vlogmas into gear by talking about her morning routine in terms of supplements, breakfast, and routine. Her videos are soothing and aesthetically pleasing. Add Natalie Just to your brand’s future influencer vlogmas Christmas list!


Sweet Lorens cookies are so good how did I just discover these #vlogmasday13

♬ Elf Interlude – Tori Kelly

3. Emilie Kiser

  • Social media: Tiktok (@emiliekiser)
  • Followers: 2.6 million 

This might be the IT girl this vlogmas season. With her trendy videos that appeal to a younger audience, she also appeals to an audience of women with kids, as she has a son herself. Her Tiktok would be great to collaborate with for vlogmas because she showcases a whole day in her life and features many brands throughout these Tiktok vlogs. 


HAPPY FRIYAY I AM LOVING VLOGGING EVERYDAY🤭🎅🏻✨🎀🫶🏻 #dayinthelife #momsoftiktok #trending #viral #toddlersoftiktok #family #minivlog #vlogmas #fyp #adventcalendar #productivity #motivation #relatable

♬ original sound – Emilie

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4. Bailey Dedrick

  • Social media: Youtube (@baileydedrick)
  • Subscribers: 824k

If you’re a brand that prefers YouTube, Bailey Dedrick has the perfect vlogmas for your brands to be featured in.

She is hilarious and authentically herself, which is why she has such a huge following. Her vlogmas vary depending on the day, but she mostly just goes through her life and talks about different products she uses on a daily basis, as well as updates on her personal life. She has a lot of views on her videos titled “Vlogmas,” which could mean great engagement with your brand by collaborating with this influencer during the holiday season. 

5. Nicole Laeno 

  • Social media: Youtube (@NicoleLaeno)
  • Subscribers: 3.22 Million

Nicole Laeno does a great job at making her subscribers feel like they are having a conversation with her. Her vlogmas posts feature her talking to the camera, just going over life and giving young people advice. Her audience is geared more towards teenagers and young adults. If your brand aims for this age range, then definitely check out her work and projects. 

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6. Zhirelle

  • Social media: YouTube (@Zhirelle)
  • Subscribers: 699k

Let’s talk about another authentic YouTube vlogger. Zhirelle, a vibrant and creative individual, is not just a college student but a seasoned content creator on YouTube. At the age of 21, she brought her perspective to her channel, where she generously shares her life experiences and adventures. With four younger siblings adding a dynamic touch to her narrative, family plays a significant role in her content.

As a passionate traveler, she takes her audience along on her journeys, capturing the essence of diverse cultures and beautiful landscapes. Her weekly vlogs, especially during vlogmas,  stand out as her favorite content to produce, allowing viewers an intimate glimpse into her day-to-day life. She is also an avid art enthusiast, infusing creativity into her videos and sharing her artistic endeavors with a growing community of like-minded individuals.

7. Riss & Quan Vlogs

  • Social media: Youtube (@rissandquanvlogs)
  • Subscribers: 3.16 million

If you’re looking to partner with family influencers this holiday season, then Rissa and Quan are the perfect people for it. They have two adorable little kids that they have in all of their vlogs. They make creative content all the way from holiday and nighttime kid routines, gift ideas for Christmas, and just being real with their audience about their personal lives. Keep this couple on your radar for future partnerships during the Christmas season. 

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This article was written by Emma Carlson

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