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TikTok Discover List: The Top Creators of 2022 

By Editorial Staff

One of TikTok’s greatest draws is its wide variety of content creators. There’s content for nearly every internet niche, and TikTok is home to some of the most talented, creative, and inspiring content creators. The 50 Top Creators of 2022 from TikTok’s Discover list have stolen the hearts of their audiences, and by making this list, are being applauded for their positive influence both on and off the platform. 


Your advocates, inspirations, and educators are the bold changemakers. Their confidence is key to making them social change powerhouses, and they’re making the world, and the TikTok discover list a better place, one video at a time. 

1. Tasnim Ali



Io al #coachella con abito marocchino che mi è stato gentilmente regalato😅❤️ #coachella2022 #america #california #cringe

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

A 21-year-old from Rome, Italy, Tasnim Ali is an open book when it comes to answering questions about her culture and traditions. She also works hard to quash misconceptions about the Islam religion, all while keeping a positive outlook, and a radiant smile. 

2. Auri Kananen



This lovely old lady was in tears when she came home 🥺❤️ #cleaning #truestory #helping #satisfying

♬ STAR WALKIN’ (League of Legends Worlds Anthem) – Lil Nas X

Who knew cleaning could be this positive? Auri Kananen is a professional cleaner who is “not afraid of dirt, the dirt is afraid of [her]”. Besides her fun content, Auri gives back to her community by cleaning the homes of people who live in unsafe conditions due to mental health struggles free of charge. 

3. Dylan Mulvaney



Day 268- my first hoops #trans #earrings thank you @Studs👂Ear piercing & earrings 💓

♬ Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller

The TikTok discover list would not be complete without TikToks favorite girlboss: Dylan Mulvaney. Her incredibly popular “Days of Girlhood” series spreads important information about transgender journeys, and Dylan’s voice has even reached President Biden. We can’t wait for more days of Dylan on our For You feed. 

Want to see more successful LGBTQ+ creators? Check out NeoReach’s 12 Top LGBTQ Influencers. 

4. Hunter Prosper



Every stranger has a story, let’s start listening <3

♬ original sound – Hunter Prosper

Hunter Prospers’ compassion makes him perfectly suited for his job as an ICU nurse and a creator that brings attention to voices that need to be heard. Hunter’s stories and “notes from a stranger” series make our faith in humanity’s goodness stronger. 

5. Iben Ma



Hahaha sorry yo bu 😁❤️

♬ Face Dance – Funny Tok

Iben Ma’s favorite quote to live by is “Live life to the fullest”, and it’s easy to see how much enjoyment from life he gets when watching his adventures around the world, showcasing diverse individuals and places. 

6. Osito Lima



I love you brother

♬ Night Trouble By Petit Biscuit – Tyler

Philanthropy is everything to Osito Lima, and the Osito Lima Project promotes empathy while helping people on the streets in extreme poverty. The Peru native makes it easy to feel the love, even through a screen. 

7. Mamadou Diaye



3 likes and I’ll talk about animals with the best rizz #nature#rizz#learnontiktok#moreyouknow#animals

♬ Ballet song like “Waltz of flowers” _3 minutes(965255) – yulu-ism project

Mamadou Diaye has always loved zoology, and he’s spreading that passion for animals with his quick wit and hilarious personality. We’ll probably never get over him explaining how the Albatross bird has incredible rizz. 

8. Naomi Hearts



This is so unreal🥺 i love you sll so much 💗 #plussize #relatable #plussizeedition #trans #foru #disneyparks

♬ agony – –

Just like her name implies, Naomi Hearts is spreading love all across TikTok. A trans, plus-size, and Latina creator, Naomi is a trailblazer. She’s open about the hardships she’s faced in the past and uses that to drive her even further. We can’t think of a more beautiful soul. 

9. Kairyn Potts



Coming out can be one of the most difficult and scary times in a queer person’s life. Everyone’s experience is different and valid though – here’s some things that I did that worked, and some that I would change if I could go back. ✨ Remember that your safety is of the utmost importance and to always surround yourself with people that you trust. ❤️🌈 @nyxcosmetics_canada @itgetsbettercanada #NationalComingOutDay #ItGetsBetterProject #ad

♬ original sound – Kairyn Potts

Giving voice to Indigenous people, Kairyn Potts is a Two Spirit, Nakota Sioux creator from Treaty Six Territory. He loves sharing his everyday passions like fashion, beauty, and gaming and is constantly striving to continue to educate others about his community. 

