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Top 10 Most Followed Instagrammers

By Editorial Staff

It’s no secret that social media rules all these days, and Instagram is King. Whether its setting trends or a direct line to fan bases, if a celebrity is on Insta, are they even a celebrity?! Let’s be real–you’re probably double tapping your way through the day anyway, so add these most followed Instagrammers to your timeline to get the 411 on all things Hollywood!

Top 10 Most Followed Instagrammers

By Jessica Paolucci

Selena Gomez

Most followed Instagrammer Selena Gomez. Click here to scroll through more of her photos.With 138 million followers, there is no doubt Selena Gomez is the Queen of Instagram. It’s no surprise that she’s kept one of the most loyal fanbases even through her various social media hiatuses. A brief scroll through her timeline will show playful pics with her girl squad, videos of her chowing down, and some real snapshots of her health journey. Selena shows us how to keep it real.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Second most followed Instagrammer Cristiano Ronaldo. Click here to drool over more of his photos.If you’re looking for action shots, chiseled-shirtless pics, or power suit poses, look no further! Famed Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is the man for you. Cristiano has 132 million follows and averages 2 million likes per picture. He captures the attention of guys and gals alike with sporty soccer videos and his bright smile. With the World Cup going on, following this guy is a free kick straight into the goal!

Ariana Grande

Third most followed Instagrammer Ariana Grande. Click here to check out more of her photos.This pint-sized superstar boasts 122 million followers, and PLENTY of breaking news to share these days. Dancing around or posting throwbacks, one thing is for sure–Ariana is always having fun! Keep your eyes glued to her timeline for spoilers, especially when it comes to SNL comedian Pete Davidson.


Fourth most followed Instagrammer Beyoncé. Click here to see more of her photos.All rise for the Honorable Queen Bey!!! Beyonce has 115 million followers and endless amounts of FIERCE looks. You can catch glimpses into Beyonce’s family life when she features husband, Jay-Z, and kids. She also tends to tease her upcoming music, so a follow here is a must.

Kim Kardashian

Fifth most followed Instagrammer Kim Kardashian. Click here to check out more of her photos.Looking to Keep Up with everything (Kim) Kardashian? You came to the right place. Kim threatens to break the internet every day with her throwback photos and glamorous portraits. With 113 million followers, she just might!

Kylie Jenner

Sixth most followed Instagrammer, Kylie Jenner. Click here to scroll through more of her photos.Kim’s younger sister Kylie Jenner is not far behind her with 110 million followers. It’s already been a wild year for Kylie. Hiding her pregnancy for 9 months and promoting her makeup line gives her a steady stream of posts.  Here’s to hoping for more baby pics from here on out!

Taylor Swift

Seventh most followed Instagrammer, Taylor Swift. Click here to check out more of her photos. Taylor’s been keeping a pretty low profile lately, but she emerged in the best way by sharing behind the scenes content from her current stadium tour with her 109 million followers. Keep your eyes peeled for more celebrity guest stars through her Reputation tour.

Dwayne Johnson

Eighth most followed Instagrammer, Dwayne Johnson. Click here to check out more of his photos.Last year, The Rock was named People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” and his 108 million followers would have to agree. Workout videos and cheat meal pics make up most of his feed. Dwayne hustles, and keeping up with his Instagram might be the easiest way to catch his next project.

Justin Bieber

Ninth most followed Instagrammer, Justin Bieber. Click here to check out more of his photos. Justin Bieber brings up our next spot with 100 million followers. Since his days of YouTube singing, the mystery of Justin Bieber has kept evolving.  Whether he’s hugging trees or adding to his tattoo collection, you can count on Justin to keep it fresh.


Tenth most followed Instagrammer, Neymar. Click here to scroll through more of his photos.Another handsome soccer star rounds out our list at number 10. This time, he’s tall, dark, and Brazilian. Neymar captured our hearts on the field and the hearts of his 97 million followers on Instagram. His timeline is peppered with shirtless pictures, puppy shots, and adorable glimpses into his family life. It’s no surprise why people of the world watch his every post.

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This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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