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Top Irish Influencers

By Editorial Staff


St. Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate Ireland and all it has to offer. We decided to celebrate the Top 10 Irish Influencers.

Although not dressed head-to-toe in green, these influencers certainly express their Irish background through their social media profiles. From gamers to beauty gurus, anyone would be “lucky” to give these influencers a follow!

rubber-bandits-ireland-irish-influencersThe Rubberbandits are an Irish comedic, hip-hop duo from Limerick City.

Their staple appearance is to wear plastic grocery bags over their faces. Which is why their content suits an audience dominantly in their 20’s. Our data shows specifically between the ages of 20-24 years old. Their satiric music video – Horse Outside – went viral in 2010 and showcases the duo crashing a wedding.

They have won multiple awards in both arts – comedy and music. The Rubberbandits’ performed on major television channels: MTV, RTÉ, and Channel 4.


influencers-living-in-irelandSean Finegan, Conor McKenna, and Sean Flanagan are the sketch masterminds behind Foil Arms and Hog.

The group’s motto is “funny first, think later”, and they practice what they preach.

The group writes, films, and edits their sketches and posted on YouTube channel every Thursday. Their most viewed video is – An Englishman Plays Risk – showing a group of culturally-different men playing a board game.

The group’s enormous popularity allows them to do comedy tours across Ireland, Australia, and the United States.  


Identical twins and food fanatics Dave and Steve sure do make one happy “pear”!

Their social media platforms display vegan lifestyles and cooking. They offer weekly uploads of vegan recipe how-tos. For 14 years, the duo continues growing and developing! These days, Dave and Steve own shops, cafes, farms, and a “Food Tube” network based on their social media brand. The Happy Pear have won multiple awards for their SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Their followers associate with top brands: BBC, Irish Times, and Guardian.


Riyadh is an energetic, outgoing social personality and LGBT activist.

His YouTube channel consists of funny story-telling videos, Q&As with friends and family, and comedic tutorials. His most two successful videos – Mom Reads Son’s Grindr Messages and Gay Guy Calls Westboro Baptist Church – sparked his road to fame.

Riyadh’s massive reach comes from his talented storytelling skills. His retelling of coming out to his family inspires many globally. He conveys a message of self-acceptance and self-love.

Here at NeoReach, we can prove his global influence by data and showing most of his followers live in Ireland (30%), the U.S.(29%), and the U.K.(22%).

Chloe Boucher – a makeup mastermind – presents anything and everything related to beauty.

Chloe showcases her beauty talent on YouTube with hair/makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and clothes hauls/try-on. Due to her beauty-centric channels, girls make up 89% of her follower count. These girls mostly age from in the high school-college range because these young girls are close to Chloe in age. Her followers associate with fashion and beauty oriented brands: Victoria’s Secret, TopShop, and Benefit Cosmetics.



Meet Sinead Cady: professional makeup artist and beauty blogger.

Sinead showcases her talent through YouTube videos of makeup and hair tutorials, and with her instructional book TheMakeupChair Handbook. Aside from teaching people how to stunningly apply makeup and do hair, Sinead also sends a message to women to feel confident and beautiful with themselves. She is Ireland’s most subscribed beauty YouTuber. This is quite an accomplishment considering the mass amount of beauty-oriented accounts on YouTube.


A member of the popular Vanoss gaming group (featured on NeoReach’s Top Gaming Influencers List), the Terroriser is a well-known social influencer and experienced gamer. The Terroriser’s comedic gaming walkthroughs feature his staple impersonations.

His most well-known impersonations include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Snape from the Harry Potter series, and Bane from Batman. Despite living in Ireland, the majority of his followers live in the United States (69%).


Daithi de Nogla is an involved gamer with a keen sense of humor.

Daithi de Nogla’s outgoing and humorous personality shines in his commonly posted gaming walkthroughs, animations, and “Funny Moments”. He’s known for his hilarious rage and random outbursts of gibberish. Daithi occasionally collaborates with JackSepticeye – the #1 influencer on our list. His most popular video, Poo Story!-Daithi, and Friends Animated, perfectly exemplifies his jocular personality.

His followers affiliate directly with Smosh, Call of Duty, and Xbox.

Seán McLoughlin – JackSepticeye – is an avid gamer whose channel centers around walkthrough series and daily vlogs.

He is also featured on NeoReach’s Top 10 Gaming Influencers on YouTube as #4 on the list.

His videos feature many popular games: “Happy Wheels”, “Undertale”, “GTA”. His outgoing personality attracts diverse subscribers and creates a community around these games. McLoughlin’s channel receives over 7.6 billion total views on YouTube. Out of his 16.2 million subscribers, the NeoReach tool identified that 96% of his followers are single between the ages of late high school and early college.


Suzanne Jackson, more commonly known as SoSueMe, is a decorated businesswoman and beauty guru. Her online presence consists of fashion how-tos, makeup tutorials, and photos of her fabulous, travel-filled lifestyle.

She ranks as one of Ireland’s top social influencers on Snapchat. The Irish people voted her as “Ireland’s Most Stylish Woman” in 2017. Thanks to her success, she works with a variety of international brands [ including Universal, Lancome, Skechers, L’Oreal, Rimmel, Juicy Couture].

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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