10. Ana Laura Pachecho



Historia de las “Baterías de Litio” 🔋 #Nissan #EstoesNissan #NISSANePOWER

♬ sonido original – Science with Ana

A bubbly and bright woman in STEM, Ana Laura Pachecho is a chemical engineer who’s bringing the chemistry lab right to our phones. Ana is steadfast in her belief that science is exciting, interesting, and, most importantly, for everyone. If only she had been our high school Chemistry teacher… 

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Bringing their mouthwatering creations right to your phone screen, the Foodies of the TikTok discover list are all about breaking boundaries with their cuisine. They’ve won our views, hearts, and stomachs. 

1. Abir El Saghir



الله عليك يا المغرب 🇲🇦 ان شاء الله البطولة🏆 #المغرب #morocco #🇲🇦 #Football

♬ original sound – Abir el saghir

We seriously don’t think food has ever looked this good. Abir El Saghir combines cooking and cinematography to make her dishes look extra appetizing. We can’t tell what’s better looking: the food or the outfits Abir wears while making it.

2. Bayashi




♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – Rainbow Friend – 🌈 Rainbow Friend 1274🌈

Bayashi doesn’t consider himself a professional chef, but we sure wouldn’t be able to cook at the speed of his fast-paced videos. But we’re always quick to double-tap to like his videos. 

3. Shereen Pavlides



My Popover Recipe is on my page. #yorkshirepudding #popovers #foodies #cookingwithshereen

♬ original sound – Shereen Pavlides

Shereen Pavlides is a professionally trained chef from New Jersey, and she makes us feel right at home in both her kitchen and our own kitchens. We’ve never felt more prepared to cook our own recipes from scratch than we do when watching Shereen’s TikToks. 

4. Daen Kelly



This is how I grew up eating Vegemite toast #vegemitetoast #oliveoil #avocadotoast #australia #australianfood

♬ original sound – Daen Lia

Daen Kelly has made her kitchen a positive place to be, making her spot on the TikTok Discover List no surprise. She combines her Spanish and Italian heritage in her cooking and has created a safe space for those struggling with body image, eating disorders, or toxic diet culture. 

5. Dimas Ramadhan Pangestu



Replying to @Nikooo Potong daging pake pisau❌ Potong daging pake gergaji✅ #DimsGoesToJapan #MeatUniverse

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Dimas Ramadhan Pangestu swears that anyone can make the perfect steak, and we’re inclined to believe everything he says. The creator from Indonesia has taken his carnivore enthusiasm to the big leagues with his appearance on the TikTok Discover list. 

6. Priya Sharma



🇹🇷the best dessert in Turkey KNAFEH #knafeh #turkishfood

♬ original sound – Priya Sharma

TikTok has allowed Priya Sharma to pursue her culinary dreams, and we’re so glad it has. She loves sharing her recipes and food adventures with her viewers, and they all look positively mouth-watering. 


7. Mari Monet & Candice Danae



Honey Bun Burger w/ @Three Wishes Cereal from Whole Foods 🍔 #3wpartner #candicecooks

♬ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

A two-for-one special on the TikTok Discover List, sisters Candice and Mari create the most stunning platings for the dishes Candice cooks for her big sister Mari. They’re foodies through and through, and we never tire of watching them. 

8. Patricio Carvalho 



Fiz farinha Panko em casa gastando pouco🤑😱 Ingredientes👇: 3 pacotes de pão de forma (rende 1kg de Panko) Preparo: Retire as cascas do pão(pode usar para fazer farinha de rosca também), corte em pedaços menores e bata usando um processador ou liquidificador até chegar no tamanho e textura de Panko (tipo farinha flocada). Leve para desidratar no forno a 180° por +-10min ou até ela ficar bem sequinha. Abra na metade do tempo e espalhe bem. Dica 1: Não é para deixar tostar e dourar, ela só tem que ficar desidratada e crocante. Dica 2: O tempo pode variar de acordo com a potênciado seu forno. Vá sempre abrindo e checando até chegar na consistência. Guarde num pote com tampa e use para empanados, farofas ou como sua imaginação permitir. #farinhapanko #fy #aprendanotiktok

♬ som original – Patricio Carvalho

Patricio Carvalho uses his delicious barbeque videos to also spread awareness about nature and gastronomy. Can it be summer barbeque season already so we can try his easy-to-follow recipes? 

