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Top 10 Nail Art Influencers on Instagram

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Top 10 Nail Art Influencers on Instagram

Top Nail Art Influencers on Instagram

Nail art is all the new craze, as fashion gurus around the world attempt to mimic the works of the pros. Ever since nail became increasingly more popular, nail accessories are more avail and affordable than ever before. DIYers strive to perfect each intricate look through watching tutorials on Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook. Below are just a few of the nail art influencers embracing the nail art movement.

Top Nail Art Influencers You Should Be Following on Instagram

By Kyleigh Eaton


Alicia Torello

If you see high fashioned nails in a magazine, there is a good chance it is the work of Alicia Torello. Alicia rules the world of nail art and has become a big name in the beauty and fashion industry over the years. Some of her earliest work includes the punk rock nail art we saw at the Met Gala years ago, and she has been on fire ever since!

Karen Gutierrez

Keeping it classy and chic, Karen Gutierrez redefines simplistic nails. Karen rose to fame by doing the nails of various celebrities, such as Selena Gomez and Becky G. Her nails are very relatable and aesthetically pleasing, resulting in her rise to fame.

Jessica Washick

This feminist rose to fame through her Tumblr account titled, “u don’t need a man. u need a manicure.” Her ability to craft fun and creative nails through patterns, and even Swarovski crystals, is how she landed a spot on this top 10 list!

Chelsea King

Chelsea is known for very intricate and original designs. Her creativity is like no other, making her one of the most popular nail art influencers in the world! She is well known for her unique ability to combine various shapes and textures for the purpose of nail art.

Lexi Martone

Known for her dramatic and playful designs, Lexi has some of the best Disney depictions in the world of nail art. Including photos of her Toy Story and Little Mermaid nail art, her Instagram has over 106k followers! But who’s surprised? Her nail art is among the best in the world.

Taryn Multack

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This nail artist quit her day job in exchange to live out her daydream. She pursued her passion for nail art, and did a service to the world by doing so! She is best known for her fashion week nails, where she portrays her favorite looks in the form of nail art. Her work is just as bold and brave as she is!

Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone is well known for her cute and innovative nail art. She slays the anime nail game through her famous depictions of anime creatures and critters. As if she couldn’t get any more unique, she is the nail artist of Demi Lovato as well as many other pop stars! But regardless of which A-list celebrities she pampers, her creativity is what keeps her on this top list.

Britney Tokyo

Britney has won many nail art competitions in Japan and the United States, making it impossible to leave her off this list. Her skill goes beyond what the average person is capable of, as her nail art is extremely detailed and complex. I feel sorry for her competitors in her next nail art competition!

Madeline Poole

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Madeline Poole is a Sally Hansen’s ambassador and an absolute queen in the nail art world. She is credited as the girl who invented the outline manicure, as well as many drop-dead gorgeous nail wraps! Madeline Poole is a force to be reckoned with, as she inspires girls around the world to follow their dreams.

Miho “Mei” Kawajiri

Miho “Mei” Kawajiri is one of the most popular nail artists in New York City. After moving to the United States from Japan to pursue nail art, she became an instant Instagram sensation and highly sought after nail artist. She is well known for her insanely precise and detailed nail art drawings.

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