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How To Get on TikTok’s For You Page (2022)

By Editorial Staff

As TikTok continues to rise as a leading social media platform, finding success within the TikTok influencer marketing landscape continues to change. As the platform develops, competition to make it on the For You page increases. As a creator, getting featured on the For You page allows for more likes and followers to interact with your other content. In this blog post, we will run through the algorithm and explain exactly how to get on TikTok’s For You page in 2022.

The Algorithm

TikTok is an instrument that can help elevate you as a content creator, but to see real gains you need to understand how the algorithm works. Once you get a feel for the design, there are more specific strategies for how to get on TikTok’s For You page by building on the algorithm.

User activity: The more activity from your users, the more likely your content will be elevated to the top of the For You page. User activity can be broken down into these subsections:

    4. Full viewings and re-watches 
    5. Followings

Subject Matter: One of the ways TikTok puts optimal content on people’s FYP is on the basis of content type. TikTok detects content types based on these details:

      1. Sounds
      2. Hashtags
      3. Video Transcripts
      4. Caption Words

Not Interested Feedback: Since TikTok derives the value of posts based on User Activity, it is logical that they would attribute negative values to content that the user does not like. They judge negative reactions based on these metrics:

    1. Videos that people click “Not Interested” on
    2. Content that people skip through

Audio: TikTok will put your content into a subcategory based on the audio you decide to use. This is why using the top popular TikTok sounds will push your content on the FYP not only for those people who show a pattern of interaction with that audio, but also because using trending audios marks your content as trending too. 

Location: Lastly, TikTok will analyze your language preferences, posting location, and device type to optimize content. 

The 3 Second Rule

If you’ve ever used TikTok you know that this platform provides an endless feed of short entertaining content. If a video doesn’t catch your attention within the first couple of seconds, you will often swipe and see the next video. This is the same for the people viewing your content. 

Similar to any paper you’ve written or any videos you’ve watched, the beginning needs to hook your viewers and convince them that the rest is worth watching. 

Find that Niche

When TikTok was smaller it was more feasible to copy the content and content type of the most popular accounts to advance your profile. However, TikTok now stands at 2 billion users with a low barrier to entry, just doing what is popular will not guarantee views. In fact, it probably results in the opposite.

It is often better to find subjects and communities on TikTok that have some level of following and combining the two of them together. Instead of sticking to one community or content type, try to post content that lies at the intersection of two budding communities.

Take this TikTok from user omaband. This user combines 3 competitive content types: AI visuals, old school rap, and futuristic punk aesthetics to create a video that appeals to all these communities. 

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Entertaining visuals

Your TikToks could contain the most useful or poetic insights on life, but if you can’t captivate the audience visually there’s a good chance they skip over your content, regardless of how well it may apply to their lives and interests. TikTok is primarily a visual platform, no matter what niche your content falls into.

Even when you just talk, the screen has to be engaging. Exhibit A: spoken Reddit threads. In recent months, creators have started overlaying posts from Reddit on top of video game plays. These TikToks, though lacking any interactive content, nonetheless rack up engagements.


Reddit – what is the best thing you have ever said in the heat of the moment? #reddit #redditstories #redditreadings #reddit_tiktok #askreddit

♬ Fallen Down – Toby Fox

Entertaining stories from visually boring content like Reddit posts can become FYP material if you pair the text with visually entertaining backdrops. You have to be cognizant of how visually entertaining or beautiful your post is, regardless of how interesting you might find the subject matter. A great and easy way to apply professional-quality effects to your videos is using TikTok templates.

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Use The Top Popular TikTok Sounds of 2022

The algorithm uses audio to group your content and show it to people who interact with that audio. Simple enough. Consider using music that reflects the tone of your content, while keeping in mind music that is popular in the public consciousness. 

Types of music according to the top popular TikTok sounds of 2022 


Reddit – what is the best thing you have ever said in the heat of the moment? #reddit #redditstories #redditreadings #reddit_tiktok #askreddit

♬ Fallen Down – Toby Fox

This audio is a musical version of a video interview with a little boy that soon became a meme: thus a meme-based audio. 

This audio is from Steve Lacy’s song “Bad Habits” and reflects music that is popular either because of the app or because people listen to it on their own time.

The audio you choose does not need to be reflective of the top Billboard hits but rather what pairs well with your video. My recommendation is to look at the top popular TikTok sounds of 2022 and see what you can use in your newest video. 

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Use Trending Hashtags

In order to push your content, look at popular content in your niche and study which hashtags they use. Just using popular hashtags like “FYP” will not help your content as much since almost every video uses these hashtags.


Freestyle mode Trombone Champ is my new favorite thing. #trombonechamp #gamingontiktok #steam #trombone #nintendo #miichannelmusic #pc #gaming #twitchstreamer #streaming

♬ Mii Channel Trombone Cover – aSwordBear

Hashtags used in this gaming video

Interact With Users in Your Niche

Interacting with other creators will help you push your content to other creators with a similar and oftentimes larger audience. Like other creators’ videos, comment on their posts, and, most importantly, use the duet and repost feature to your advantage. 

Let’s look at a good example of a creator interacting with other creators to advance their profile. 


#duet with @forrestnolan want to write a musical? Cant wait to see more open verse challenges! ❤️

♬ Valentine open verse – laufey

Laufey is a music artist that expanded her music career through expert navigation on TikTok. In this video, Laufey poses a challenge for others to sing along to her song. What we get is this stunning video of a man creating his own lyrics to Laufey’s song “Valentine”. 

This post does a good job of showing that Laufey frequently interacts with her audience base. This makes her audience more likely to comment and duet since they know they might be seen on her page and recognized by her. 

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Let’s quickly recap how to get on TikTok’s For You page in 2022. Keep these tips in mind when you want your content to gain traction and reach a wider audience. 

How to get on TikTok’s For You page in 2022:

  1. Use the 3-second rule
  2. Find your niche (or niches)
  3. Keep your content visually entertaining
  4. Use one of the top popular TikTok sounds of 2022 in your content
  5. Interact with other users in your niche
  6. Use hashtags strategically


This article was written by Ben Byun

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