9. Samo Frais



Lobster potpie 🦞

♬ original sound – CVA Edits

Samo Frais creates a Food Network-worthy show in the length of a TikTok video, and we love it. Endlessly inspired by his Grandmother’s cooking, cinematography and delicious soul food combined have taken TikTok by storm. 

10. Nigel Kabvina



Surprising my roommate with a final super simple and quick breakfast before I leave for a few weeks🪷 #brunchtok #foodreview #contentcreator

♬ What Falling in Love Feels Like – Eva Tiedemann

Nigel Kabvina makes food and drink a 40-second cinematic experience with his talents. He’s especially talented at catering to those who struggle with eating breakfast (the most important meal of the day after all). His personality is infectious and we can practically taste his creations just by looking at them. 

Want to see more of Foodie TikTok? Check out NeoReach’s Top 15 TikTok Food Trends. 


Every influencer on the TikTok discover list is an icon in their own right, but the Icons are the true legends of the For You page. They’re the stars of every conversation that begins with “did you see that TikTok…” 

1. DeMarcus Montgomery




♬ original sound – DemarcusShawn

DeMarcus Montgomery’s POVs are always on point. Relatable and hilarious, a list of rising TikTok Icons would be lacking without him. 

2. Drew Afualo




♬ original sound – Drew Afualo

TikTok’s “Crusader of Women” is adding her own raging fire to the TikTok Discover list. Drew Afualo is from California and a rising Hollywood star and female empowerment star. The world is a much brighter place with her misogyny takedowns. 

3. Fabiola Baglieri 



Replying to @milkss.millie0 🫡

♬ Adams Family Theme Song – Halloween DJ’s

Fabiola Baglieri describes herself as a dreamer, and her makeup looks are positively dreamy to match. She takes a new spin on being a beauty influencer, making sure to preach positivity and self-love. 

4. Fannita Leggett 



I’m taking matters into my own hands now

♬ original sound – Fannita

Fannita Leggett is quick-witted and hilarious. She’s observant and loveable-even if she is the self-proclaimed “#1 Menace in the Nation”

5. Francis Bourgeois 



My first ride on 1938 stock — a trip back in time! @ltmuseum #trains #trending #fyp

♬ original sound – Francis Bourgeois

If you didn’t know about trainspotting before, you’re definitely going to want to now. Francis Bourgeois is incredibly passionate about watching trains, and he’s sharing that joy with a bright smile with thousands of his followers. 

6. Jimmy Jan 



just keep swinging. pls enjoy my attempts at the many swings on offer at the playground. #swings #wheelchair #playground #yeehar #siblings

♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Jimmy Jan’s skiing accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair didn’t deter him too much. He remains endlessly upbeat while documenting his life with his disability and keeps his followers reminded to be grateful for all the good things. 

7. Linh Barbie 



Ca sĩ mới đỳ pút Lyn Bé Bỳ 🥰😝 @✨Lyn Lyn✨

♬ Fiction x NTTY Vuhuynh remix – Thiên thần sa ngã 🧚🏻‍♂️

Just as impeccable as her perfectly adorable outfits is Linh Barbie’s fun and personable content. The star from Vietnam is well-loved on the platform, and we love to see her on the list of nominees for the TikTok discover list. 

8. Nicholas Flannery 



What do YOU want to happen next? I feel like shes conna embaress him at this holiday gala #dynasty #ballgown #ball #parkavenue

♬ original sound – Nicholas Flannery

Pop culture moments are instantly funnier when Nicholas Flannery adds his satirical takes on them. We’d watch a full movie-length version of his “Wife That Dies At the Beginning of the Movie” series any day of the week. 

9. Wonjeong 



12월18일 일요일 오후 3시 교보문고 광화문점에서 당일 (해당 교보문고에서) 원정맨 책 구매자들과 함께 팬 사인회를 진행할 예정입니다! 많은 관심 부탁드립니다!! (11시 잠실점은 취소되었어요ㅠㅠ!) #틱톡순삭 #fyp #viral #xyzbca #korean #stitch

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 원정맨 WonJeong – 원정맨 WonJeong

Just as popular as any K-Pop group member is TikTok comedian and model Wonjeong. You may know him as the MAMA! Boy, or just a cheerful smile on your feed. 

