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Who’s Worth More on Instagram: Liza Koshy vs. Kim Kardashian

By Editorial Staff

Instagram: a place for moms to post embarrassing family photos, for teenagers to share their highly over-edited selfies, and a place for celebrities to…make more money? You heard that right. Celebrities actually benefit from putting their personal lives out there for all to see– not a bad gig, right? Since almost everything is a competition these days, keep scrolling for this battle between Liza Koshy and Kim Kardashian for the title of the official revenue queen of Instagram. 


Who’s Worth More on Instagram: Liza Koshy vs. Kim Kardashian

By Jessica Paolucci


22-year-old YouTube personality and former Vine star, Liza Koshy meets Kim Kardashian, ultimate royalty when it comes to all things selfie. Who will claim the crown?

Texas native, Liza Koshy is known for her enormous dent in the Vine world back in 2013. Koshy began producing hilarious content when she was in high school, using it as a way to ‘fit in’ with an app that has taken over her peers lives. Known as Lizzza, Koshy is known for her hysterical facial expressions, relatable struggles, and her ability to find a way to make anything worth laughing at.

Liza Koshy's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of her aestheically pleasing photos.Dare I take time to introduce her. 37-year-old, California native, Kim Kardashian is one-eighth of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Kim and her family star on E!’s show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She is married to Kanye West, and their family of five is composed of Saint, North, and Chicago West. Kim is known for her sister-owned store D.A.S.H., various makeup lines, and ever-so-necessary daily selfies.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram page. Click here to check out more of her selfies.The Kardashian’s have the famous last name to their advantage, yet Liza Koshy is a young blood who is thirsty for fame! What do these two have in common? They have just a few more Instagram followers than the average joe. With a whopping 113 million followers and 4,409 posts, Kim Kardashian earns nearly $500,000 per post. With 16.8 million followers and 1,720 posts, Liza Koshy has earned an estimated $750,000 in total earnings on Instagram. I hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

Although Lizzza has the ultimate trendy and adorable black and white theme to her Instagram page, there’s no better trademark than a good ole champagne booty selfie. Ultimately, Kim K takes the crown as the revenue queen of Instagram!

The Instagram queen rightfully earns her crown, as her famous booty selfies have actually “broken” the internet upon posting. Mrs. Instagram had clear eyes and a full heart for her goal of dropping all viewers jaws, as she captioned her famous booty picture with #BreakTheInternet. We heard you Kim!

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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