11 TikTok Dance Trends for Killer Moves

By Editorial Staff

TikTok is the social media platform that has taken the internet by storm in 2020 with over 123 million downloads. Best known for its lip-syncs and dances, the app is home to thousands of talented creators that cultivate dance sequences just for TikTok users. Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your for you page and found yourself repeating the dances or singing the songs stuck in your head? Join in on the fun and try out the best 11 TikTok dance trends for killer moves.

We have included dances for everyone, some easy and some challenging for varying skill sets. If you try any of the trending dances below, tag us on TikTok @neoreach! Show us what you’ve got! 

11. Winter Wonderland 

  • Winter Wonderland

To start this list strong, we have the perfect trending TikTok dance for the holiday season! The winter wonderland dance is easy, fun, and festive. In the video clip above, Jack Wright and Sienna killed this holiday dance in their matching Christmas onesies. 

10. “Ooowwweee” 

  • Original Sound by dahbabii.com

dc @thats.so.bre

♬ OOOWWWEEE – Peewee Longway & Money Man

This sound blew up when Charli D’Amelio posted her take on @thats.so.bre’s dance a few days ago. Although this one is tricky, Charli makes this dance look effortless. With over 300,000 views and counting, this is one of the TikTok dance trends on the rise. Warning: you must be able to throw it back!

9. What You Know Bout Love

  • What You Know Bout Love

halloween is my favorite holiday @addisonre dc @jennasinatra @willdevane #GimmeSomeTruth #StrapBack #happyhalloween #foryou


Sheri Nicole absolutely killed this trending TikTok dance with her daughter, Addison Rae. The mom and daughter duo posted their viral video in early October when this dance trend was at its peak. Click the link above and give their video a view if you want to see what all the hype is about!

8. Gucci Down To The Socks

  • Work Remix – A$AP Ferg

This is a new and emerging TikTok dance that we expect to take off in the coming weeks. In the high-quality video linked above, TikTok creator @shigsterr shows up a perfect interpretation of the viral dance to A$AP Ferg’s Work remix! If you think you have the skill needed to master these moves, tag us on TikTok @neoreach!  

7. F*** It Up

  • F*** It Up

It’s my birthday 🔞💚💜 (dc: @sam_cole1) #dance

♬ Fuck It Up – Ocho Drippin

This dance is for the more advanced, however, it is still fun to watch every TikTok creator’s different take on it. In this video, an artist created an animation of the original dance trending on TikTok. On December 2nd Charli posted her own take on this trend for her followers!

6. Dice Roll

  • Original Sound by Toborowitz

My daily dice-roll walk 🎲 #fyp #diceroll

♬ original sound – tobert

This entry of our top TikTok dance trends entitled “dice roll” is simple, yet effective. The signature move has gone viral on TikTok over the past few weeks and is composed of none other than a dice roll. TikTok creators all over the app are joining in on the fun and posting their best take at the dice roll. In the video above, TikTok creator Lewis Leigh gives us a great example of this viral TikTok dance. 

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5. Ariana Grande’s 34 + 35

  • 34 + 35


♬ 34 35 slowed – slowed songz

This new TikTok dance trend includes the new song 34 + 35 from Ariana Grande’s hit album. Although the dance was created by @jaedengomezz, Addison Rae put her own twist on it and absolutely killed it! You can see her show off her moved in her viral TikTok video linked above. 

4. How Bizzare

  • Mashup: Vmeshbeats X Adderall x Boo x IG Freestyle

😂 I’m guilty too #howbizzare

♬ How Bizarre – OMC

This TikTok trend is not as much of a dance as it is an act… In the how bizzare trend, TikTok users act out a funny skit. In the example linked above, a woman questions why her dog is needy as it clings to her side. The punchline occurs in the next clip, as her husband coddles and cuddles the dog off in the distance. As “how bizzare” plays in the background, it becomes evident that the dog’s dad is the reason he is so spoiled and loved! 

3. Ghost

  • Mashup: Vmeshbeats X Adderall x Boo x IG Freestyle

dc @kamronagee and @wh0.nia


In this viral trending TikTok dance, dancers combine silly moves to the mashup of Adderall, Boo and an original Instagram freestyle. In the video linked above, TikTok star Charli D’Amelio slays the Ghost dance in a viral video. James Charles attempted the Ghost dance in his stylish outfit and bomb makeup look. If you try this trending dance tag us on TikTok, @neoreach!  

2. Corvette

  • Adderall (Corvette Corvette)

Y’all hit this and DC: me

♬ Adderall (Corvette Corvette) – Popp Hunna

Corvette has been all over our for you page this December, and we know exactly why… it’s fun! This dance contains easy-to-follow dance moves that even beginners can pick up. Watch the link above for a quick demo by the creator of the dance himself. Then check out bigger TikTok stars Addison Rae and Bryce Hall killing this dance in a viral TikTok.

1. Shower

  • Shower

#Stillsingingintheshower 🙃 I had to. DC: @zacklugo @notstoud_ @brandonmundine

♬ Shower – Becky G

If you use TikTok daily, Becky G’s viral song Shower is probably stuck on your head by now. But wait, there’s more… this viral song has a dance that’s even more catchy and fun than the song! In the link above you will l find Becky G herself killing the Shower dance that has taken over everyone’s for you page. If you want to try a simple, yet fun TikTok dance, this is the one for you. You might even recognize this dance from Noah Beck’s recent collab with his girlfriend, Dixie D’Amelio. 

A few more dances to check out

Dance# of Videos
Potential Breakup Song (Aly & AJ)1.9 million
Yee Yee Yee4.3 million
Blinding Lights604 thousand
Lay All Your Love On Me183 thousand

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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