10. Cecilia Blomdahl 



The darkness closes in! Could you live here?! 😃 #svalbard #longyearbyen #polarnight

♬ In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) – Instrumental – Lesfm & Olexy

We’re vicariously living in the arctic through Cecilia Blomdahl’s content. Life close to the North Pole can’t be easy, but Cecilia is truly fearless. Her TikToks are just as impressive as the northern lights themselves. 

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The Innovators of the TikTok discover list are fearless, and they’re always experimenting with something new. They’re creative and gutsy, and we can’t wait to see their groundbreaking ideas reach new heights on the app. 

1. Adrian Bliss 



Julius Caesar’s security

♬ original sound – Adrian Bliss

Vogue lists Adrian Bliss as one of the funniest TikTok accounts, and we absolutely cannot argue. His sketch comedy videos are almost always viral sensations, giving us some of our favorite rainy-day videos (and his costumes are always the cherry on top).

2. Caroline Kidonas 



He’s tired & she’s delightfully self-involved! And both of them are out of their element. 🍂🌨️ #holidaymovies #holidayromcom

♬ original sound – Caroline Klidonas

So you’re telling us Caroline Kidonas isn’t already starring in her own romcom? We love bingeing her TV and film parodies just as much as any Netflix show. Luckily for us, Caroline even has four seasons of a Zodiac-inspired series: the Rune series. 

3. Jarred Jermaine 



♬ Kill Bill – SZA

Chances are that the new viral song that has a melody you can’t quite place has already been broken down and explained by Jarred Jermaine. The music knowledge creator makes learning about producing and engineering music simple, but incredibly fascinating. 

4. Ryan Omoto and Daniel Omoto



Replying to @tele_the_goat Comment what we should talk about next! #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – JustTheNobodys

“The Nobodys” may be their TikTok username, but the Omoto brothers are anything but nobodies. Perfect for the whole family, The Nobodys’ account both entertains and promotes representation. Need more Ryan and Daniel content? Check out their podcast!

5. Shahira Azlan 



8 hours vs 30 seconds ✨ @Meghan Trainor ib @Noa Sol Matan 🤍 @Tristen Peters #guccimakeup #madeyoulook

♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

Shahira Azlan is the definition of an innovator as she spreads her makeup tutorials across the internet. Becoming incredibly popular in her home of Malaysia, we know who just who to turn to for brilliant eyeshadow looks, or even full face designs. 

6. Sir Bucks and Janina 



@her657_ antworten We gotchu 😎 Which colors next ?? 🖤 Follow us on IG Thefashioncoupleofficial for more inspo #foryou #tfc #fy #fashiontiktok #couple #transition

♬ son original – StationV

Sir Bucks and Janina are our number one OTP. Their elevated styles and showstopping fashion pair perfectly with their social commentary on race, gender, and love. They’re also the reason we’ve purchased a statement hat. 

7. Tra Dang 



Nhắc nhẹ là mùa đông đã trở lại rồi đọ 🤫

♬ nhạc nền – ☘️Trà Đặng☘️ – ☘️Trà Đặng☘️

We’re always thrilled to see Tra Dang’s phenomenal singing or dancing videos on our feed. Her fun transitions into her incredibly detailed cosplays are true showstoppers. 

8. Vika Bren

Which one is your favorite? 🤔 #illusion

♬ 原聲 – ABCandE – ABCandE

Artist and innovator Vika Bren endlessly amazes us with her paintings. Her imagination is no illusion, and these feats of artistry give her followers a new appreciation for body painting and innovative art styles. 

9. Younes Zarou 



Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it 🙂 #yzfamily

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

The German magician Younes Zarou has stunts that are modern and unique. We can never tell if we want to know how he pulls off his tricks, or to become magicians ourselves. 

10. Zonosann 



昨日の撮れた映像😳@【公式】名古屋グランパス Nagoya Grampus @Jリーグ【公式】 #jリーグ #名古屋グランパス #pr

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – ぞのさんっ – ぞのさんっ

We’re so lucky that Japanese visual artist Zonosann has made content creation his full-time job, since we love watching his animations and listening to his amazing storytelling. 


