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Top 10 Nail Art Influencers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

At NeoReach, we decided to come up with a list of the top 10 nail art influencers on Youtube for 2017.

These nail experts are the best of the best and can teach anyone about fantastic looking nails and nail care within minutes; or if you’re just in search of cheap new manicure, these are influencers are the people you’re going to want to go to.

Using Neoreach, we selected the top 10 nail art influencers on YouTube based on the measurements in cumulative reach, audience and engagement data. 

Influencers featured on our top nail art influencers list this year have been noticed globally by a variety of people, all have massive followings, and dedicated engaged subscribers.

Number 1: 

Sandi whom the channel Cutepolish belongs too has a passion for nail art and anything nails. Her uploads are incredibly easy to follow and can teach you anything you need to know about nails.

Sandi has an international reach with her biggest pull in London. Her viewers are between the ages 17-19 (55%) and 94% of her audience are females.

Sandi’s most popular video is a tutorial for newspaper nails that received a little over 20 million views. The video demonstrates a technique using newspaper ink to imprint words from the paper directly onto the nail.

Sandi’s unique ideas, dedicated fan following, and beautiful nail designs landed her the # 1 spot on this year’s top 10 list.

Number 2: 

Jenny has a love for all things beauty with nail art being her highest expertise.

Her cute and funny personality allow her videos not only to be informal but also entertaining. Using Neoreach, we can see 69% of her viewers are between the ages 17-24 and 74% of her viewers are single.

One of her most popular uploads was an “easy nail art for beginners” vlog which was a step by step process explaining how to do astounding nail art.

Her vlogs mostly have to do with nails, but beauty hauls and tutorials can be seen as well.

Number 3: 

Janells fun-loving personality shines right through her videos and is sure to brighten up your day.

Janelle has also published two books about nails; both can be found on Amazon.

Her audience is mostly females with 6.1 percent of her viewers being male, with the highest contraction of followers in a single city being 5.6 percent of her total reach in New York.

Janelle’s top video is a nail tutorial vlog inspired by Disney’s Mickey Mouse which received over 4.8 million views.

Number 4: 

Julie is obsessed with everything beauty and is a self-proclaimed girly girl.

Julie has a nail polish line with more than 50 colors that can be found in rite-aid stores nationwide.

Surprisingly 44 percent of her reach are people who are married, and 27 percent of her viewers are between the ages 27-29. So individuals who have long-term relationships that are a little older than the typical 18-24 audience age bracket.

Her uploads aren’t all nail related videos; her channel also consists of beauty tutorials. Her most popular upload received 87,000 views and was a video where she swatched the MAC Giambattista Valli Lipstick colors.

Number 5: 

Colette, the girl behind the channel my simple little pleasures considers a manicure life’s lovely, little pleasures.

Colette enjoys everything and strives to share enjoyment with everybody. Her viewers are between the ages 25-34 (at 34.3%). She reaches international audience with a cluster of 3.9% of her reach living in London, England.

Her most popular video was a nail tutorial that was valentine’s day inspired and taught people how to do DIY water marble nails. This video received 14.4 million views.

Number 6: 

Robin is a loving woman who inspires anyone to take on the challenging task of creating a perfect manicure.

She ensures in her videos that the manicures she creates are the cheapest and the most efficient way to create the perfect the manicure. She has viewers in Singapore (1.8%) which is unusual for an American nail artist.

Many of her viewers are split evenly single and married: 53% vs. 47%. Her top video features Robin herself and a nail tutorial titled “dripping in diamonds” where Robin taught her viewers how to bedazzle their nails creating a classy and perfect tasteful manicure.

Number 7: 

This YouTube channel is dedicated to all things nails, short and long!

The nail art tutorials are seen on this channel are simply exquisite and beautiful.

This channel reaches people across the world. 11.6% of their reach is in places such as London, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Sydney, Mexico City, and San Paulo. 40% of the simple nails audience is between the ages 17-19.

This top influencers video received a little over 3 million views, and the upload was a nail art tutorial of gorgeous ombre nails using acrylic paint.  Reaching a cumulative of 18 million views since their YouTube channel was created, Simplenailartdesigns reached number 8 on this top list.

Number 8: 

This channel was created by its founder to teach people about the thing she loves the most nails!

This channel is meant to help anyone learn how to perfect nail art designs at home versus getting their nails done at a nail salon for a costly price.

Within the 50% of the audience in the US, 4.1% of this influencer’s audience is from New York and 64% are single  vs. 34% married.

This channel’s most popular video was a how-to tutorial on creating black sheer nails, receiving over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Number 9: 

Yay Nails also know as “@totallycoolnails” is another very popular nail art YouTube channel.

Like all the other nail art tutorials, this influencer focuses on nail art tutorials that teach the average YouTube surfer how to do perfect and fabulous manicures.

Females dominate the demographics at 97%. Almost half of this influencer’s audience are between the ages 17-19 ranking in at 47 percent.

This influencers top post was a cute and funny nail how-to on creating mustache nail art, receiving 1.5 million views.

If you want to learn how to do simple and cheap nail art designs that are quick and easy you can’t go wrong visiting this influencers page.

Number 10: 

Oh My Gosh Polish has a great nail tutorial and art channel on youtube with a massive following on Instagram as well showcasing stunning creative nail designs.

This influencer has a following based in Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom. The audience that follows Oh My Gosh, transcends generations with a fairly even split from 17 to 19, 20 to 24, and 25 to 29-year-old age groups.  

Oh My Gosh’s most popular video features a unique 191-minute compilation of all of her 2016 nail tutorials in one massive video. The content really highlights her skill in color mixing and creativity.

To request a spreadsheet with these top 10 influencers featured above, or contact us for more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

Also, check out our updated list of the top nail art influencers on Instagram here!

It’s important to note that data card values are rounded and/or time sensitive.  

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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