They’re going viral, and taking many others with them. The new sound, aesthetic, or dance that you’re dying to try out comes from the Originators. They keep the For You feed fresh and exciting, and keep the TikTok community constantly entertained. 

1. Jan Trejo 



Evan 😢 #filtersbyjan #effecthouse #janmahavanfilter #whodurather #whowouldyourather

♬ Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

Our favorite TapTap circle TikTok effects are the creations of AR designer Jan Trejo. We owe him huge kudos for the endlessly entertaining “Who’d You Rather?” design. 

2. Aida Fitri 



Rose baru siap mandi😅 #shutdownchallenge #blackpink #blink

♬ Shut Down – BLACKPINK

That TikTok dance to “Darari” by K-Pop boy band TREASURE you were probably practicing in the mirror last February is choreographed by Aida Fitri. How do we know it’s a real showstopper of a dance? TREASURE themselves uses the choreography in their concerts. 

3. Ariana Taylor 



thiss dance is cutee ✨🔥 dc : @carladnce❤️‍🔥🐉

♬ son original – carladnce🐆

Ariana Taylor’s creativity and thoughtfulness have led her to create several viral TikTok dance challenges that keep us begging our friends to try them out with us. We wish we could move the way she did. 

Looking for more opportunities to show off your moves? Check out NeoReach’s 11 TikTok Dance Trends for Killer Moves. 

4. Ave Moves 



Full version uppp #avemoves #dance dc: @Dize Akira @ericsonapelado 🍪

♬ Collide (more sped up) – Justine Skye

Following the likes of Corpse or Dream, another icon who creates from behind a mask is Ave Moves. His signature sleek mask look and smooth dance moves make him an unforgettable talent on our feed. 

5. David Vu 



This version🥲🫶🏼 Dc @perri.kiely

♬ As It Was – PREP

Doja Cat’s popular bop “Get Into It (Yuh)” took on new life when David Vu choreographed the now-viral dance challenge to it. The people in David’s life like his girlfriend Yasmin Hassan and dance group The Quick Style are inspirations for him as well, but no one can argue that David isn’t an originator in his own right. 

6. Amahree Carwise 



♬ Mm hm – 🆘

A creator of countless trends, Amahree Carwise is a must for the Originators of the TikTok Discover List. Is it a Mango? No, it’s just another hilarious video from Amahree that has us rolling. 

7. Mei Pang 



been in a creative rut with makeup so I wanted to combine things that make me happy! #avantgardemakeup #graphicliner #dotmakeup

♬ original sound – 。゚•┈୨♡୧┈•゚。

We didn’t know we wanted head-to-toe symmetrical tattoos until we saw the talented beauty guru Mei Pang on our feed. Not to mention we’re still getting heart-eyes over her three-component Valentine’s Kiss Print makeup look. 

8. Niana Guerrero 



happy 34 milly!!! i love u sm and i cant thank u enough 🥹🫶🏼

♬ that B ur ex for a reason tho – L7

At just sixteen years old Niana Guerrero is our new internet best friend. The friendly and approachable star is always creating new personable videos showcasing her style, music taste, and dazzling dance skills. And if you were working on perfecting the dance trend to “Booty Wurk (One Cheek At a Time)” by T-Pain, Niana is the mastermind behind it. 

9. Poppy O’Toole 



In at 4, my roasted garlic snacklebacks… get in my mouth immediately 😍🥔 #my2022 #nextyear #potatotiktok

♬ The Final Countdown – Europe

All hail the potato queen! The creator of #PotatoTiktok (the new TikTok niche we didn’t know we needed until we were on it) Poppy O’Toole is a Michelin-trained chef who’s cooked and fried her way into hour hearts. 

10. Prettyaxme 



#stitch with @therealdiggyb

♬ original sound – prettyaxme

Prettyaxme had no idea that her TikTok sound “That’ll Do it, You Don’t Have to Worry About Me, You Do Not Have to Worry About Me” would become as popular as it has, but we’re certainly not worried that we’ll keep adoring her content. 

Check out the NeoReach blog for more information about influencer marketing! 


This article was written by Abigail Adams

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